Dean was sitting in the dark motel room, pouring more whiskey into his empty glass. He'd been doing this for a while now and the bottle was almost empty now, as well as his glass.

"Damn it." Cursing he threw the bottle against the wall, where it crashed and shattered to the floor in tiny pieces. Dean was drunk alright, but not nearly drunk enough to be able to deal with the situation he was in right now.

"Sammy." he whispered, staring at his phone, willing it to ring. The phone didn't comply. He'd been living like this for a few days now. No, living wasn't the right word, he was merely existing since Sam had gotten hurt.

A week ago they had hunted a ghost and something had gone terribly wrong. Dean hadn't seen what had happened, he had been in another room. But he had found his baby brother a few seconds after hearing a loud crash. The crash had been Sam falling to the ground and he hadn't gotten up again. He'd been unconscious and badly hurt.

Since Dean hadn't been able to get Sam to wake up, he had taken him to the hospital. The doctors had done what they could, but they couldn't explain why Sam didn't wake up. They told Dean, that he'd just have to wait and give Sam time to come back on his own.

Dean hadn't wanted to accept that and he'd called Castiel for help. But there was nothing the angel could do. Just like the doctors he had told Dean that he had to be patient and give Sam time. So Dean was waiting and he hated it. He felt so helpless. At first he had stayed by Sam's side, convinced his brother would wake up any minute. He hadn't left the room, hadn't slept or eaten.

Finally the nurses had been so worried about Dean that they had looked through his phone while he had dozed off for a few minutes and found Bobby's number. Bobby had come to the hospital at once and had threatened to shoot Dean in the leg and put him in the hospital bed next to Sam, if Dean didn't get out of the hospital for some food and rest. Dean had decided it was better to listen to Bobby and had left with the promise of getting a call as soon as Sam's condition changed.

A few days later he was still waiting for that call. Bobby had gone back home again and Dean had promised to let him know when Sam woke up. But Dean wasn't allowed to stay with Sam outside the visiting hours anymore. The nurses would just call Bobby again if he tried.

That was the reason why Dean was sitting alone in a dark motel room, drinking whiskey and beer. The room was littered with empty bottles and quite a few burger wrappers. Dean didn't care about this. He finished the rest of his whiskey and looked at his phone again.

"Come on, you stupid thing, ring, dammit." he all but yelled at the phone. He very much wanted to throw something else at the wall, but there were no bottles in his immediate reach and so he just repeatedly banged his fist on the table until his hand hurt. The pain was good, he felt like he deserved to hurt, because he hadn't prevented Sam from getting hurt.

Suddenly the soft sound of wings interrupted him in his self-punishment. Dean turned around and looked straight into a pair of piercing blue eyes.

"Cas, what are you doing here?" he asked the angel in a tired voice.

"Hello, Dean. How are you?" Castiel asked as he continued to stare into Dean's eyes.

"I'm just great, Cas. What do you think?" he snapped sarcastically. Cas tilted his head to the side, looking at the hunter with a puzzled expression, as he tried to think through the contradiction between Dean's words and his tone and make sense of it all.

"How is Sam?" he asked finally, deciding not to answer Dean's earlier question.

"He's still in a coma. There's been no change. The doctors don't know when or if he'll wake up." Dean answered, sounding serious and dispirited.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Dean. I wish there was something I could do to help him." the angel said quietly and reached out to touch the hunter's shoulder. Dean jerked away from Cas' touch and got up from his chair to stand in front of the window.

Cas was still standing in the same spot where he had arrived in the first place. Now he turned around to keep watching Dean. The hunter just stared out into the dark, not saying anything. His shoulders were hunched and he looked defeated. It was hard for Castiel to see Dean suffer like this, but there wasn't much he could do to help.

He moved over to stand next to Dean, not trying to touch him again this time. He just wanted to be there for him. "Sam is very strong. He'll make it. He will wake up." Cas told Dean, convinced of what he was saying.

"Thanks Cas. I know he will. It's just hard to see him like that." Dean quietly answered and turned to give the angel a small, though sad, smile. It was true. He did believe that Sam would be okay. But it also really helped him to know that Cas believed the same thing. He didn't even feel like destroying things anymore, Castiel's presence had calmed him a little bit.

Without another word he turned away from the window and sat down heavily on the bed. With a sigh he lay down on his side on the lumpy mattress and pulled his knees up to his chest. Curled up like this he closed his eyes and tried to rest. But even though he was feeling calmer now, sleep still wouldn't come. He was still too worried, too upset, too angry at himself.

Without opening his eyes he suddenly knew that Castiel was standing right beside the bed. Then he could hear a very faint and soft rustling and he felt completely safe all of a sudden. Now he did open his eyes but there was nothing there for him to see. He just felt warm and safe and all his worries seemed far away. And, even though he couldn't see them, he knew that Castiel had extended his wings around him to shield him from the world for a while. He couldn't say how he knew, he just did.

And so Dean fell asleep, cocooned in Castiel's wings and he peacefully rested for a few hours, seeing the angel's wings wrapped all around him in his dreams. They didn't appear to be completely solid, more like being made of light and energy in addition to the black feathers. The wings were very large, even now when they were partly folded to fit around Dean.

They were absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring and Dean smiled in his sleep, happy that he was allowed to see this, even though it was just a dream. They looked perfect on Cas. In his dreamy state he hope that some he would be able to see those wings in reality, not just in a dream or those ghostly shadows Cas had shown him before.

The angel stayed there, next to Dean, for the entire night, gladly giving Dean this little bit of comfort. He pulled his wings even closer around the sleeping hunter, almost touching him. It was all he could do to help, just be there for Dean and offer him some measure of peace. And he would continue doing that for as long as Dean needed it, at least until Sam was out of the hospital.

So, I'm really fascinated by Cas' wings (totally hot), so I wrote this little fic which includes wings. This turned out a little more angsty and less sexy than I had intended, but I'm thinking about adding more chapters to this, just to write more about Cas' wings. Let me know what you think. Reviews always make me very happy :)