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The life on the Lavender Island is simple and peaceful, the clouds are blue, and the sun is good, the plants are blooming and the people are just laughing or something, the life in Lavender Island is a life you will dream of.

Aidou Hanabusa his parent's died in a cruise ship accident were all the passenger didn't survive except one and that's him. At the age of 10 he became the sole survivor of the Aidou clan and the Kiryuu family adopted him since his mother and Zero's father are siblings, but Aidou didn't like the fact that the Kiryuu family adopted him like a loss puppy and that's why he didn't like the thought that he will call Shizuka "Mom" for him that's unacceptable and disgrace to his mother's name.

Anyway back to story Aidou is reading a magazine in their small but beautiful garden he sat at the chair made of stone he always like that garden since he's the one who made and cared that garden, he peacefully reading until…

"Hana-chan do you want to eat something just tell me and I will cook it for you" Shizuka said.

"No, thanks I'm not hungry yet" Aidou said as he still reading the magazine and didn't bother to look at Shizuka.

"Okay, but if you like anything just tell me okay?" Shizuka said.

"Okay, I will Aunty" Aidou said.

After Shizuka heard the word Aunty sad is written to her face then she goes back inside of the house.

Aidou just continued what he's doing until someone's called him.

"Hana-hime" Aidou saw who's called him and that is Kain.

"What can I do for you?" Aidou said irritated because someone's disturbed his reading.

"Don't be so mad and don't give me that look I'm just here to visit my princess" Kain said while smiling at Aidou.

"Who's princess? Me? Oh! Come on… don't make me laugh your not a bald person" Aidou said as he glared at Kain.

"How are you?" Kain asked.


"That's good, go out with me?" Kain asked.

"No I cant, I have things must to do" Aidou said.

"Then I will help you then after that go out with me" Kain said.

Aidou sighed then agree with Kain, he put aside the magazine and left the garden with Kain.

"If I'm not mistaken this is a school, right?" Kain asked.

"WOW! I'm happy you know this is a school rich boy" Aidou said sarcastic.

Kain just looked at him and then smiled at Aidou's word.

Then after a 10 minutes Kain saw a two children he guess it's a kindergarten or grade 1 approaching them, then the two kids embraced Aidou like they didn't see Aidou for so many years.

"How's the school, sweeties?" Aidou asked his voice is sweet.

"It's great my classmates are good to us" the kid said.

"To you they are good, to me they're not good" the other kid said then he pouts.

"Why they're not good to you?" Aidou said concerned.

"I don't know" the kid said as he cried.

"Okay that's enough don't cry anymore" Aiodu said as he put his hand at the back of the kid and he patted it.

Kain witnessed how Aidou cherished this kids and how adorable he is; now he love Aidou even more.

"Who are you?" the other kid said.

"Sweeties, this is Kain Akatsuki he's the friend of Zero's husband" Aidou said.

"Hello! My name is Hanari and the other one who's crying is my twin brother Hanaru" Hanari said.

"Nice to meet you" Kain said.

"They're my kids" Aidou said.

After Kain heard that his world shattered into many pieces and he panicked and thought 'what my princess has a lover, what should I do?'

"They're mom left them to me when they are babies but still these twins are my biological son." Aidou said.

Kain sighed in relief

"Sweeties let's go" Aidou said as he hold the hands of the twins and walked back to the house.

While they're walking the twins are looking at Kain as if he came from the outer space, then Kain looked back to twins.

"Dad, why this person is with us? What his relationship to you?" Hanari said.

"Hanari, his just a friend" Aidou said.

"Hanari-kun, I'm not just a friend of your future father I'm his suitor" Kain said.

"Suitor? That means you will snatch away my dad?" Hanari said.

"No I will not do that Hanari-kun I can be your father" Kain said.

"Wait a minute. Who told you I will be your spouse?"

"Me" Kain said confidence to his word and Aidou just sighed.

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