Chapter 18: When You Feel Crossovers

Red: Right... Back on the job the two of you.

Justin: So, no more introductions?

Red: Well, let's just say the readers are bored of lazy intro. I say we go to reviews already.

Nathan: Without further ado…

SuperNova 23

Sorry I missed last time! I got some more this time!
Wesker and Chris : Do you two ever miss the times you were partners?
And do you miss Barry Burton?
Spider-Man: Who scares you more? Venom or Carnage?
Magneto: I read somewhere that you were Master of Magnet. What one magnet are you master of? (Quickly takes metal objects off body)
Deadpool: Go hang out with Sailor Moon for a few hours. Try not to get Moon-Dusted
Iron Man: (Gives 3 AA batteries) Use those to power your suit for the rest of the day.
Zero: (Summons Sigma from Robot Hell) Now you two go play nice. I don't care what happens, just no killing/harming/destroying for either of you. If you refuse, Zero will have to go on a date with Iris and Ciel together. (I only do this because I love you, no homo)
Felicia: Get a part time job at the dog pound
Viewtiful Joe: *Gives present* Don't open it for a day (Inside is a frozen Falcon Punch. Don't question it)

Red: Hey, no offense. Okay, Chris and Wesker, how far is your rival-

Chris and Wesker: NO! IT'S NOT IT! WE ARE ENEMIES! *Stares at each other*



Justin: Let's not forget about Barry Burton.

Jill: Hey, isn't that guy who jokes me about getting sandwiched?

Red: Claire Redfield even found something funny about recipe about Jill Sandwich.

Frank West: Wasn't there a place like that in my own turf?

Red: Jill Sandwich?

Frank West: Yeah, that!

Chris and Wesker: No. I don't - *Stares at each other and turns back and facepalm*

Nathan: Spiderman, do you have more fear over Venom or Carnage?

Spiderman: I'd say both of them. They scare more to me out quickly.

Justin: Magneto? What part of magnetism are you proud of?

Magneto: Well, I am more than just ordinary mag- *Soon random metal objects including lamp post smacked his head, chest, groin and legs including the cars too smash him)

Deadpool: *Mocking Magneto's voice* MAGNETO WELCOME TO – *Gets smash by a truck full of cows*

Red: At this rate he won't get on with the date.

Justin: Deadpool?

Nathan: Yeah, he has to date Sailor Moon. Too bad he got owned by a truck full of cows.

Red: Dammit. I wanted to see him get Moon-Dusted. Now where's Zero?

Zero: Present, what now?

Nathan: Think you can step on the teleporter?

Zero: Okay, *Warps and is in black place* Where am I?

*Scraping metal sounds*

Sigma's Voice: Zero…

Zero: !

Sigma's Voice: Time…to…DIE!

Zero: I thought Lumine had you! *Fights Sigma*

Red: First for Iron Man. *Knocks him out with modified EMP Jammer*

Tony: Darn it Red! What did you do?

Red: Use 3 AA Batteries. You cannot argue my will.

Tony: Fine… *Inserts the batteries at his core* although this will last really short.

Nathan: Felicia, you work at the dog's pound.

Felicia: Aww, why in the dog's pound?

*Meanwhile at the dog's pound*

Felicia: *Crouching over the corner* I get why dogs don't go well with cats.

Justin: VJ, belated Merry Christmas *Gives Joe a gift*

Red: Nah..

VJ: Sweet! What's in - *Gets Falcon Punched*

Red: Moving on!


Hooray for hilarity!
Morrigan and Felica: Do you think that Demitri Maximoff and Jon Talbain are the greatest vampire and werewolf respectively, and what do you think they would have to do in order to prove themselves?
Dr. Strange: What kind of cheese did you decide to make the moon out of?
Spencer and Sentinel: Arm wrestle with Edward Elric and Gurren Lagann respectively.
Deadpool: See how long you can go without ticking off Rita Mordio.
Dumb question, but now that Galactus is actually playable, does the rule against involving him in dares still hold?

Speaking of Galactus, he is officially dead for T or D. So, play nice… Anyways, we need Felicia.

*Felicia is on the other side still roll up like a ball* Umm, Morrigan; do you consider Demitri Maximoff as a strongest vampire?

Morrigan: Him? Please, like I know about it.

Red: Any ways to make him prove so?

Morrigan: Well, maybe fighting him will make me think about him.

Felicia: John isn't a bad guy. He may be powerful but visiting the orphanage can at least make him different despite the hate to humans.

Justin: Dr. Strange, what cheese did you put in the moon?

Dr. Strange: Well, it's a mix of all known cheese in the world.

Red: That would call, "The Smelliest and Tastiest Moon Ever Made" and Spencer, you got an arm wrestle with Ed.

Spencer: Finally! Some action I wanna go for! *Goes to the teleporter and faces off with Ed* Hey, so you're my competitor?

Ed: If you're my competitor, face the wrath of the Full Metal Alchemist.

Spencer: Alchemist? Don't make me buy in your idea that you're the shorty alchemist everyone's talking about.


Spencer: Oh, it's on kiddo!

*Sentinel's side*


Team GL: Well, we won't lose to some hunk of metal scraps!

Justin: Based from Deadpool's injuries, he's gonna be out long soon enough.

Red: And I miss him getting beaten up by any girls. Good thing it's not Dante always being asked for.

We need another review.

Twister the Fox

I liked this chapter a lot :P I definately want you to keep going with this, this is too fun :)
Vergil: Do you like my little pony: friendship is magic? (I am definately not a brony!)
Felecia: do you miss your buddy King when you 2 worked together in Namco X Capcom? (it's a japanese game, I have it and finally got to play it last weekend)
Akuma: go cyber akuma and compare your powers with cyber-frank (OTR DLC)
Dante: beat up firebrand with your DMC3 motorcycle
Dormammu & Ghost Rider:let people use your flaming head as a campfire.
Phoenix Wright: wear a tres bien waitress uniform

Nathan: Uh-oh.

Justin: Vergil do you li-

Vergil: No. I do not know MLP at all.

Dante: Come on bro, why do you have a stash load of it?

Vergil: FU-! *Chases Dante*

*Some others laughing including dead Deadpool*

Red: Felicia, how's your time with King?

Felicia: Probably I dunno. I'm confused between Armor King and King himself.

Justin: They can't be that hard to compare. King is usually himself while Armor King is hell of a flexible guy.

Nathan: Dante, moment of Awesomeness. Beat up Firebrand with a motorcycle.

Dante: Leave it to the hunter here.

*Scene: Firebrand is tied up on a pole while Dante drives with the motorcycle at the speed over 100 miles per hour.*

Firebrand: F**********************************K! YOU! *Gets squashed over by Dante's motorcycle*

Red: Dorammu and Ghost Rider, sorry. You two will be a campfire. Everyone, marshmallows over the torch heads.

Everyone: YAY!

Deadpool: I'll SING!

Red: How'd ya get up quickly? Never mind have some marshmallows

*Scene: Everyone is eating their roasted marshmallows with the glum Ghost Rider and Dorammu and Deadpool is about to sing the Campfire song.*


Let's gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song
our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song
and if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong
but it'll help if you just sing aloooooong…

Spiderman: Bum…Bum…Bum…

Deadpool: *Fast squeaky voice*

C-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song
c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song
and if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong
but it'll help if you just sing along –

*Gets his head swat hard by a limousine by She-Hulk*

Red: Alright, where's Phoenix Wright?

Justin: Eating with the marshmallows.

Red: Tell him to wear the Tres Bien uniform.

Justin: …

Nathan: …Is that a dare for him?

Red: …Unfortunately, yes and you know what that means.

*The three authors kidnapped Phoenix Wright quickly and manage to put him in a maid outfit*

Phoenix Wright: What the?

Red: *In filtered voice* Eh, you do know we'll send the pic of you in Tres Bien to Miles.


Red: Gouki, high time you go Cyber-Gouki and face off Frank West with his electric parts.

Frank: Oh! I hear that! Now I'm gonna get even! *Goes into his room and puts on electric parts on him* Oh yeah! I'm gonna like this.

Gouki: Prepare, this will be your last fight…with the god.

*Fights each other sending couple of shocks and steel grinders*

Justin: And next reviews?

Zanatos green
ok lets do this
deadpool: i want you to talk about how much you love hetalia with cap. you will spend ten minutes locked up with him and completely unarmed.
hisen-ko: spend five minutes locked in a room with lord raptor and you can not fight so will result in being in a pit with only the most rabid of fans, (the ones people have nightmares about.)
wesker i demand you fight goro blind folded with your hands behind your back. i request chris goes along to make sure all's fare and to get this on video. breaking the rules will result in a penalty of chris' choosing.
and finally truth.
dormammu who do you think will win in a fight between you and satan. please do answer honestly

Red: Go with the truth.
Justin: So Dor-
Dorammu: NO.
Red: Bad liar. *Splashes water over his burning head*
Dorammu: NOOO! *Rolls on the floor* Stop Drop and Roll! Stop Drop and Roll!
Red: Time for punishing work. Wesker, hoped you lived with your bluff 'cause you're gonna fight one hand against Goro.
Wesker: Why not? It's going to be an interesting work.
Nathan: Make that Chris is coming along with the camera.
*Hears Chris unlocks his M29F pistol*
Chris: So where?
Red: Goro lives in mountains.
Nathan: Long hike for you two.
*After a while*
Chris: I can't believe it!
Red: What?
Chris: He just knock his balls off!*Everyone else sputters while Wesker smiles*
Wesker: Problem?

Red: In a while, Hsien-Ko's gonna suffer.
*Hsien-Ko goes to a room with Lord Raptor*
Justin: How long?
ForcedDJ: Well, she has no weapons to use, otherwise face consequences.
Justin: So Deadpool…
Red: Still out cold. How long does his regen ability kicks in? Nevermind, next dares, but
*Gunshot* one dare was eliminated. Ahem. I'd like 3 request but not one anymore? Moving on!
D' Electrosphere
Well well well, the truth be told. This be my first time at ToD Fanfics. Nice way to say thanks is 3 dares and 2 truths(again.)
Sentinel/s: (Truth)MvC community-wise, What is your Objective?
Felicia: (Truth)How does it REALLY feel to be a Neko Darkstalker/Nun/Catwoman?
Rest of dares:
Jin Saotome(Hope he IS around): Your Blodia vs a thousand Marvel Mainstream Comics Sentinels.
Deadpool: You go "Shufflin'"
Morrigan: Try to go on a date with...Lilith.
The UMvC ToD Madness will never stop. *Trololo Laugh*
Justin: Sentinel…
*Sentinel comes back in junks and pieces*
Red: Guess no answer yet. Get the repairmen quick.
Justin: Felicia, how you feel being a catgirl?
Felicia: Well, pretty natural.
Red: Japan… Yup. Jin Saotome, you go massive assault of Sentinels.
*Jin hops on the Blodia and goes down on mutant-hunting period of X-Men*
Red: For some reason, this is more of a self-cest request. Morrigan date Lilith.
Morrigan: …Are you ****ing
Lilith: …Kidding us?
Red: You can ignore them. Something went off between you two.
Morrigan: I'll think it over.
Justin: Deadpool can't Shuffle.
Red: Aaaand *Pulls out a song: Party Rock by LMFAO*
Deadpool: OH YEAH! *Shuffles endlessly until get smacked by a truck by She-Hulk*
She-Hulk: If he goes overboard, I smash him.
Justin: Okay, I'll take the next review.
i am cracking up over the truth or dare so i will try.
Alucard ( hellsing) deadpool and dante in a bake off of sweets, cakes or cookies in goth lollita outfits in hells kitchen
Bayonetta and Dr. strange on date
Virgil, wesker, chris in a drinking game in where the loser has to sing halo by beyonce in a ballgown

Red: Oh man, Dante and Deadpool.

Deadpool: *Rises up again* Yes?

Dante: What?

Red: Hell's Kitchen with Alucard. You two must be in Gothic Lolita outfits.

Deadpool: What's a Gothic Lolita?

Dante: …..F**k. *Facepalm*

*Goes to Hell's Kitchen and Dante was on Gothic Lolita outfit*

Red: That's gonna take some time. Time check for Hsien-Ko.

*Notices Hsien-Ko unconscious*

Red: Lord Raptor, explain.

Raptor: Well, I kinda play her a love song. Probably rock.

Red: Seems legit. You may leave.

Justin: Dr. Strange you go on a date with Bayonetta.

Dr. Strange: Who's Bayonetta?

Red: A hot witch. Trust me; she has attitudes similar to Dante.

Dr. Strange: Well, this is surprising.

*Goes to a magical café somewhere else with Bayonetta*

Nathan: Vergil, Wesker and Chris have a drinking contest.

Chris: I call vodka!

Vergil: I call Brandy.

Wesker: Vergil, that's a wine.

Vergil: Still.

*In a while, two are drunk. Guess who?*

Chris: *Still flat on the floor*

Wesker: *Slumps on the chair*

Vergil: *Still drinking brandy like he didn't give a damn*

Justin: You want a brain bleach?

Nathan: Oh dear lord YES.

*Dante and Deadpool comes back on their Gothic Lolita outfits*

Dante: Just got owned by Alucard period.

*Dante gets tackle-hugged by Lilith*



Vergil: Heh that makes you an unfortunate victim Dante.

Dante: Like I hell care bro!

Red: I think I won't like this.

Justin: Two will sing Halo.

Nathan: …In ball gown.

*After a while waking up and putting on the ball gown, everyone soon laugh very hard the whole building is shaking and West took some pictures and calls it "Real Men
Crossdress and Sings!"*

YES! I did it! I made an account to submit to this pile of addicting fanfic! This is freaking epic!
Morrigan- How many STDs do you have and which are they?(Come on! Look at her! She's GOT to be dirty.)
Amaterasu- Would you like to have a more human form or stay in your wolf form?
Wesker(Oh how I love to torture you~!)- Sing "On the Catwalk" by Right Said Fred. If you don't, the penalty will be DRASTIC!
Akuma- Act like France from H-E-T-A-L-I-A(Spelt out for the sake of Cap)
Captain America- While Akuma is doing that, I dare you to stay locked in a room with Nemesis from Resident Evil for half a day.
Dante- Steal Heavy's(TF2) sandvich and eat it in front of him.
She-Hulk: Yell out "ME WANT SNU-SNU" and chase Ryu, Chris, Zero, and Deadpool
Chun-Li- Dress up like Bayonetta for an entire day

Justin: Truth: Morrigan?

Morrigan: …I can't have disease at all.

Dante: In some extents. Haha.

Justin: Ama?

Ama: *Scratches her head*

Issun: Well, how about her human state? It could be better.

*Ama grabs Issun by her mouth again*

Nathan: Dare time. Where's Gouki?

Gouki: Still a shame for a human.

Red: He's fine. Now, you act like France from *whispers* Hetalia.

Gouki: I do not know this person you're saying! *Talks with Cap with normal conversation like himself*

Red: Wesker won't be back for a while since he suffers another trauma. Cap you'll try to fight the unstoppable Nemesis.

Captain America: I love a good fight for America!

*Fights with Nemesis*

Dante: Am I suppose to eat someone else's sandvich? Or sandwich?

Spencer: Hey trust me, you'll like it Dante!

Dante: Fine. *Goes out and finds the Heavy*

Heavy: *With his taunt on* WHAT'S THAT SANVICH? KILL THEM ALL? G-

Dante: *Bites all the sandvich* Sandvich says "Wipe Everyone Out!"

Heavy: HEY! *Punches him all the way back to the building*

Dante: I hate it. *Smashes on the wall*

Justin: Uh-oh She-Hulk.

*Scene: Chris, Zero run away with a helicopter while Deadpool gets squashed a lot by a police car by She-Hulk*

Red: Damn.

Justin: Where's Strange?

Dr. Strange: I'm back. What happen?

Red: A lot of mayhem. Chun-Li you dress up as Bayonetta.

*Chun-Li comes out with Bayonetta's appearance*

Red: You miss something Chun-Li.

Chun-Li: What?

Red: *Puts on her black glasses*

Chun-Li: Oh.

*Ryu blushes over the corner*

Trish: My friend, that's seduction.

Justin: Anyways, move on to the next review!
Not a bad series. Though you hosts are more overpowered than MVC3 Sentienel.
Morrigan: How do you manage to keep your boobs from popping out?
Deadpool: Do you think you need your own game/videogame?
Felicia: Do you like making cat puns?
Spencer use your Bionic Lancer against Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch. Whoever loses will suffer the penalty of walking butt naked in the streets for one day
Chris, Have Wesker feel up Jill in front of you while you do nothing at all for five minutes. To make it painless for you, you may listen to your mp3 player. But you can't close your eyes/
Wesker, Teach Nemesis a new word, you have one day or suffer
Deadpool, Have Magneto do the Cat Daddy with you.
You authors keep up the good work, later.

Red: So, Morrigan?

Morrigan: What?

Red: Your chest. It's giving some other folks some humorous feeling.

Morrigan: I don't like talking about it.

*Some men said awww in hushed voice*

Justin: Deadpool?

Red: Dammit, he's in coma. REALLY LONG COMA.

Nathan: Felicia?

Felicia: Well, sometimes when I feel like to.

Red: Dare time! Spencer, you know what to do.

Spencer: Already on it.

Captain Falcon: FALCON!

Spencer: BIONIC!

Both: BRO FIST! *Punches each other's fist* YEAH! *High fives*

Nathan: That was…epic.

Red: Achievement Unlocked: Legendary Brotherhood. Now to wake up Wesker and Chris, *uses the defilibrator* you two have a special work.

Wesker: This better be good.

Chris: Oh dear, someone kill me.

Red: Wesker, you can do something to Jill while Chris cannot do anything about it and to alleviate his anger, you can use the MP3 player.

Wesker: *Evil smile* Oh, I guess I should thank the reviewer then.

Chris: *Anger mode* I'm not letting you do something again to Jill! *Raises his handgun*

Wesker: *With unconscious Jill on him* I'll make sure you two are good lovebirds, until death! Hahaha!

Chris: Grrr…. *Listens to some rock songs on iPod*

Red: Relax, he's got another job.

Wesker: *Somewhere else* Now what's this paper?

*Teach Nemesis another word aside from STARS*

Wesker: Oh, that's easy. I just have one word to teach him.

Nemesis: STARS…

Wesker: No. Kill.

Nemesis: Kill…STARS…

Wesker: Excellent. Repeat if you want.

Nemesis: STARS…Kill…STARS…

Wesker: This is way to si- Where's Jill?

Jill: *At the studio with a camcorder* See? He did teach Nemesis another word.

Red: Isn't that obvious for us? Wait, only me.

Justin: Magneto and Deadpool, you two do the Cat Daddy.

Nathan: Isn't Deadpool KO'ed for a while?

Red: So that leaves Magneto doing the Cat Daddy. On air.

Magneto: I HATE DOING THIS! *Dances the Cat Daddy*

*Everyone else laughing*

Red: Next..
well then for whatever chapter this shall go to you'll enjoy my truth or dares
zero- personally you nearly die or die due to the plot armor on the games you are in but do you wish iris had the plot armor when you feel like you don't need it
deadpool- who crafted the guns and what is the material because i have a feeling it needs a very specific style of bullet
Tron- what is the most saddest yet also funniest thing a servbot has ever done
vergil- you will have a friendly duel with lyn from fire emblem the restrictions are normal human strength, no magical attacks, fight respectively, and if you try to kill her i will give you a death worse then what these authors can pull
Viper- i dare you to go into full detail to deadpool and ironman on how your devices work, also if neither listen then use this plasma powered tazer
Morrigan- personally a succubus needs a constant level of seduction being done...i may not be a succubus myself but i challenge you to a battle with''l start off friendly then it'll get intense as the battle goes fighting, also don't be surprised if the first move was already made *takes his index finger and slowly places it alone the bottom of Morrigan's chin from left to right in a friendly type of seductive manor then teleports away*

Red: For some reasons, this guy is formal.

Justin: Deadpool?

Nathan: He's no good.

Red: Pull Zero out. *Gets Zero from Sigma*

Zero: Now what?

Red: Speak about your death buddy.

Zero: Well, no clue how I was repaired back.

Red: And about Iris on that armor?

Zero: Well, no. She might gonna kill herself with that.

Justin: Tron?

Tron: Maybe none. Especially they try to date me.

*Servebots shuddering*

Justin: Dare time. Vergil, you fight Lyndis limiting your demon power. I guess you fight more humane.

Vergil: Hmph, maybe I can use a classical katana or an bamboo kendo sword.

Red: So be it. *Throws the two swords*

Vergil: *Picks up the steel katana* This should be fun.

Lyndis:*In open field* You're my opponent. *Clicks sword*

Vergil: They say I fight with limitations. Then and now, I'll make sure it's just another day.

Lyndis: Get ready to eat your words...

Viper: So, I'm talking about my toys huh?

Nathan: To Iron Man and Deadpool.

Viper: I dunno who is worse: a playboy genius or an insane minded guy.

Red: Morrigan, you test your seduction with that author.

Justin: *Shudders*

Nathan: *Cough* Jealousy *Cough*

Justin: Hey!

Morrigan: This should be interesting.

Red: For the meantime, I read another next dares.
Hi! I have a couple of dares, if you don't mind!
Morrigan: You have to seduce Vergil! Hah! Good luck!
Dante & Deadpool: You two have to do the Caramelldansen together!
Only a couple, but that's all I could think of, sorry!

Red:*Sigh* Sometimes rules can't be followed but seems legit in one way. You look.

Vergil: *Comes back unscratched* I'm back.

Red: Let me guess, cheated?

Vergil: Heh, loopholes. *Shows one summon sword*

Red: No guns.

Vergil: No demon power right? *Retrieves the Yamato and clicks it * so I don't get consequences.

Nathan: Morrigan, seduce Vergil.

Morrigan: This should be new.

Vergil: Don't think it would be easy.

Red: Dante and Deadpool, wait get my revival shock pills.

Deadpool: *Swallows the revival shock pills* YEEEEOOOWCH!

Dante: Now I'm gonna laugh!

Red: Yeah, that makes you two dances the Caramelldansen.

Dante: Please! I've seen some video that I do the caramelldansen and Hare Hare Yukai.

Deadpool: Don't tell me that dance Wesker hates?

Wesker: *Shudders on the corner like an emo*


Deadpool: LET'S DANCE MAN!

*Dances Caramelldansen like two abnormal idiots*

Dante: See? I told ya I do those weird Japanese dances. I remember Nero doing the leek dance of Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku.

Deadpool: I'm a man!

Red: Last Review! Thanks.
Hi guys! Uhh, I'm new here and I will make five requests for truths and dares.
First: Music-related
Second: Fairly OddParents-related
Third: MLP: FiM-related
Fourth: Persona-related
Fifth: Whatever my choices are.
First off is the music-related request.
ALL of the MVC3 and UMVC3 cast: Do any of you know Daft Punk?
Wolverine: Do you know Russel Hobbs of Gorillaz? (According to Wikipedia, I found out that
he was once kicked out of the X-Mansion due to his demonic possessions.)
Deadpool: What are your thoughts on Deadmau5? (He's Canadian and I think you're
Canadian too.)
Chun-Li: Listen to "Breakn' A Sweat" by Skrillex feat. The Doors and then express your thoughts about it.
Dante: Listen to the whole "Welcome Reality" album by British band Nero (not the DMC one)
and list out your favourite tracks from said album. Then, talk to (the DMC) Nero about
the album.
Chris: Sing "Holiday" by Swimming with Dolphins with Jill (Cause I ship you and her TOGETHER).
All of the MVC3 women: You can choose either dance to "She Likes to Party" by Kill the Noise
OR you girls get to beat up the MVC3 men and seduce them. To sleep.
ANY of the MVC3 and UMVC3 cast: Listen to the 'Pop Culture' mash up by Madeon and identify the songs sampled in said song.
Iron Man: Dance to two moombahton songs, which are "100% in the B*tch" by Porter Robinson and
"Zoology" by Knife Party feat. Skrillex. Try to do this just for the ladies
Eeyup, that's all. Now that is a lot of dares.
And now a personal note to the authors.
((If you don't know who the aforementioned songs and artists, try to look up on Wikipedia or something.
If you don't wanna know, it's okay. Don't waste your time researching who these guys are and what songs they make.
I'm saying this because I don't wanna overwork you and blaming me for wasting time and banning me from
. That's all.))
I'm gonna do more requests on more truths and dares.
So, gai buyz and I'm dyslexic. (No, I'm not. Really).

Red: Is this kid even puts a lot of request?

Nathan: I dunno.

Red: I'll take some truths. Some of them are confusing for readers to know. Wolverine?

Wolverine: No clue.

Justin: Deadpool?

Deadpool: Nope. I'm Canadian and I don't know that guy or so.

UMVC3: We dunno the songs

Red: So am I. And oh, one more thing: Just don't tell me your plans of T and D because you already spoil my mind thinking about it.

Justin: Take 5..