Heyhey, peeps! *waves* Gossa speaking here!~ Welcome to My Idiot Boyfriend!

So this is basically a cross between the copy-paste "Friends bail you out of jail, Best Friends are next to you laughing" and FML. Because several (cough*almost all*cough) of these are very FML-esque. It's basically a tsundere FML thingy, only I didn't do it in web format because I don't know how too.

It's semi-AU in the sense that there is very little allusion to the fact that they are personified nations. But since I don't very much like them as humans (you lose so much from their characters that way), I don't write it with the intention of it being an AU.

You can request a pairing if you want, but the narrarator of it is chosen by moi. Also, if I am a little unsure with the pairing, there will probably only be about ten.

Oh, and all of these are gonna end with marrige. 'Cause I'm a yaoi fangirl that way.

This is Spain/Romano, Romano ranting. Aww, Romano, you're so, so, so, so, cute!~ *shot by Italian mafia*

The nice boyfriend takes you out to a classy Italian place and pays for it.

My idiot boyfriend cooked some of his (fucking delicious but) SPANISH paella with stuff that my little brother bought fresh yesterday. And then he tried to make out with me and got tomato sauce all over my suit that I put on when he said that he had a romantic dinner planned.

The nice boyfriend takes you to the park and holds your hand as he walks with you.

My idiot boyfriend got us pushed into the fountain by his two idiot friends, and then proceeded to make out with me. In public. Near a church. While we were still in the damn fountain.

The nice boyfriend agrees with you when you get into a fight.

My idiot boyfriend told me that it wasn't my brother's fault that he was having sex on the sofa with his idiot boyfriend when I walked in.

The nice boyfriend doesn't tease you about how you look.

My idiot boyfriend called me a fruit (a tomato, to be specific), called me beautiful (Do I look like a fucking GIRL?), and played with my hair. Especially the, ah, "sensitive" part of it.

The nice boyfriend understands when you put effort into something.

My idiot boyfriend thought that the picture of us was my attempt at telling him how his government works.

The nice boyfriend sets aside quality time.

My idiot boyfriend invites me to come out drinking with his friends. One is a pervert and the other is the brother of my brother's boyfriend (POTATO FUCKERS!). The next thing you know he'll be asking them to share the bed.

The nice boyfriend is there for you when you are sick.

My idiot boyfriend still hasn't gotten past his "kiss it better" stage.

… well, he made some tomato soup too, but only because I kicked him into the kitchen. Freaking oblivious bastard, dammit …

The nice boyfriend is there for you when you get in trouble.

My idiot boyfriend was sitting in jail next to me, drunk out of his mind. Hell, he was the reason I was there in the first place!

The nice boyfriend tolerates your strange food choices.

My idiot boyfriend asked me why I wasn't a tomato yet. Jeez, does he have some sort of tomato kink?

(… h-huh … I wouldn't mind – I mean he better not.)

The nice boyfriend gets you something nice for your birthday, and he finds out what you want by asking your idiot brother.

My idiot boyfriend got me a jar of tomato sauce. When I asked him how I was going to use another can of tomato sauce, he jumped me and started smearing it all over my chest and face. No prizes for guessing how he wanted to get it off.

The nice boyfriend respects your religious beliefs.

My idiot boyfriend made out with me in the confession booth, and it would have been more if the priest didn't walk in on us.

The nice boyfriend respects your privacy.

My idiot boyfriend seems to think that it is perfectly fine to take pictures of us … doing stuff … and sell them to one of his friend's girlfriends.

The nice boyfriend knows that you have mood swings, and he deals with that.

My idiot boyfriend needed me to go mafia on him to prove that, yes bitch, I am badass.

The nice boyfriend won't take advantage of you when your guard is down.

My idiot boyfriend tried to molest me while I was taking a siesta.

The nice boyfriend remembers all the little details about you.

My idiot boyfriend thinks that my younger brother and I are twins.

The nice boyfriend proposes romantically.

My idiot boyfriend slipped the ring on when we were kissing.

It's a nice ring. Even though it has a tomato on it.