Gift fic for Akiruchan; who, according to her, I need to write something Kuroshitsuji. Apparently collabs don't count, it has to be on my own XD So this is my gift for her; a collection of one shots following the adventures of Ciel and Sebastian. Can be read as one big story or just a bunch of one shots; up to you.

There is no shota in this at all.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji or any characters
Warnings: Fluff, lots of fluff. And that's about it; there will be no smut, hence the K+ rating. Don't ask for it

The Games They Play
for Akiruchan

Sunlight bounced off the pool's surface, creating a bright glare for anyone foolish enough to cast their gaze into the light. Small toys bobbed helplessly in the water amidst the large inflatable rafts that people so often liked to recline on.

Said rafts were currently vacant and the pool looked equally bare as well. But that's where Sebastian knew the difference was. There was a young boy hiding in that pool, laying in wait with a water gun and waiting for the perfect chance to strike.

"This is so not worth twelve dollars an hour," he muttered to himself. His grip tightened around his own water gun as he poked his head around the floating beach ball. And was promptly sprayed in the face with water. "Definitely not worth it."

Sebastian wasn't even sure why he had agreed to this job. Everyone before him had told him that the job was like living in Hell itself, with the young boy as the devil in disguise. Sebastian promptly waved the comment aside, thinking that they were all just crazy.

But then he had met his charge. One young boy, age five named Ciel. Son to a successful game designer, and somewhat of a spoiled child. Truly the devil in disguise and twelve dollars an hour to play baby-sitter wasn't close to being enough.

Who cared that Sebastian was getting all the latest games before they hit the market (free for that matter) and was offered a room to stay at the mansion during the summer so he wouldn't have to travel.

Free food, free rent, access to expensive cars, and free trips to all the theme parks in the area; perfect way to spend the summer.

And two weeks ago Sebastian had been ready to turn it all down.

That day had started just like any other. Waking up to find Ciel already out of bed and running around the mansion with hands covered in syrup, trying to ruin the dogs fur with his messy hands. The day had progressed, with Sebastian cleaning up Ciel's mess and giving the dog a bath. The poor thing had been caught in a corner by Ciel and was covered with maple syrup.

By lunchtime, the mansion had quieted down as Ciel napped in his room. Apparently, waking up at six in the morning to terrorize the dog had taken a lot out on the little boy and he demanded a nap.

It was fine by Sebastian. It gave him time to finish cleaning off the syrup on Ciel's toys and wash the laundry. Even the three servants in the house who helped year around seemed exhausted and appreciated the silence.

By the time everything was cleaned and back in order, it was a little after one and Sebastian went upstairs to check on Ciel. The little boy had been asleep for almost an hour and he didn't want the boy to have too much energy tonight that he wouldn't sleep.

But instead of finding Ciel in his room, Sebastian was greeted with an empty bed and even emptier room. Cursing silently to himself, Sebastian had started searching for the boy and felt dread creeping into his body when he found his door cracked open.

With a deep breath, Sebastian walked into his temporary room, only to find his latest art project being destroyed. The canvas that he had spent so long drawing on was now covered in red, blue, and green paint and was being used as a canvas for finger painting.

He had nearly killed Ciel, wanting nothing more than to wrap his fingers around Ciel's neck and strangle the life out of him. Instead, he had grabbed a pillow and gripped it so tightly that part of the fabric had torn.

The thing that had done it for Sebastian was when little Ciel had turned around with an innocent look on his face and smiled. As though he hadn't done anything wrong even though there was malicious intent in those blue eyes.

"Was I not supposed to do that?" he asked. With a small shrug, he skipped out of the room, pausing to wipe his paint covered hands on Sebastian's shorts. "It was an ugly picture anyway."

The comment had the pillow flying across the room, hitting Ciel on the back of the head; the force making the small child stumble forward slightly. Without pause, Sebastian had slammed the door shut and started to pack up his belongings.

The pay and compensation wasn't worth this and Sebastian had had enough. This job wasn't worth going to jail for murder and Sebastian knew that if he stayed here one more day, he would end up strangling Ciel.

With one bag packed, he wrenched open his door and stalked down the long hallway. He could feel those blue eyes watching him, their weight heavy on his back as he stomped down the steps.

"What are you doing?" Ciel asked, his voice small from its spot at the top of the steps. His face poked through the railings while his small hands gripped them tightly.

"Going home," Sebastian answered, dropping his bag to the floor. He spun around to face Ciel, glaring up at him. "This isn't worth it. I can't do it anymore."

"Daddy won't let you go. I'll tell him you hit me and he'll sue you." A small smirk curled on Ciel's lips. "And then we'll own you, forever and ever."

Sebastian met the smirk with his own. "I'd take life in jail over working here again. You're a little terror." He turned around and started to walk towards the door. He'd come back later tonight when Vincent was home and pick up the rest of his belongings then.

With determination set in stone and the desire never again to return, Sebastian kept his back facing Ciel, picked up his bag and crossed the foyer toward the front door. There was nothing that could stop him, he wasn't going back, even for fifty dollars an hour and a bonus at the end of the month.

Or so he thought.

The only thing that had stopped him were sad blue eyes and a sob as he walked to the front door.

"I'm sorwy!" Ciel blurted out from the top of the steps. "Pwease don't go. Daddy will get someone else and they'll all be horrible, like all the others."

Turned out that lasting a month was something of a record when it came to watching Ciel; most couldn't last a day.

Growing up rich and in a family that circled around games, Ciel had a bad habit of playing games with his sitters. Games that could drive a man insane and test their patience, even at the young age of five.

So Sebastian had decided to stay, giving Ciel one last chance. He had a sneaky suspicion that he had been conned by those blue eyes but the following week had been better than previous.

And now they were back to the games.

With a grunt, Sebastian pulled himself out of the pool, his swim trunks clinging to his leg and making it harder to run across the hot stones. The pads of his feet burned as he aimed his water gun to the little bobbing head in the water and shot a stream of water towards it.

His shot was successful and Sebastian promptly jumped back in the water to ease the burning feeling on his feet. He shook the water out of his eyes and glanced around the pool for his target. Red eyes settled on the young boy and the water gun tumbled out of his hands, sinking to the bottom of the pool slowly.

With a deep breath, he ducked below the waters surface and kicked his way towards his unsuspecting target. From under the water, he could see feet standing on tip-toes and a water gun held off to the side. Ciel had his back facing towards him and with one more kick forward, Sebastian grabbed the younger male around the waist.

A muffled scream sounded from the surface before it was cut off as the boy was dragged under the water. For a moment, they struggled briefly before Sebastian's feet found the pools bottom and gained leverage once more.

Sebastian's head popped out of the water, followed by another one that started sputtering and yelling at him. " could've killed me. Then what would mommy and daddy say?" the boy screeched as he was carried to the steps.

Sebastian sighed as they finally cleared the steps and continued towards the covered patio. "I assure you that I wouldn't have let you drown and if so, I am CPR certified." He set the boy down and grabbed a towel, dropping it on the boys head. "Besides, you had fun. Didn't you, Ciel."

A huff escaped Ciel's mouth before he crossed his arms across his chest. "You cheated."

"I assure you I did no such thing. I played the game as you said and caught you, which means it's time for you to come in."

Ciel frowned but stood still as Sebastian dried him off, glancing off to the pool with longing eyes. The water was starting to settle down after their rough play in the pool, and the light from the sun was bright on the now calm surface.

"What's for lunch?" he asked.

"Grilled cheese and some slices of apple," Sebastian answered, rubbing a towel over Ciel's head.

Small hands batted him away and grabbed the towel that rested on his head. "I can do it myself," Ciel stated stubbornly.

Sebastian moved away and grabbed his own towel as he watched Ciel try to maneuver the large, fluffy towel. It bunched around his feet and Ciel huffed as he tried to lift it up so he could wrap it around his body.

Watchful eyes glanced at Ciel from the side, but Sebastian didn't move over to help him, choosing instead to let Ciel figure it out for himself. Sebastian wrapped his own towel around his waist and shook the remaining water from his hair.

"Hurry up or you won't get lunch," he commented lightly, leaning against the patio table.

Ciel glared at him but finally wrapped the towel around his torso, the material tucked under his armpits. With his head held high, he marched towards the back door, the towel looking more like a dress as it trailed behind Ciel.

The sight made Sebastian chuckle and he was tempted to step on the trailing part but he refrained as they entered the mansion.

Inside, the smell of lunch floated through the large house and cool air brushed over Sebastian's skin as he shut the door behind them. In front of him, Ciel started to trot towards the kitchen, making Sebastian lurch forward and catch the young boy around his waist.

With a small squeal, Ciel was lifted into the air and tucked under Sebastian's arm. Small legs kicked out behind him as Ciel wiggled around, trying to get free from Sebastian's grip while he yelled at the older man.

"Put me down, now!" he cried. "I'll tell my daddy on you."

It was an empty threat, one that they both knew. Despite all the games and tricks Ciel tried to pull on Sebastian, he didn't want the older man to leave. Sebastian was the best sitter Ciel had and he didn't want another one.

He let out a cry as Sebastian flicked his nose and he rubbed at it, glaring up at Sebastian. "You're mean to me."

Sebastian chuckled. "I am not. I'm merely collecting on our deal. You said that if I caught you before lunch time, then you would listen to me for the rest of the day." He moved into the kitchen, ignoring the surprised look on the cooks face at how he was carrying Ciel. "Therefore, I can treat you however I'd like to."

Ciel pouted. "You cheated."

"You have no proof." He turned to face the cook and gave Ciel a small squeeze. "What do you say to him?"

A long suffering sigh escaped Ciel and he glanced up at the cook. "Thank you for making lunch for me today. I greatly ap- appre-ci-ate it."

Sebastian smirked and moved toward the door that led to the dinning room. "Next time, I want you to say it like you really mean it." He poked Ciel's cheeks. "Maybe smile a little bit too."

Ciel simply glared at him, even though there was the slightest hint of playfulness hidden behind the mask of annoyance. While he would never say it aloud, Ciel was glad that Sebastian was still here.

The older male made each day exciting as they tried to outwit each other. Ciel knew from his past sitters that not everyone like to play games; and even fewer had the patience to put up with it. It was one of the many reasons Ciel adored Sebastian.

Not as though we would tell Sebastian that. That was Ciel's own secret, one that only his stuffed bunny knew and Bitter Rabbit wasn't going to tell anyone. They pinky swore on it.

Ciel was pulled from his thoughts as he was spun around; the room blurring together slightly. He grabbed onto Sebastian before he was set down on the chair and the room righted itself once more.

Sebastian placed the plate in front of Ciel and watched as the blue eyes grew wide. Small hands quickly reached forward to grab the grilled cheese and without hesitation, Ciel tore into the sandwich. All the play in the pool today had made the younger boy hungry and Sebastian simply shook his head.

His own stomach was growling and he sat down to eat his own sandwich. He had to admit that having his meals prepared for him was rather nice. Sebastian would miss it once the summer was over.

In a way, it was a shame that he couldn't stay the whole time; the benefits were wonderful and the pay was good; all things considering. But once the fall started, Ciel would be back in school and would have no need for an all day sitter.

Still; the fall wasn't for a while and they still had the whole summer to go through. And at the moment, Sebastian wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

"Can we go to the park tomorrow?" Ciel asked and bit into an apple slice. "I wanna go on the swings and go really high."

"Maybe," Sebastian answered and pushed their empty plates to the side.

Ciel pouted. "But I wanna go."

Sebastian flicked Ciel's forehead. "And I say we have to wait. Your mom and dad are supposed to be home today and they might have plans for you." The thought made Sebastian smile slightly; that would mean a day off.

Day's off were rare and were welcomed with open arms.

"Stop smiling like an idiot," Ciel stated.

Sebastian turned to the young boy. "Excuse me?"

A chubby finger poked Ciel's cheek. "You have a goofy smile on your face; like you're love sick." Ciel frowned. "Love is gross."

With a laugh, Sebastian stood up. "Surely you're not referring to Elizabeth? She's such a sweet girl and loves to play with you." He grinned at Ciel. "Perhaps we should invite her over one day so you two can play."

Ciel looked horrified. "No!" he cried quickly and stumbled from the chair to catch up with Sebastian. "She'll want to play dress up and tea party. And, and, girls are icky."

"But your mom is a girl," Sebastian stated. "Is she icky too?"

The question made Ciel stop for a moment and his eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Mommy's aren't girls. They're mommy's," he finally said and trotted after Sebastian. He watched as the dirty dishes were handed off to the cook and Ciel tugged on the towel around Sebastian's waist. "I want something sweet."

Sebastian shook his head. "Why don't you take a nap first and then you can have something sweet."

Ciel stomped his foot and crossed his arms over his chest, a small pout forming on his lips. "I don't wanna take a nap. I'm a big kid now; I'm this many!" A hand was shoved into Sebastian's face, five fingers wiggling to show their emphasis.

"Too bad," Sebastian answered in a sing-song voice. Without another word, he scooped Ciel up into his arms and carried him out into the foyer. "You lost the game, so you have to do what I say."

He climbed the steps, keeping a careful grip on Ciel as the boy squirmed in his arms. With a small huff, Sebastian flipped Ciel upside down and delighted in the screams that came from Ciel's mouth.

After a few seconds of hanging upside down, he righted the boy and set Ciel down on his feet outside his room. Ciel bolted inside without a word and Sebastian trailed in behind him.

The damp towel was already laying on the floor and a pair of wet swim trunks were tossed at Sebastian. They smacked his leg and with a sigh, Sebastian rolled them up in the towel.

A few moments later, Ciel trotted out of the bathroom in fresh clothes. "I'm still not sleepy," he stated, trying hard to cover up a yawn.

Sebastian shook his head and led the child to the large bed. "You'll feel better when you wake up. And I'll even have something sweet for you."

"Promise?" Ciel asked.

"I promise," Sebastian answered and tucked Ciel into bed. He shut the curtains so the room wasn't so bright and watched as the child pulled a stuffed bunny closer to him. The sight made him smile softly and he left the room quietly.

It was times like this that Sebastian could forget how truly evil Ciel was. While they were few and far between, it made the job easier and were the random times that Sebastian actually enjoyed his job of watching over Ciel.

Of course, that time would pass once Ciel was awake and was back to his demanding self. But for now, it was nice to enjoy the time while it would last. At least Ciel's parents would be back tonight and maybe then, Sebastian could get some time off.

Until then, Sebastian had work to do. Towels had to be washed and dried, and dessert had to be made. And above all, he had to plot out their next game. Because even though he had won this round, there was always tomorrow.

And tomorrow would bring about a new set of games. Games that they were all too willing to play.