Foreman and Thirteen:From A to Z
Ch.1 Awkward
Set after 7x19 The Last Temptation (directly after)
I don't own House.
This will be a series of 26 chapters exploring the relationship between Foreman and Thirteen through Season 7 as I see it. I really hope the writers don't put Chase and Remy together its going to crush me. lol I hope you like.

Things had been weird ever since Thirteen had arrived. She and House had a secret and the lies were getting outrageous and insulting. Taub or Chase didn't care, they were just happy to have her back. Foreman had been worried sick for a year: calling all the people he knew had connections in Rome and hitting dead end after dead end. He thought they were friends now after everything but she lied, avoided calls and never contacted him. That was why he hadn't welcomed her back like the others, he had missed her more than that. He thought she was dead and he needed to know where she had been. Things had been awkward to say the least. She never answered him and in true Remy fashion, avoided anything of substance if it was about her. He had been trying to pry for the past two days subtly. Now the case was finally over Eric thought of what to say now as he retrieved his things out his locker then decided just to give up. If she didn't want to tell him maybe it was for a reason. Seriously why make things more awkward, he was already working with his ex. Remy meant a lot to him and even if no one else knew the two of them knew they were perfect together. House may think he was a robot but he loved Remy more than any woman he'd ever known. He wasn't trying to control her, just comfort.


Remy had just gotten out of a broom closet with House. As much as he wished it were for a quickie it was to yell at him so more for telling everyone she was dealing with alcoholism. That had always been the least of her problems. She watched Masters walk down the hallway like she was Mary Tyler Moore or something. Then she tripped over House's chicken. Thirteen sputtered a laugh aloud and covered her mouth as she watched from afar. That girl was beyond awkward. She walked into the locker room and went straight to hers. Foreman was right there at his pretending not to see her. She smirked."So another one bites the dust?"She asked breaking the silence but not doing a thing for tension between him."Masters..."He laughed."That girl is weird but she's smart and has morals, its quite a lost. I can't believe she pulled that. She was really becoming one of us."He said. Somehow after all there things were gathered they had fell into step together. "Yeah too bad she has a conscience."Thirteen said faking disappointment. Chase and Taub ran into them. This was awkward."Where ya headed roomie?"Taub asked obnoxiously. Remy gave a weird smirk."I'm headed home. Where are you headed over extended guest?"He asked."We were head out for..."Chase stopped mid-sentence, he didn't want to make Remy feel out of place."Oh its fine, I can hear the word bar Chase, grow a pair okay?"She gave an uncomfortable laugh."Want to join?"He asked Eric. Eric looked at Remy. He knew she wasn't an alcoholic."Yeah, you want to come too you know they have good burgers. It could be our way of welcomimg you back?" Remy scratched her head . she wanted a shot so bad. She deserved one after her day. And as reclusive as she appeared , she want to hang with the guys. "Yeah, it'll be good to see how far I've come." She said looking at her feet hoping they bought the emotion she conjured up. The all gave hopeful nods and exited the hospital. Remy rubbed her neck. She still felt so weird around Eric. She had smoldered most of her feelings from him but she was such a mess mentally there was no telling what she really felt. She knew he was judging her wanting to save her and she didn't want that. She just wanted to mourn her brother's death alone and punish herself for killing him. She didn't deserve Foreman's sympathy or his love. It was something she wanted so bad, it got her through bad times, the lowest days of her life. She knew she would have to deal with things with him. Part of her just wanted to ignore him completely but it wasn't easy. She never expected he would be like this, demanding, and now he was trying to smoke out House's lie. She went to car. This was going to be beyond akward. "Why did I have to crap where I ate?"She asked hitting her steering wheel and shaking her head.