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This story was inspired by a fic called 'Second Chances changes nothing and everything' By a writer named Suiri. I just put a different spin on it and made it about Goku and Chi chi rather than Buma and Vegeta.

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Another burst of light flew across space. It could be seen light-years away but it could not be heard because well it was space, and too far from any mortal souls in any direction, but if any mortal could hear it, they would not know what to think of this mind blowing electrical storm, how to fathom the massive explosive power that took place out in this vast endless void.

No one would be able to comprehend that these bursts of magnificent immeasurable forces were caused by actual beings that were just having what they revered to as a simple sparing match. For these beings were on a whole other level from any mortal or from even most immortals. They were infinite in every way imaginable and even in some ways unimaginable.


However they were far from perfect and one of these eternal creatures just made a grave mistake when his blast accidentally obliterated an entire galaxy when it missed his opponent.

There was once a time when this immortal being would lament and become utterly distraught at the prospect of killing so many innocents with his destructive power however this time all he did in response was bashfully stare at where said galaxy once was, rub the back of his neck with his hand in embarrassment and utter a simple, "Oops."

His opponent stopped what he was doing to look at his friend's handiwork. He choose to see this as a good moment for a time out to see what could be done about the situation.

"No worries. I got it." He said as if the problem was nothing more than just spilt milk.

The being's eyes glowed a fire engine red and within only an instant the galaxy that had just been turned to dust was back to the way it was as if nothing had happened at all.

You see this was not the first time they had accidently destroyed something very important with their abilities but with the power that they had, fixing it was no more difficult than batting an eye.

Since they had taken this time out, the first being made a point to ask a question that had just struck his mind. "How long have we been at this for? In earth time I mean?"

It took the second being a moment to think of the answer. It would be so much easier if his friend were not still using measurements systems like time from earth. Seriously time meant nothing to these creatures, but the man insisted that as long as he shall exist, earth would be his favorite of all the hundreds of thousands of planets. It wasn't as if the second eternal being hated earth, it was just a little bothersome to have to be so specific as to use one planet's time system out of all of them.

"Well." He came up with the answer after some thought. "I'd say it has just been about… A few years, I suppose."

The first being flinched at the answer. He had thought it had only been a few months that they had been sparing for. That was the problem with being an eternal being, time was endless. It meant nothing to him. There was no need to keep track, however it did mean something to his friends and family whom he really should have visited sooner.

It was just like him to loose track of time while fighting and forget to see them.

He turned to the second eternal being. "Hey do you mind if we pick this up latter, Shenron? I think it would be a good time to go visit some old friends.

The being known as Shenron merely nodded in response. "Very well Son Goku."

Goku put two fingers to his head; geared up for instant transmission, and pondered as to whom he should go to see. He had the power to teleport to anyplace in the universe and any dimension as well. He had to go to his friends because they lacked said abilities. They were rooted to whatever dimension they were in.

"Let's see. He could see his granddaughter Pan and her Grandson Goku Jr on earth in the world of the living, but he went to visit them last time. There were also his two sons and his friends who were training with king kai. He'd loved to see how their training was progressing, and then there was his wife and other friends like Bulma in Heaven. They were the one's he hadn't seen in the longest time. He knew they would be mad for forgetting to drop by after so long and if he put it off for too long they would just get madder.

Chi chi and Bulma it was then.

In a mere instant he was gone from the reaches of space only to reappear in a flowered meadow with clear skies above him. This was heaven and only a few feet away from him, floated the blue haired women he had known from childhood.

Her face was young again, choosing to take the form she had in her early thirties in life, however now she had a halo above her head and her legs were replaced by a ghostly tail, not too far from her was Videl. Her body was in a similar condition, looking as it once did when she was young but now without legs and a halo.

At fist they stared a their old friend in shock, startled by his unexpected appearance. But just as quickly as Goku had come, Bulma's face contorted into something of an angry expression.

"Well if it isn't Mr. 'I've got the power to go wherever I want but don't want to use it!'" She spat at the man while she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Aw come on Bulma. I'm sorry. I lost track of time sparing with Shenron." He sheepishly replied.

Bulma continued to huff. "Ever since you've become an eternal being those dragons are all you ever want to hang out with. I thought that when you hopped on that overgrown lizard's back all those earth years ago, You'd have the power to do just about anything you want, I guess you're just too cool for us now!"

Technically it was true, not the being too cool for his old friends thing, the thing she said about having power. That day all those years ago when he vanished on Shenron's back changed everything. He was officially apart of the club of eternal beings. He became an immortal with the power to go wherever he wanted, take any age he wanted, even grant wishes, although he still felt he needed more practice with that. All that power was hard to control, which is why he got to go to the dragon realm and train with all of them to learn the ropes of it all. He was the first non-dragon to ever achieve this honor. From that day forth he was the Eternal Saiyan.

Too bad none of this impressed Bulma. To her he'd always be that little kid she found in the woods and no amount of power he could obtain could change that.

Goku gave an awkward chuckle. Boy, if Bulma was chewing him out this bad for such a long absence, he didn't want to think of how his wife would react. That reminded him. Where was she? He was hoping she would be willing to cook him up something good. They may not need food to survive anymore but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the taste of his wife's cooking.

He voiced his thoughts "Hey Where's Chi chi."

The two women just gaped at the man like he had asked the strangest question and then they looked away, as if considering how to answer. AS if it was painful for them to elaborate

He didn't understand their silences at all. His smile disappeared and his face showed evident confusion.

Videl chose to break the silence. The man needed to know even if it was awkward news to give. "Goku, I… I really don't know how to tell you this, but… Chi chi is… is gone… It happened years ago. It was just her time. I'm so sorry but she's… not in heaven anymore… I'm sorry"

Goku gave her a funny look as his confusion increased. She was already dead. What was Videl talking about?

"I don't understand." He replied "What are you talking about?"

Videl looked the man in the eye as she explained. "It was her time to be reincarnated. We don't know where she is…But she's not Chi chi anymore… I… I'm sorry." She spoke as if the man had just become a widower.

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