Hello everyone! :)

First of all, I hope you'll enjoy these little drabbles. A few words about them beforehand: there will be one hundred of them, updated daily, or twice a day on some special occasions. Each of the drabbles are based on a prompt, I was given by a friend of mine. Each one is no less than 100, and no more than 200 words long. Some of them are romantic, fluffy, humorous, but there are many angsty, thoughtful and even sad ones as well. Most of them – about the half – are in Rose's POV, but you'll find there many other characters' thought as well.

What if you got inspired by one of the drabbles? You are allowed to write a one-shot or a full-length story about them, but send me a PM beforehand, please.

Also, look at these drabbles as appetizers – I have two VA one-shots being beta'd at the moment, as well as a full-length – about thirty chapters long - story all planned out, waiting to be written.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fabulous beta, Doozey, for her awesome work!

Enjoy the drabbles!


Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Academy - the wonderful Richelle Mead does.