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Chi entered her home like any ordinary day but upon entering she received a very unordinary greeting. Her mother surprised her by throwing confetti right into her face like she was celebrating something. There was even a homemade cake on the table. Chi was completely stunned.

"Uh, momma? What is this?"

"Oh I have been waiting for you to get home so I could surprise you! Baby, I am so proud of you! I even took the evening off from both my jobs so we could celebrate!" Her mother was all aglow, just radiating with excitement and happiness.

Chi was still very confused. "What s this all about?"

Her mother rushed over to the kitchen table picked up a letter and then rushed right back to her. She quickly shoved the letter into her stunned daughter's hands and replied, "Why your scholarship of coarse! I found this in the mailbox today! It's thick so I'm sure that's a good sign! Oh baby I knew that if you didn't get one, you'd find another! This is the lucky one I can feel it!"

Chi gaped at the letter. It looked like it was addressed from one of those big fancy scholarship funds but after she had lost out on that big one a while back she was sure that was it. What could have sent this one?

"Well don't keep me in suspense anymore, baby! I've been waiting all this time for you to come home and open it! Now open it!" Her mother was practically jumping up and down like and excited toddler just waiting to know the contents of the letter.

Wanting answers herself Chi carefully proceeded to open it. As her eyes scanned the pages her confusion turned to shocked realization.

Yes it did look like a professional scholarship, it awarded her exactly what she would need however this was like no other scholarship she had ever seen. It had apparently just opened up to students. A very rich lawyer named Firmsby had just started it recently and there was only one person who entered it. A young man named Mr. Son who had apparently entered it in Chimerra's name. At the very end of the professionally typed paper there was Mr. Robert Firmsby's signature and a little hand written message that read:

I know after everything that has happened I have no right to offer you anything but here is some advice; when you get to college find yourself a better boyfriend.

She understood what was going on but for the sake of her still trembling with excitement mother, she would let it slide for tonight. She looked up at her mom with a big smile.

"I got it!"

Chi had asked Goku over the phone to stop by her apartment building over 15 minutes ago. What was taking him so long? With his powers he should have been there 15 minutes ago. She had something very important to discuss with him. She had been doing a lot of thinking lately and had come to a very important decision.

The young woman stood in front of her building tapping her foot against the sidewalk pavement in anticipation when he finally flew in, landing right in front of her.

"Hey Chi!" He smiled at her but she said nothing. Goku gulped. She looked mad.

"Goku I got a letter today from my father. "

His face flushed slightly. "Uh, y-you did?"

"Yes. He subtly apologized for what he did to me and my mom and offered me money in the form of a scholarship."

"Uh well that's great. Are you gonna take it?"

"I think so. I didn't have the heart to tell my mom the truth about it and I already told her I would accept it. He generally does seem sorry. I'm not quite ready to forgive him just yet but as long as I don't have to see him I can slowly consider it since he's trying to make amends, and to be honest if I really want to follow my dreams I can't be too picky over matters like this. I might change my mind and send the money back but for right now. I'm in a really good place and it puts me in a good considering mood." She explained.

Goku thought that he was in the clear until her eyes suddenly narrowed and she asked him, "In the letter it hinted that he knew you. Have you met my father before?"

"W-What? No of coarse not! I've Never even heard of Robert Firmsby and even if I did how would I find him? I don't even know how to work one of those computer box thingies! Stop asking silly questions! Heh heh!"

Chi could tell before he even opened his mouth to answer that he was lying as she watched him fluster about failing to cover his tracks. He was the one who filled her father in on her situation and the truth was that she was okay with that. If it had been anyone else who had done that she would have told them to mind their own business. But since he would be apart of her family from now on she supposed it would be his business in a way.

That's right. She admitted it. She was in love with this man. She realized it when she saw him walk in on her beating up her ex. This whole time she was afraid of the person she was going to become if she gave into those feelings. For so long she had been just fine with the person that she was. A hard working girl, trying her best to please the ones she loved and get to where she wanted to go in life and Chi was just so afraid of change because she didn't know what she would become if she had chosen him but that night she knew what that person would be. She'd like herself even more

Thinking of Goku is what gave her the strength to stand up and face her fear. Thanks to him she accepted herself for what she was and was ready to become a better person on her own terms not because someone else wanted her to be better in a certain way. She was happy with Goku and maybe she didn't know what would eventually become of her if she chose to be with him but why deny something that makes her an all around happier and better person?

The man was crazy, childish, and metaphorically punched the laws of physics in the face on an hourly basis, but she was in love with him and it was past time she gave into those feelings.

Giving Goku a stern look that truly scared him, Chi was ready to make a deal. "Goku!"

"Ah! What?" He stood up a little straighter, waiting to get it!

"I have three conditions! The first is that I will always be listened to and treated with respect! If this starts to turn into something bad like my last boyfriend, I'm outta here and I reserve the right to leave without you following me to try and change my mind!"

That was no problem. She could already tell that Goku wasn't the type to turn on the one's he cared about. She could just feel that about him. Still she had to put it out there. For Goku, he didn't understand why that was part of the conditions. It was just a given. He had never nor could he ever do wrong by Chi. He'd never raise a hand to purposely hurt her. He could never even find it in him to raise his voice to her.

"The second condition is that this relationship will not interfere with my future goals! I'll play mommy for your family for a while but I will finish college and have a successful career. This cannot and will not get in the way of that!" Goku nodded. Once again it sounded reasonable. She deserved to follow her dreams. She had always let him follow his.

"The final condition is that you help me move. I have a lot of heavy stuff that I want to bring with me when it's time to start school and it's a pain to do it by myself!" That one Goku was a little confused about. Did she mean move in with him or move into a dorm room for when her school began its first semester? In fact what was this whole conditions list even for? Did this all mean what he hoped it meant?

"Okay then." She simply stated.


"Okay as in I'm ready to be your girl, and when the fall semester starts, I'll move in with you and GJ."

An enormous smile burst across Goku's face. "Alright!"

His smile was too infectious. She had to start smiling too.

One year later.

Chi put GJ's report card up on the refrigerator next to her's. She beamed happily at them both. They both got strait A's. "Look at that GJ. We're the A team." She giggled.

"Hey Chi? Now that the school year is over can we go out and spend the summer training now please?" Goku pleaded as he sat at the kitchen table. He had been waiting all summer for Goku Jr. to get out of school so that they can train together. Sure they trained after school when he was done with all of the studying Chi made him do and in the mean time he would spend his time seeing his friends in various worlds but now that school had been let out for both Chi and Goku Jr. now was the time he could really intensify his great, great grandson's training.

"Well I suppose if GJ. Really wants to-"

"YES!" The boy yelled cutting her off. After all of the studying grandma Chi had made him do he wanted nothing more than to spend the summer taking a break by training with his grandpa Goku.

"Oh alright. You two have fun. I need to get a jumpstart on cleaning the breakfast dishes."

Chi truly had a great life. She never dreamed it could get this good. Her relationship with her father was still shaky at best and it didn't help that the man hated Goku. Apparently they had a bad first meeting or something, but she could remember a time when she hated the thought of having a relationship with her father at all so things were better. Her mother was only given vague details about her relationship with Goku, nothing specific. Chi had told her that she was living in a nice place off campus and that she had a great boyfriend. She failed to mention that she was living with him but she'd take this one thing at a time. She knew that she wanted to introduce Goku to her sometime over the summer break so her mother could get to know him better. She loved her mom and the last thing that Chi wanted was for her to hate her man the same way her father did because of misunderstandings, so they would approach this carefully.

Sure it was hard keeping up with the Son family. Cooking for them was a challenge cleaning up after them was no picnic but for some odd reason she couldn't keep a smile off of her face.

Goku and GJ were just about to run out of the house to go have fun training but before they left in a dash they quickly said a good bye to Chi.

"Thanks! see you!" GJ quickly said before giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

Goku followed suit. Also giving his woman a kiss on the same cheek. "Love you! Bye!"

As they dashed out the door the last thing they heard from her was, "Love you too! Have a great day!" She put a hand onto her belly, knowing it was still too early to feel the baby kick but she'd like to imagine it was considering how strong his or her father was. She was sure that the little guy would take after the rest of the Son family.

Goku knew it would be a great day. He couldn't possibly wish for his life to get any better and the best part of it was knowing there was someone to share it with.

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