"Zelda. Please, don't say too much. Just tell me what is so urgent."

"But I-"

"No every time we start talking bad things happen...and feelings start coming up. Where we left off is bad enough. You lied to me and broke my heart again. I cant take much more of it! I didn't even want to be here, so...just please say what you have to say and let me go..."


"ZELDA!" I yelled. Almost too angrily.

Her face sunk back into a sad state.

"Link" She paused for a good while and then took my hand.

"What are you doing Zelda?"

She then carefully placed my hand onto her stomach and placed her hand over mine. She then gave a faint smile and bowed her head.

"Link... I'm pregnant...2 months to be exact." She sighed. "This is your baby, not the kings, and I just thought you should know..."

Pregnant...with MY child? Was this some kind of sick joke, or another lie to rope me back into another meaningless fling?

We just sat there in silence for a moment, neither one of us knowing what to say, I wasn't sure if her heart was racing...but I felt like mine was about to pop out of my chest.

"Link..." Zelda managed. "I know this is sudden, and I am sorry to be bothering you again... but, I really thought you should know." She took a deep breath. "If this is your child... which I am quite confident in the fact... I just want you to know I will try to let you see the child whenever I can make a quick visit."

"What?" I finally spoke. "You are going to TRY and come see me whenever you can sneak out with MY child? Are you kidding?!" I let out a laugh. Not an 'I find this amusing' laugh but an 'I can't believe this situation I'm in' laugh.

She looked bewildered.

"Link? What in goddesses name do you expect me to do! I am carrying another mans child! If the King would find out about this he would have BOTH of us killed, may I remind you! It's already bad enough that I am STRESSING out to the fact that this child may come out with BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes while my husband has RED hair and BROWN eyes and could possibly start questioning things then... I have to deal with you always jumping down my throat for one thing or another! I JUST THOUGHT THAT MAYBE FOR ONCE I WAS DOING A GOOD THING!"

By the end of her statement she started to let tears fall freely from her eyes, and trying hard to catch her breath. Boy she was really letting me have it.

"Link, I know I haven't been the best woman to you, but deep down I do love you... and only you! But I know we can never be together..."

"Zelda! Stop it! Please..." I begged. "I have told you a few times.. we could run away together."

"No." She whispered sadly.

"Yes." I retorted as softly as her. I moved in closer and cupped her chin into my hands to look her in the eyes.

"Me, you, and.." I paused to place my hand over her slightly swollen stomach, my heart flickered a little to know that was my child inside of her."Ou-our child, Could all live together, we can MAKE this work... PLEASE Zelda." I begged.

She managed a smile, even though I could see the tears still spilling from her eyes, even faster now.

"Link, I...I.. I-"

"Zelda... you must return to your bedroom, the king might start looking for you soon.." I brush voice interrupted.

"But, Impa, I-"

"Don't argue Zelda, you know what would happen if you got caught, now run off and make your way back to the bedroom."

I thought Zelda was going to protest again, I was kind of hoping she would, just another 5 minutes to figure this out... wait.. what am I saying? Like all of this shit was going to get figured out in a matter of minutes. This wasn't just any little problem, this problem will affect the rest of my life.

"Yes, I shall return to the castle..." She replied obediently.

As she gave me a half hearted curtsy, she also shot me a very distressed look, filled with pain. But without another moments hesitation she heeded Impa's orders and ran off towards the castle, not giving another look back.


"...Yes..." I managed.

"I know this is a lot to take in, and I understand you probably weren't ready for this kind of information. But I did think you had a right to know, I am not sure how this will turn out. If the baby comes out looking like the king or not, or whether he suspects nothing.. I...I..." She hesitated, her voice feeling with deep sorrow. "I am not sure how and when we will be able to let you see the child... if in fact it is yours. Which, Zelda seems sure of...I'm sorry.."

I dont know why she was apologizing. NONE of this was her fault, just a big situation me and Zelda created, and I did not even STOP to think at the time that I could get her pregnant... THAT I COULD GET HER PREGNANT AND NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO MEET MY CHILD! Ugh! Why was I becoming more and more foolish with my decisions! I can't help be so mad at anyone but myself... I should have just came to the castle and did the work I had to do, wrote Malon everyday, and just kept straight forward...but I had to be foolish and get roped back in, like I said I wouldn't! DAMN YOU LINK!

"Link?" Impa said worryingly. She was just staring at me waiting for some kind of response... anything, just to show I was still alive. But what she didn't know, is that it felt like I wasn't.

"Oh, yeah, sorry I...I" I paused to try and think of something to say.

"Sweetheart, I know you must have A MILLION things running through your mind. Look I just want you to take a few days to sort things out, I mean, I know this is hard on you..."

You think?

"Yeah...I, I," I paused to let out a frustrated sigh. I didn't know what to say really, but being Impa, she could figure out what I was thinking before I could. She placed her warm loving hand on my shoulder.

"Take some time. I will come find you when we have figured things out."

I nodded as I gave a weak smile.


She smiled back, but with a little more love and then headed off back towards castle grounds. I guess that left me to hurry and get back to what I was doing...I guess it was time to head back home and try to act like everything was okay, and to be honest, I have no idea how I am going to do that...

Should I tell Malon... or should I just keep living a life of lies...

Why me.

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