Hey Guys hope you enjoy this!

First day back at school and luckily Summer had most of her favourite lessons. Science, English (Which aint so bad if your a word nerd like her!) Music, Technology and Art. In that exact order. She walked into Science and stood where everyone else was. They were moving seats,again. And there was a new boy in the class. Cute, Hot and gorgeous are my three words to describe him. Thought Summer.Wonder what his name is... "Liam, you will sit over at the far end, Summer, you will sit next to him." At the teachers words Liam stepped forward and at the back of the class on a table of quickly sat next to him and grabbed her book out of her bag.

"Hey." Said Liam. His voice was really low and looked up from my book and gazed at him.

"Hey," She replied. "Im Summer."

"Nice name! My names Liam." He smiled a really cute half smile. The teacher began talking and then handed out microscopes. Summer and Liam automatically began working. He passed her a pen to write down some notes and their hands brushed against each looked up into his gentle green eyes and felt her heart flutter. He half smiled again and let go of the pen. She wrote some stuff in her book and then changed slides and stared into the eyepiece. She looked out again, smiled and wrote it in her book. Liam took a glance and wrote some notes down. "Finished? He asked, watching her put her pen lid on and looked up.

"Yep."She said happily. We exchanged a grin and began to pack up.

"So what English set are you in?" Liam said while we put the stuff away.

"Set a word nerd." She smiled sheepishly.

"Me too! Ive always found it one of the easiest subjects." He smiled.

"Yeah same."

"So do you wanna walk together?" He asked, not looking up.

"Oh ok." And with that they walked out.