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Once upon a time there's a boy who live in Kanzaki's kingdom where a man can carry a child so it's not problem if your partner in life is man.

The boy name Kiryuu Zero a simple, kind and weak boy.

His working at one of the companies own by the Kuran Clan, because he's a good boy he always bullied and abused by his co-worker.

"Hey sticky note boy" said of one of his co-worker "yes what can I do for you?" Zero said, everyone in the office called him sticky note boy, why? He

always used a sticky note to remember what he need to do and he used it also to remember what his co-worker asked him to do.

"I want you to finish this one, as soon as possible, me and my friends will go to eat a lunch" said Souen Ruka "Ok I will do" Zero said.

Ruka and her friends leave Zero alone how poor Zero is, his doing the job of the others.

Ruka already left the office and its already night and everyone go to their home but Zero is still left because he must finish what the other asked

him to do.

"Hey why are you still here?" Luis asked Zero was busy to his work he didn't felt Luis is already behind him when he heard the voice of Luis he was

surprised but at the same time happy since Luis didn't talked to him and he have a crush to Luis.

"I have to finish this don't worry I'm already done" Zero said "I think you should not do the others work" Luis said in a seductive way.

Zero felt he will melt soon "okay I will company you here since I'm so worried about you" Luis said, Zero felt like he wants to jump or something.

Weeks past Zero and Luis are officially dating and Zero wants to surprise Luis he buy a Cruise ship trip for Luis and him, Luis accepted the trip and

now they are dating in a cruise.

Kuran Kaname the president of Kuran Corporation and the only heir of Kuran is on the way to Saira's cruise he plan to proposed to his long time

boyfriend Ichijou Takuma.

When he arrived he received a SMS and said 'my love I'm so so… sorry I can't be with you on Cruise because the international ballet corporation

wants me to become a swan lake so I'm sorry don't worry I will make up to you love Takuma' Kaname wants to cry or something his plan is already

mess up and he cant go back right now since the cruise is already left the pier 'what a luck' he thought.

"It supposes to be a happy trip why I'm all alone here in room?" Zero asked to no one. So he decided to go and find Luis.

Kaname is not in the mood he wants to be alone but his wish didn't came true "Mr. President please don't close the lavender company" plead a

man name Cross Kaen "and why? Give a reason why will I don't close that pathetic factory of yours?" asked Kaname calm as ever but inside he

wants to kill these man "because many people will lose their job especially lavender factory is their source to earned money" said Toga Yagari "I

made up my mind I will close that company so leave me alone" kaname left the two he didn't know that the two have a plan will change his life


Zero saw Luis with another woman because he's a simple minded person and naïve he thought that woman is Luis friend so he decided to go to

bar to drink some wine.

Yagari and Cross ordered of three glass of wine but in other wine they put some aphrodisiac in a one glass of wine "Cross are you sure about

that? I'm quiet nervous about this" "don't worry my plan will work once that Kuran jerk drink this, the lavender factory will be save" "but cross

what is exactly your plan?" "Yagari listen to me this is the plan, I have a friend who work here I said to him leave the Kuran's room unlock, if

Kaname drink this wine he will feel hot and I talked to a woman in other country about she must to do after they do some miracle we will go inside

and took some pictures of them" "now I know you will used it against Kuran jerk" "yes" they grinned to each other.

The room service men came to Kaname's room and do something and after he does his job he put something in the lock and after that he left the

room unlock, but unknown to him the room no. change instead of 96 it

became 66 (please use your imagination how the no. changed)

Zero is already drunk so he decided to go to his room but his vision is blurry when he reached room no. 66 he used hi access card but the door is

opened so he go inside and go to bathroom.

Kaname decided to go to bar to have some relaxed but… "Mr. President how are you?" asked Cross "oh! No not again the two of you again"

Kaname said "don't worry Mr. President were not here to bother you, were here to asked you a forgiveness because of cross and I stubbornness"

said Yagari "Oh! Really?" "Yes Mr. President please drinks this wine the signed of our sincerity" said Cross.

Kaname doubt it first but he decided to drink it and the two left Kaname with triumph written too their faces.

Kaname felt really hot so he decided to go to his room to have some rest, when he reached his room he didn't noticed the room no. because he's

too tired and want to cool off.

"Yagari… we have a problem" Cross said "what's the problem?" "The woman I talked didn't reach the pier on time so the cruise left her in pier"

"WHAT…. what should we do NOW?" "Don't worry I have a second plan".

Kaname reached his bed and decided to strip since his the only one in his room that's what he thought and fell to his bed but he heard some noise

on bathroom.

"Taku is that you? I thought you didn't come here?" Kaname asked.

Zero didn't heard what Kaname said he thought its Luis so he decided to go to bed.

Kaname felt something on his bed since the room is dark he can't see who's the other side of bed.

"Honey I thought you didn't come here?" Kaname asked in seductive way "you thought wrong" Zero said. Kaname started to unbutton Zero Polo

and until Zero totally naked and he kissed Zero with passion.

And the miracle happened (please used your imagination how they intimate I'm too shy to write it ^_^)

After the intimate scene kaname reached his night stand and took the box and said to Zero "Please marry me my honey?" "Are you sure?" "Yes I'm

sure " "okay I will marry you".

Kaname put the ring to Zero's left finger "Thank you I really love you Takuma" Kaname said.

"I love you too Luis" Zero Said.

The two of them became confused, did they heard right and Kaname said "who's Luis?" "Who's Takuma?" Kaname decided to on the light using the

remote control.

"HA…." Kaname and Zero said "WHO ARE YOU?"

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