Chapter 12: What Yami Does

Yami did not realise the time of the day until they returned to the Pilaf Airship. One second, the sky overhead was an azure blue of a hot summer day, but now it was replaced with a cool, velvety purple. It took Yami a second to realise that it was coming night-time already. The sun was no longer bright and was gone from all eyes. The moon was only a mere slice of white in the air, and Yami breathed in the sweet cool air, the temperature of a summer's night.

When Yami, Ying, Tambourine and Cymbal returned to the top decks of the Pilaf Air-ship, Tambourine and Cymbal left to hide the mysterious body of the man into Yami and Ying's room. Yami's eyes turned to the glass globe, the main-room, and she saw the silhouette of Demon King Piccolo's throne and the Demon King himself-

"Ying! Yang!"

Luckily, Tambourine and Cymbal were gone by the time Yami and Ying heard their names, and beside them was a very disgruntled Pilaf. Ying trembled for a moment, but Yami's face set hard, her body stood still and didn't even turn her head to meet Pilaf's eyes. "I need a word with you two," The sternness in Pilaf's voice sounded funny, as is was such a rare thing to see, but Ying and Yami didn't express any slight of humour. "You have a lot to explain yourselves,"

Ying, being more respectful, turned to face Pilaf in attention. Yami didn't move, only her eyes set hard on Pilaf. "I'll start with the easy one," Pilaf commented, turning to Ying. "Where have you been?"

"I was out, sire…"

"Doing what?"

"I was…just out…doing my own business," Ying replied in a small voice.

"Your own business?" Pilaf repeated flatly. "Ying, I thought I ordered you to not leave the premises of the air-ship. Why have you disobeyed me?" Pilaf asked. Ying swallowed, and looked at Yami. "Don't look at her," Pilaf snapped. "Tell me,"

"Pilaf, you're scaring her," Yami murmured. Pilaf ignored his agent. Ying trembled. And a silence fell before them. The cool wind swept their hair around their faces, but they stood still.

"Now, Ying, I want you to answer me straight," Pilaf said slowly. "I want to you tell me what this little business you've been doing,"

"Pilaf-" Yami began, but Pilaf held a hand out to shut her up, without taking his gaze of Ying. Ying said nothing. Pilaf waited, and then he let out a deep sigh, folding his arms.

"Fine then, if you're gonna be that way-"

"They were helping with the Demon King's men, sire," A voice chimed from nowhere. Pilaf looked up. So did Yami and Ying. Yami felt her face darkened angrily to see the pretty figure of Mai walking out of the shadows from under the decks. She walked slowly behind Pilaf, her arms folded, and her smug smirk ran over her sweet, round face, her eyes fixed onto Yami for a reaction. She got none. Pilaf faced her.

"Hmm, Mai, you saw them?"

Mai nodded at Pilaf.

"Oh yes, sire. I wanted to report it to you, but you were too busy with Demon King Piccolo." Her eyes lifted up to Yami. "His Majesty was not at all pleased with your invasion of the main-room,"

"Neither am I!" Pilaf hissed angrily. Ying gasped, amazed to hear that Yami has been in the Main-Room without permission. So, she finally met the Demon King himself? "Why have you intruded the room Yami?"

"I wasn't intruding-"

"You entered the room without my permission!" Pilaf piped up, cutting Yami. "You entered the room without my permission, therefore you must be punished."

"No, you won't!"

Yami blinked. Pilaf and Mai looked taken back too, and they all turned to Ying. "No! You won't!" She said, louder, her face becoming childishly defiant. Yami blinked, surprised of her younger sister's reaction.

"What did you just say?" Pilaf hissed slowly.

"You!" Cried Ying, pointing an accusing finger at Pilaf, then moving it towards Mai. "Or you. One of you is going to tell us everything, and tell us now!"

Everyone fell coldly silent. But Yami could see the fright in Ying's eyes. Seeing it made Yami see her younger self, after the destruction of her home-planet. She was once confused, and afraid, and didn't know who to trust; and she couldn't begin to get to her feet back under her until she had solid ground to stand on. But before they could even start to get into more trouble, they needed answers. Yami's featured hardened and her eyes moved to Pilaf for his come-back. It was Mai who broke the silence.

"How dare you speak to the Emperor in such a manner!" Mai snapped, stepping towards Ying. But a figure blocked Mai's way, and she lifted her eyes up to see a dark face.

"And how dare you speak to his dark Majesty in such a manner, Mai!" Yami roared at Mai's face. That was when Yami blew up, for the first time in front of Pilaf and Mai, and her face was suddenly a sinister mask of shifting shadows in the moonlight in the night sky around them. This time, Yami had had enough of suffering in silence! "Yes! I was in that very room when Demon King Piccolo sensed the near-death of Cymbal! You spoke in such a manner that even sickened me! I totally understand the sense of a lost, love one, and you guys have no fucking clue! You fools actually believe that you know everything! You know fuck-all! I lost my home-planet, and for what? Nothing! Ying is clueless to who she really is and Demon King Piccolo is an immense character you MUST NOT mess with, as well as me! Speak to my little sister, His Majesty or me in such a way and I promise you, my Wrath will destroy everything you own…" Then Yami added in a low hiss. "…including you own body and soul…"

Pilaf shuddered for a moment, unbelieving what Yami has just spat out. Mai stepped away from Yami, unmistakable fright on her face. Ying stood behind Yami, feeling safe. Pilaf felt his life frozen. All of a sudden, he saw the same angry facial expression Demon King Piccolo had pulled not so long ago. It was as if he was speaking to him again in another form. He shuddered again, more violently, the embarrassed heat in his face gathered.

Then, there was a sharp click and Ying jumped back and a scream erupted past her lips to the air. Yami looked up to see that Mai had pulled out a dull, grey machine, pointing it at Yami. It was a Pistol. Yami cocked an eyebrow, and Ying screamed at the sight of it, knowing the dangers of it. But Yami, frighteningly, seemed to look calm at it. "Really, is that it?" Yami murmured, a little calmer but still acid-tongued. Her black Saiyan tail whipped around slowly, moving around Yami's waist automatically and it tightened, forming some sort of belt around her waist. Her black trench-coat billowed in the soft gales.

"I'll kill you, because I am sick and tired of you!" Mai hissed sharply.

"I could kill you with just one hand. I don't depend of a weapon. That is a sign of weakness." Yami smirked slowly, and Pilaf watched as it seemed to grow into something huge, like a massive nightmare he feared once as a child. He watched the smirk stretched across her face, her eyes flashed darkly. "Mai…what are you…? I am a blood-bred warrior and you…you're just human…"

"Shut up!" Mai screamed in hurt. Yami laughed darkly, it was a low, sullen thing and Ying suddenly saw Yami as a dark stranger, a true murderous fiend born to hurt and antagonise people.

"Why are you being like this, Yang?" Pilaf cried out, raging. Yami's eyes turned to Pilaf, piercing him.

"It's what I do," came the sharp reply, and Yami turned to Mai. "Go on…shoot me. I thought you wanted to kill me. Go on, I dare you!"

"Yami, no!" Ying screamed, tears sheening her eyes. Why was Yami acting in such an animalistic manner? Was Yami simply too blind with a cold rage to realise what she was doing?

"Fine then! Goodbye, Alien!" Mai screamed in ire and she pulled hard onto the trigger. Ying saw, her eyes widened and tears slid down her face without hesitation. There was a loud BA-DAM! in the air and Ying screamed. Then Ying heard Yami laugh. She clapped her hands over her eyes and screamed…

Then nothing.

There was a long pause, and then Ying slowly looked up, hearing a small noise merging in the darkness of the night. It was Yami. She was laughing, cold and malicious. Ying slowly looked up to see…what? Yami was still standing. No sight of blood was seen. Not even a hole was pierced through her trench-coat, or body. Yami had a closed fist in front of her face and a dark smirk plastered on her face, her disturbing eyes fixed onto Mai and Pilaf. Pilaf's eyes were as wide as saucers, and they spoke of unimaginable fright. Mai's face was white, all of her blood drained out of her face in shock. Overwhelmed in horror, the gun slipped out of Mai's hand and it clashed against the wooden floorboards before her feet. Ying pondered what has happened, and then she looked at Yami again, suddenly thinking what Yami must have done.

As if to prove the young girl right, Yami's hand slowly moved and she held out a small object between her index finger and thumb.

Ying's heart stopped. It was a bullet. Mai and Pilaf were speechless. Yami was able to catch a bullet?

Now, they felt nothing but vast fear filling their bodies, frozen on the spot. Yami truly was alien and a true monster. Then Yami's hand slowly moved towards Mai, her gaze unmovable from Pilaf and Mai, looking into their worst fears. "I told you Mai…you're just human. I, I am the most powerful race in the Universe. I am a Saiyan Warrior, and I take no shit from anyone…" She bent her thumb behind the bullet and paused, her smile died away instantly.

"I'd move if I were you…" Yami said firmly. Mai shuddered on the spot for a moment, her face stuck onto Yami, still struck in utter dread of Yami's catch. When she saw the corner of Yami's mouth tug into a dark smirk, she screamed and ducked. In that instant, Yami flicked the bullet and Ying only managed to breathe in when she saw the bullet Yami flicked fly over Mai, and it pierced through the metal railing bar behind her clean, perfectly through the middle of it. Ying's mouth dropped open, and she took a step back. If Mai didn't move, Yami would have killed her instantly. Yami's smile vanished, and she dropped her hand back to her side. "Now, that I finally got your attention, I'll explain." She paused. "Ying was nowhere to be seen because she was working in the bottom-decks, a place you have never been before, Pilaf. As you observed earlier on, I left the area via the back window after hearing His Majesty's stress, and Ying happened to follow me. So, Ying didn't nothing wrong. She simply followed me. She was curious, so I should be punished."

Ying blinked. Yami just suddenly took the entire burden of Ying's troubles on her shoulders. Yet, Ying said nothing to stop her. Pilaf's face soon melted into his normal, stern expression, as if nothing has happened.

"Very well, then," His voice quivered slightly and he turned to Mai. "Mai, take Yang to the chambers. Lock her away until I see fits,"

"Yes, Emperor," Mai replied slowly, walking towards Yami, but then she was very unsure if she even wanted to touch Yami. She was starting to see Yami's true colours, and so was Ying. Yami turned away from Mai and Mai slowly gripped on Yami's shoulder, as if she was burning lava. Ying stared as Yami looked at Ying, and she gave her a small smile as if to say 'its okay, you're safe'.

When Yami and Mai were gone, Pilaf told Ying to leave and to return to her bedroom. Ying remembered that Tambourine and Cymbal might be in the room, along with that mysterious man. So Ying hurried down, trying to calm her mounting eagerness, and rushed back into her room.

But no one realised that Demon King Piccolo and Piano were watching them all the long…