Dragonball Villains: Twisted

(This is a seperate DBZ universe to Shinimi. These have no relation with Shinimi and Co. in anyway.)

This is actually the story about several villains and the hidden moments no hero has ever seen. Just because they are bad guys doesn't mean they have a peaceful life and are free to do whatever they please until the hero defeats them. It takes more then blood and sweat to make them run wild, it takes soul, tears and even a broken heart.

Watch Yami and her little sister Ying as they travel to gain their wish of conquering the world, working with the awful Pilaf and his two minions Shu and Mai, make new allies such as Tamborine, Drum and Cymbal, and meet the feared Demon King Piccolo as they crawl their way to win their dreams, whether its the world they want, discovering who they really are, or simply to win someone's heart...