This is my first Land Before Time and Black Dog crossover.

Chapter 1: the Beginning

The story begins as the narrator tells his story, " Everybody has a journey, but not like me, this my one journey that will change my life forever."

It is a nice warm spring day of April 1, 2003, There is a Black Peterbilt 379 Semi with a trailer in the back, there is a family of truckers heading to Florida for vacation while they are driving a load to their destination, they are the Crews family, Jack and Melanie Crews have been married for fifteen years, they have their 20 year old daughter and a new 16 year old son named Tracy and Adam Crews, the family drove into a tunnel, when they got to the other side they saw that there is no road, but instead a pathway, Jack says, " What the, where is the road?"

Melanie asks her husband, " Jack, where are we?"

Jack says, " I don't know, lets keep on moving to see where we are?"

Then the Crews family kepted on driving, they then stopped for a little while, then the Crews family saw dinosaurs, they couldn't believe that they are seeing dinosaurs, as Tracy asks, " Daddy, are we in the time of the dinosaurs?"

Jack says, " Yes Tracy we are, you guys can walk around just don't go too far."

Adam says, " Okay."

Then Adam ran, he wanted to see the dinosaurs, then he saw two young dinosaurs playing, Adam also heard them talking to each other, the two young dinosaurs were playing, until a T-Rex came out of nowhere, the two dinosaurs are now running for their lives, Adam wasn't going to stand there and do nothing about it, Adam decided to take action, he grabs a thorn and picks it up and use's it, Adam gets the T-Rex's attention, " Hey ugly."

T-Rex turns to Adam while Adam throws the thorn as hit the T-Rex, the T-Rex roars in pain, the two young dinosaurs look at Adam that saved them, Adam says to the young dinosaurs, " Run, get out of here, I got him."

Adam runs as the T-Rex follows Adam, Adam kepted on running as he saw his parents as he says, " We got to get out of here now."

Before Adam's parents could ask, The T-Rex was running at them and the T-Rex killed them before they could get a chance to escape, Adam and Tracy saw person got killed, they got in the semi, Adam shifted the gear, but he wasn't paying any attention, he just just wanted to get away form the T-Rex, they drove away, as the T-Rex chased after them, when the T-Rex came close to the Semi, Adam bumped into the T-Rex a few times to hopefully slow him down, by which it worked, then after about 30 minutes the T-Rex stops chasing the Semi and heads somewhere else, Adam realized they are safe, then another 30 minutes later, and earthquake happens, the Semi tipped over its side, but Adam made sure that it wouldn't fall over, but Tracy then fell out of the Semi and down into the side of the cliff, Adam now is alone in the dinosaur world, with no parents and his sister is now lost out in the world, Adam kepted on driving until he came to place where he could sleep for the night, then he found a place and decided to fall asleep inside the truck.

The sun rose the next morning, Adam got up and unhooked the trailer from his Semi and decided to drive around for a while, he kepted his truck running just in case, if the T-Rex found him again, then Adam drove off, while he was driving Adam saw five young dinosaurs in the path, two of them he recognized from yesterday, Adam honked his horn to get their attention, then the young dinosaurs stopped and saw Adam's Semi coming at them, then Adam drove close enough to them, Adam got out, the lead dinosaur was surprised to see this him again, the lead dinosaur said surprised, " You."

The other dinosaur said being mean, " What do you want?"

Adam says, " Well, is that way to talk to someone you just met? Damn."

The lead dinosaur asks, " Who are you?"

Adam smiles as he says, " I'm Adam Crews."

The lead dinosaur says, " I'm Littlefoot, these are my friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike."

Adam says, " Nice to meet you."

Then Littlefoot asks, " Where are you going?"

Adam says, " How about the Great Valley?"

Ducky says, " We are the same, yep, yep, yep."

Adam then adds, " If is not too much trouble for you, I would be more than happy to drive you to Great Valley instead of walking."

Littlefoot says, " Thank you."

Adam says, " Lets go, follow me."

Littlefoot and the gang follow Adam to his Semi, as Cera see the Semi and asks, " What is that?"

Adam says, " This is my Semi, this a Peterbilt 379, wait till you see the trailer, I have to get it."

Then Adam drove back with Littlefoot and the gang, then when they got there, Littlefoot and the gang saw the trailer, then Adam hooks up the trailer to the truck, then he gets out and put on his fingerless gloves on, as a song is on.

Road Man- Big House

Big House: I was born on a bus they say going south, left at a truck stop and never knew my mother, never since how it's been home.

Adam connects the cables from the truck to the trailer, then he puts the legs that hold the trailer still up.

Big house: When there's a wind I keep on moving on up, can't seem staying at one place, too long, I'm a Road man, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The song ends as Adam, Littlefoot, and the gang are in the Semi, Petrie looks at the switches and asks Adam, " Can you drive?"

Adam says, " Of course I can, but I'm still learning."

Cera then says, " Then lets see what you got."

Then Adam buckled his seat belt, then he puts the keys in, turns them and the Semi turns on, then Adam flips five black switches and pushes a red button, then Adam puts his left foot on the brake and shifted his gear, Adam signs as he puts his foot on the gas paddle, the Semi jerked violently into a stop, as Adam says, " What did I do?"

Cera asks, " I thought you said you can drive?"

Adam shifts his gear as he answers, " First time."

Cera couldn't believe what she just heard, as Adam starts the Semi up again, Adam looks at Cera, Cera turns her head as she says, " Humph."

Then Adam turns his head and says, " Humph."

Then Adam puts his foot on the gas paddle, as the Semi starts moving and keeps on moving, as another song begins.

Driving My Life Away- Rhett Akins

Rhett Akins: Well the midnight headlights find you on a rainy night, steep grade, up ahead, slow me down, making no time, but I gotta keep a rollin', those windshield wipers slappin out a tempo, keeping perfect rhythm with the song on the radio, yeah gotta keep a rolling.

Chorus: Ooh I'm driving my life away, looking for a better way, for me. Ooh I'm driving my life away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

Ducky then picks up a piece of paper, that had letters on it, but Ducky didn't know what it was as she asks Adam, " Adam, what are they symbols?"

Adam didn't respond, he was too busy paying attention to the road, Ducky puts the piece of paper down, Adam is still worried for his sister that is still missing, while he focus on heading for the Great Valley, the song begins again.

Rhett Akins: Well the truck stop cutie comin' on to me tried to talk me into a ride said I wouldn't be sorry, but she was just a baby, hey waitress pour me another cup of coffee, pop me down, jack me up, shoot me out, flyin' down the highway, I'm looking for the morning.

Chorus: Ooh I'm driving my life away, I'm looking for a better way, for me, Ooh I'm driving my life away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

Littlefoot and the gang are seem to start liking Adam, they were playing games that a truck driver would play when they are on the road to pass the time, as the songs still plays.

Rhett Akins: Well the midnight headlights find you on a rainy night, steep grade, up ahead, making no time, yeah gotta keep a rollin, those windshield wipers slappin on a tempo, keeping perfect rhythm with the song on the radio, lord gotta keep a rolling.

Chorus: Ooh I'm driving my life away, I'm looking for a better way, for me, Ooh I'm driving my life away, just looking for a sunny day, Ooh I'm driving my life away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

The song ends, as Adam, Littlefoot, and the gang head for the Great Valley, in the Semi.

I hope you like this see you later, bye.