Life had been good for Foreman. He was seeing a girl, nothing serious. He was hanging with Chase and Thirteen regularly just not them as a couple. It was still

hard for him to process them as a "couple" and even harder to be at peace with it . They had become close now. He was happy Chase had moved on from

Cameron and he was glad Remy was... well he wasn't ready to say she moved on, he was her last serious relationship.

He wanted to think he had an affect on her life and she still loved him, even though everyday she and Chase grew closer it seemed like they were never apart of

each other lives. She was happy, carefree and reckless with Chase. He couldn't help but think he was too structured, too overbearing and that's what she never

wanted. She was young, maybe she wanted to just have fun, more fun than he gave her life. He was always thinking of her even when they were hanging out as

friends, especially when he was shooting down her ideas in differentials and every night before he went to bed he wished she was at his side. He felt like every

angsty teen in those cookiecutter movies, in love with his best friends girlfriend, knowing she was perfect for him. House made it awkward, a lot. He was still

miserable but everyone suspected he was seeing someone, even Cuddy was interested in who the mystery woman was. Eric just decided to ignore his feelings,

focus on work, coaching and his future.


Remy laughed as she drove."Just ask me Chase."She insisted as he laughed, he was buzzed and acting silly. Robert took a breath."We should have a threesome,

with that girl you used to see."He said. "You know your blond friend with the piercing in her face."He said in that classic Australian accent , his breath heard in

every word. Remy ignored how cute it was and felt her guts being wrenched by the words. The request bothered her on two levels. She was bisexual not a whore,

just because she was attracted to both men and women it did not mean she was just this sex maniac willing to do anything. Yeah, she liked strip clubs and flirting with strippers but that was both

sexes. She liked looking at women in public and men, she was not any different from anyone. She didn't like her sexuality

being exploited. Secondly sex was personal, it did not always have to be in confines of a bedroom but she believed that sex was between two people. Everyone

thought Thirteen was liberal but she was a prude in the slightest. Though she'd never admit , the suggestion made her feel inadequate, as if she were not enough.

She finally looked at Chase."There are a lot of things I have done and will do but thats not one them."She said as nicely as she could. Chase was stunned, mostly disapointed.

"Why not,?"He asked frowning. He was so charming he was only used to hearing yes."Drop it Chase."She said firmly but with a smirk so he wouldn't see she

was pissed. "Well I want to do something wild."He told her. She loved that about Chase, outside of PPH he was a wild man,

always doing something fun, silly or spontaneous. It was a change from Foreman, not as much as the intimacy and romance but it was a lot to be said for

and Chase devised a plan and ended the night with an adventure and no arrest.

Remy woke up the next morning, amazed at how she could sleep on such little sleep and still be rested. She liked her life. She only had a few years but she was

happy at how she was putting her life together into something she

was proud of. She had some slips, but overall she was proud of how things were turning out. She entered the hospital, Taub, Chase, and Foreman were there

going over cases. She joined in after making herself tea. "That will bore him."She said to Taub's suggestion. She hated they always had to disregard cases, if she

could she would have taken all of them. Being sick was no fun, but being sick and not knowing what was wrong had to be hell. Remy always hoped she would be

good enough to be a diagnostician, internal medicine was interesting but diagnostics was rewarding. She like puzzles but she liked people more.

A small part of her thought she could never do it, House and Foreman were untouchable ,

she never thought she could be as remarkable. Everyone else agreed. "This one is pretty good."Chase said sliding it to her. She nodded, it was the perfect puzzle,

maybe it would get him out of his mood. House came in with a smile. "Call the police, he murdered Cuddy."Taub said.

Foreman cackled as did everyone else. House rolled his eyes."I can't just be in a good mood?"He asked. After a moment of thought the team all agreed, no, not

without some torture or crime involved."Why are you happy?" Foreman asked."I plead the fifth robot."He said.

The day went on pretty uneventful. The case was interesting but not as interesting as House's good mood. He would not spill. Chase and Taub had a lead but

Remy's phone rang. She didn't know the number. "Dr. Hadley."She answered. "Hi Dr. Remy B. Hadley?"The woman asked. "Yes. "She said. "Hi this is

Amanda Reese calling in regards to your brother Michael Hadley. I was wondering if it were possible to meet with you today to discuss somethings."She said.

Remy raised a brow. She thought her dad had handled everything. Michael had been dead almost a year now."What time does your office close?"She asked.

Remy was told 7."Okay I'll be there by 6."She said and was given the address. "Who was that?"Eric asked."Just a reference for a friend."She lied quickly. He

nodded but as usual he read right through her. She was nervous for the duration of her shift. Michael's estate had be settled, she didn't know what this was about.

once it was time to leave she was the first one out. She put the address into her GPS and drove to location. She looked at the building."Social Services?"She

scoffed to herself. She parked her car and went into the building. Amanda Reese was a young, full-figured red-head, with pale skin waiting at the entrance. Remy

guessed she was the only person left in the building besides security. Her name tag identified her."Dr. Hadley?"She nodded"Mrs. Reese?"She asked."Yes please

come to take a seat in my office."She said leading her into her small office. Remy was nervous, she still wondered why she was here. The woman asked her for

i.d. and she showed her license. Remy rubbed her knee. A nervous habit."Okay so I'm the case worker for New Jersey Department of Social services. Your

brother, one Michael Hadley died nine months ago correct?"She asked with gentleness in her voice her eyes going back and forth from a file in her hand. Remy

nodded crossing her legs, not liking this at asked more questions to make sure it was the correct Michael Hadley. "What is this about ?"Remy finally said

showing she was distressed."Michael's ex-girlfriend died a few day ago."Remy blew a breath. What was did this have to do with the government? "His

daughter..."She stopped the woman right there. "Wait! My brother doesn't have any kids You have him mistaken with another Michael Hadley."She told her.

Mistakes happened so she wasn't upset but thinking about Michael was making her sick. "Well here is his name on the birth certificate. Remy rolled her

eyes. She was sure he didn't have any kids. She looked at the father's name, Michael Hadley, it could have easily been another Michael Hadley. Her eyes

wandered up. Lilly Beauregard Hadley. Remy's eyes welled with had a daughter. "Okay thats his daughter."She said giving the document back.

"Her mother Keisha Rhodes died Tuesday, she was in a car accident. From what the grandmother tells us Mr. Hadley paid child support, never missed a

payment , visited all the time until about a year ago, and established a college fund for her. "She told still was trying to process this. Why was she here if

the girl had a grandmother, problem solved. "You are this girl's only able, financially stable, living relative. Remy raised a brow."Her grandmother. You said she has

a grandmother."She said. "She's rather ill, and very low income."She told her. Remy sighed."She has no other relatives?"She asked. Amanda shook her head.

Remy racked her head."What about my sister?"She asked. Amanda looked at the

file."Your 19 year old sister who is in college?"Amanda asked with a disapproving look at Remy trying to pass the buck. Remy took a breath. "Look Dr. Hadley

this meeting was only to inform you that your niece needs a home. You are not obligated to become her guardian . If you don't take guardianship Lilly will be

placed into foster care." That was all Remy had to hear. She had so many reservations, she did not want to do it but the plight of the poor weighed on her heart.

And by some fluke she was related to this girl, she knew she had to do it."Okay what do I do?"She asked feeling the guilt, and pressure from the social worker

Amanda explained to her that she would have to agree to a background check, a house inspection, and interview to deem her as a fit Guardian.

She bit her lip and agreed. "Her grandmother is in the hospital tonight. I was wondering if she could go home with you." Remy bit her lip."Yeah, is she here?"She

asked. "No she's at home with her aunt, we can go over together."She told her. Remy signed some forms and went to her car.

As she followed Amanda, Remy was a mess in her car. She was utterly confused about why her brother hid a child, scared she would damage the girl, angry at

herself for feeling so selfish but couldn't fight the feeling that she did not want to do this. She parked behind Amanda, She recognized the neighborhood,

her friend Elise came here to score sometimes. They walked up to the

house and Remy gave an unsettled smile to Amanda. "I got it!"A little voice was heard through the door."Who is it?"She asked. "It's Miss Amanda."She said with

fondness. Remy could tell Amanda cared for opened the door fast and smiled."Hey!"She said hugging hugged her back."Lilly

how was school?"She asked. "Good."She said looking over to Remy who was staring at her. Remy was utterly stunned. The girl was beautiful. She was biracial

and had the same demeanor as Michael. She was soft spoken and bubbly, the slightest bit awkward and they had the same smile. She was thin and lanky like

Remy was when she was little. She looked at her eyes. Her bone structure was just like Remy's, her eyes even. She was really a Hadley. "Amanda saw them

staring."Lilly, this is your father's sister Remy." She said. Lilly suddenly got really nervous and her smile dropped. Remy gave her a reassuring smile."Its nice

to meet you Lilly."She said bending to shake her hand. Lilly shook it and gave her a light smile. Lilly's aunt came to the door. She was a medium sized

dark skinned woman, she had short red hair."Hi, please come in."She said with a deep New Jersey accent. The followed her into the house. Remy looked around

trying to find a picture of Lilly's mom. She didn't know which one she was in the pictures,there were a lot of women in their family. They sat on the couch,

Lilly sat next to Amanda and Remy sat next to her aunt on the opposite couch. She didn't concentrate on anything else , just the little girl. It was obvious the

case worker had already discussed this with her aunt now she was telling Lilly. Lilly cried lightly."Can I just stay with Aunt Maya and Kj and Mika until

grandma gets all better?" Amanda knew something that Lilly didn't. The aunt couldn't manage to take care of Lilly, it showed in her face, she was full of

guilt. Maya spoke up."Lilly, you know Miss Amanda only wants whats best for you. We are going to miss you but we will visit okay?"She asked. Lilly went to her.

She wanted to put up a fight, but it was obvious, she was emotionally exhausted. Her father had died, her mom was gone and she was being asked to leave her

home with a stranger. "Dr. Hadley, why don't you go with Lilly and help her pack some clothes for your house?" Remy stood and nodded. She waited on Lilly to

lead the way but she didn't seem to want to let go of her aunt. She was crying."Go ahead sweetie. I will be right here when you get back." She wiped her eyes and

drug her feet down the hallway. Remy followed. She felt so sorry for Lilly. She wiped her own eyes with her eyes with her sleeve quietly. Her room was small and


Purple walls, a huge lilly on the wall, and flower bedding and a little pom-pom lamp."I like your room"She told Lilly. Lilly smiled lightly."Its not my room anymore

but thank you."She said as she grabbed her roller luggage and put her clothes into them. Remy studied them as she packed, they weren't in the best condition.

She let her hands fall to her side and clap at her hips."Is there anything you want to bring. I will carry it for you." Remy said softly. Lilly looked around as she

zipped up her luggage."Um yeah, a few things."She said She got a teddy bear, a pillow and picture and brought it to Remy. Remy looked at the picture in the

frame, it was Michael kissing a light brown woman with long black hair. She was smiling they both looked very happy. "Thats a really beautiful picture." She said.

Lilly stared up at her, her eyes still red and now puffy."Can I just stay with my aunt?"She burst into tears. Remy was crying too before she knew it. "Lilly I

know we don't know each other but this is for the best okay?"She said. How do you explain something like this to an eight year old? She just nodded getting a few

more things and going back to the living room. Remy took her things to the car. She wondered where this would go. She had been lost before but nothing like this.

She went back in."Lilly you should get so more things, maybe some toys."Her aunt Maya said. Lilly let go of her and went to her room. Everyone heard her loud

sobbing. The two women told Remy about school times, locations and other basics. Remy noted them carefully."Does she have any allergies,illness or

phobias?"She asked. The two women looked at her. She could tell the read her. There was no emotion, just a feeling of obligation. She could not turn off her

doctor side and she didn't know the girl. She had no choice but to approach this methodically. "She's lactose intolerant, she's allergic to fish and most seafood.

She has no illness and she is afraid of clowns."Maya answered with a light smile."Remy is it?"She asked. Remy nodded."I just lost my job and my husband lost his

a year ago. Things are really hard and as much as I want to take Lilly in it just isn't feasible and on top of that I have my mom's medical bills. Thank you for not

letting her end up in in foster care."She said biting her lip, the sincerity gripped Remy. "Your welcome."She said clearing her throat. "Once I get back on my feet I want to be her guardian." Remy nodded

with a smile. She hoped it would be soon for more than her selfishness. "Lilly is amazing, she is so smart, and she always

says she is going to be a lawyer like her dad."She said fondly wiping her eyes. Remy got choked up remembering Michael. "Do you know why he would have

never told us about her?"She asked."No idea. Keisha knew but she never told us ."She said. Remy nodded. "Well I'll make sure Lilly keeps in touch. "She said.

Thank you."Maya smiled She went to the back and talked to her niece for about five minutes. Then Lilly emerged smiling lightly holding her hand."You ready to

go?"Amanda asked smiling. She nodded with her other duffle bag in hand. "I'll see you soon."Both of them said. to Lilly. Remy took the bag and led her to the car.

Remy put her other bag into the trunk them helped her get into the back. She buckled her in. "I have to get some things for you at the store. Are you okay with

that?"She asked. She nodded. Remy took a deep breath, she was completely out of her element. She liked kids but this was so awkward. She tried to get her

head around this. She turned her radio on a station she thought she would like. She didn't seem to care. She was deep in thought as was her newly discovered

aunt. They got to the store and Remy got Lilly toiletries, towels. Lilly was so quiet Remy had to keep checking on to see if she was beside her. She asked her

questions about what she liked, what was she allergic to. She couldn't really think to be personal with her besides going to the clothing section and getting her a

robe in her favorite color. She smiled."I never had a robe."Lilly said touching the pretty robe with flowers on it. "Its pretty huh?"She smiled. Lilly nodded. "You're

pretty."She said smiling at her. She was finally less stressed and ready to open up, or so Remy thought."Aw thanks Lilly. You are very beautiful yourself.

I think we look alike actually." She said. Lilly blushed. She saw it a little. Their conversation ended wasn't very talkative. The two got some dinner and

got to Remy's finally. It was getting late and Remy was a bundle of nerves tried to think of what to do."Um you need a bath right?"

She said as she lugged on the girl's things in. Lilly nodded as she took off her coat and looked around the large loft.

It was so nice but drab at the same time. She put her things in a corner of her guest bedroom and then started Lilly's bath. As Lilly took her bath Remy flopped in the bed and thought of what she was

going to do. Remy tapped her pen on her notebook and

sighed. Things were so complicated and she was so angry, scared, and clouded with doubt. Every time she was alone she got hopeless now she had another person

to think about, it just seemed selfish. Lilly came to her in her worn yet adorable Hannah Montana pjs, her new robe and a brush and hair gel in hand. Remy raised a brow looking at her wet hair. She

sat up."You're going to do you hair?"She asked. Lilly shook her head handing the items to her. She crawled into the bed and sat in

between her legs. Remy looked at the big bush of puffy had no idea what to do. Her hair was brush and go so this was so foreign to her."Why don't we

do your hair in the morning?"She asked. Lilly pouted.

Remy sighed."Fine, come on, It can't be that hard. How do you want it?"She asked. Lilly told her how she wanted it, and Remy was lost. She started and Lilly

began to writhed , scream and cry. She didn't seem bothered, like she was used to it but she still did it."Lilly please be still, and quiet, I have neighbors."She said

quietly. She already had enough complaints from the wild sex sounds , crying kids would be a whole new thing. She nodded."I'm sorry. It just hurts."She said.

covering her mouth. Remy financially finished and she thought she did pretty good for her first try. "Take a look?"She smiled. Lilly climbed

off the bed and went to the full length mirror. Remy smiled over looking at her work. Lilly began to cry. Remy bit her lip as she went to her. "Oh its not that bad

is it Lilly?"She asked. Lilly shook her head as her red face frowned."It just doesn't look like how my mommy does it."Remy nodded rubbing her shoulder

supportively. She looked at her hair. Then Lilly's. "What if I tried something new on your hair? Like this?"She asked. Lilly smiled lightly studying the braid that

started at the crown of her head and went around. The rest of her hair was brushed into a low ponytail. "Okay, we can try it."She said Remy got back on the bed

first and she followed. Remy took her time this time and was more delicate as she braided. Lilly writhed but did not cry. She watched the cartoons Remy turned on.

"You miss your mom?"She asked. It was a stupid question but House and the team had ruined her conversational skills. She was either talking so intellectual and sarcastic or finding herself dumbing her

words down for friends and relatives. "A lot. I wish she was still here. And my dad. "She said breaking down more. She

loved him and he wouldn't even let him see her before died. "What do you do?"She asked once she stopped crying."I'm a doctor."She said. Just then Lilly turned

around and looked at her, there was hate in her eyes. She turned around and waited for her hair to be finished. Remy was confused. Once she finished braiding

she placed her curly, wavy hair into a ponytail. Lilly mumbled thank you and crawled down from the bed."Lilly what's wrong?"She asked. "If you're a doctor

why didn't you help my dad?"She asked. Remy closed her eyes because Lilly was staring straight into them with a relenting hateful glare. She couldn't even explain

anything. Forget saying she killed him to put hi out of his misery."Lilly its complicated."She said putting her hand to her face. The girl was not buying it. She got her

hair supplies and left pissed. Remy was left in tears. She had killed her brother, Lilly didn't have a father because of her. He would still be alive, living in a horrific

prison called his body but Lilly would still have him."I hate you so much Michael! How could you do this to us?"She screamed in utter despair and frustration.

notes: this is Lilly .