Rebecca stepped off of the plane, smiling as she looked out the airport window and could see Tokyo in the distance, "I'm here mama, I finally made it." she whispered, then went to collect her bags.

Rebecca quickly dropped her bags in her hotel room then stuffed her notebook, tape recorder and camera into a backpack and headed out the door, only hesitating a moment to pull out her Japanese and English dictionary. Opening it she smiled sadly, "I'm finally going to meet them mama, I just wish you could have been here with me." she said as she made sure the picture of two girls and a blue Monomakia was tucked safely inside the book before putting it back in her bag.

A little while later she got out of a cab and walked up to the door of the tenement house that was so familiar to her even though she had only ever seen pictures of it. Taking a deep breath and praying that her Japanese wasn't too rusty, she knocked on the door. A moment later a red haired woman in her mid fifties answered the door, "Gomen kudasai. O-jama shimasu Asagi Marin." (I'm looking for Marin Asagi) Rebecca said.

"Asagi? O-hisashiburi desu no namae ka. Watashi wa Chairo Marin. (Asagi? it's been many years since I've gone by that name, it's Chairo now, but I'm Marin)" the woman replied.

Rebecca's eyes widened, "You got married?" she asked to shocked to think of anything else, then quickly tried to recover, "Aano…Ee…, umm." she stumbled trying not only to figure out what to say, but how to say it in Japanese as well.

"Yes, I got married. Now who are you?" Marin asked in English.

Rebecca relaxed a little, grateful that she wouldn't have to translate everything she wanted to say, "My name is Rebecca Fisher, I'm-"

"Rebecca, you mean Moe's Rebecca?" Marin asked smiling.

"Yes." Rebecca replied.

"Oh it's been years since I've heard from her, didn't she come with you? How is she doing?" Marin asked.

"I'm afraid mama died a few years ago, we wanted to let you know, but we were moving at the time and hadn't been able to find her address book or any of the letters she had gotten from you. Papa finally found them about a year ago, but by then I was already planning my trip to come here and thought I'd just tell you in person." Rebecca told her.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry." Marin said fighting back tears, "How did she die?"

"She never was very healthy, she got pneumonia, between that and her other health problems she just wasn't strong enough to fight it, she died peacefully in her sleep though." Rebecca told her.

"At least she died peacefully." Marin said, "Now what brings you all the way to Japan, last I had heard you were living in the United States."

"I'm becoming a historian and I wanted to do my dissertation on Brigadoon, I've been fascinated by it since I was a child. Mama always use to tell me stories, but there's not a lot of written material about it. I was hoping I could interview you and Melan for it." Rebecca told her.

"I don't know too much about Brigadoon, just bits and pieces that I learned from Melan or while I was there, but I'd be happy to tell you what I know. As for Melan, he's been gone for nearly thirty years now." Marin said sadly.

"Gone? What do you mean, what happened?" Rachel asked.

"I'm afraid I broke his heart, I was so young when everything happened, at the time I was so sure that nothing could change how much I loved him, but I was only thirteen at the time, there was so much to life that I hadn't even thought about, so many complications to a relationship with him that I simply hadn't considered."

"When I was sixteen I met a young man at school, he was a lot like Melan, we became friends and the more time I spent with him the more I started to think about the things that I couldn't have if I were to marry Melan, but I didn't say anything to Melan. How could I? He had given up everything, his friends, his world, everything, to stay with me. But he noticed the change in me and finally asked me what was wrong, I refused to tell him. He finally over heard me telling Jun about David, the young man I had met at school, and he told me he wanted me to be happy, no matter what that meant. Melan stayed for a while, spending most of his time at the library, trying to learn more about humans, trying to figure us out, trying to figure out how best to survive in our world. I think he still hoped that I would get over David and come back to him, at least until David asked me to marry him. Melan stayed for the wedding, but then he left, hiking up into the mountains and living there as far as I know. He comes back to visit, usually for Christmas at least, but that's about the only time we see him." Marin explained.

"The poor thing, did mama know that you had married David? She never said anything to me about that or Melan leaving." Rebecca said.

"Yes, she even met David before your grandmother remarried and they moved to America. She said she'd tell you eventually, but as long as you didn't show any interest in dating while you were still young, who wants to hear a bedtime story with a sad ending." Marin said sadly then smiled, "What about you, last time I heard from Moe you were more interested in books than men, has that changed, do you have a handsome young man waiting for you back home?"

"No, I've never met a man who really seemed worth my time, at least not any who are alive, most interesting men have been dead for hundreds of years. Anyways who needs a man around when I have so much history and so many different cultures to learn about." Rebecca replied.

"Okaa-san, hiru-gohan desu yo." a woman called from inside.

"Lunch is ready, why don't you join us, you can meet my daughters and husband, then I can tell you what I know about Brigadoon." Marin said.

"I'd be honored to." Rebecca replied.

Rebecca sat in bed that evening looking over the notebook full of notes and stories, both of Marin's time in Brigadoon as well as stories Melan had told Marin. It was more than most people knew about Brigadoon, but it wasn't as much as she had hoped for or enough for the book she had planned to write ever since she was a child. The first time she had gone to the library when she was quite young, looking for books about Brigadoon, she had found a few, but they only told about the effects Brigadoon had had on earth, nothing about Brigadoon its self. It was then that she had told her mother that someday she was going to write a book about Brigadoon.

"I know it's been my dream to come here and meet them and write my book for most of my life and that I promised you I'd do it mama, but how can I do that if I can't actually meet someone from Brigadoon?" Rebecca said as she set her notebook on the night stand and turned the light off, "I'd have to come back for Christmas or-" she hesitated a moment a smile slowly spreading across her face, "or go find Melan and talk to him." she said as she flipped the light back on and grabbed her laptop.

I know I'm a horrible evil person for splitting Melan and Marin up, I love them together, I really do, they're one of my favorite cartoon couples, but this plot bunny attacked me and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it.