Hi guys!

Sorry, it's not an update – it's just that I finally saw the movie (the official premier isn't until March 6th in my country, but thanks to the distributor, I managed to snatch a couple of tickets to the pre-premier screening. The joke is that if we are a little louder we could have gotten tickets to the press screening a week earlier… But now we are on the press-list of the distributor :D), and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

It was good – not perfect, but good. I liked how they worked with the story, but couldn't help wondering if I would have understood it without having read the book. The script was great, loved the one-liners, but maybe they put jokes to places where they shouldn't have (e.g. Kirova's "why didn't I become a model"–line). The acting was on-spot, I especially loved Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland. I liked the fight scenes, too, I think they were choreographed brilliantly. And cracking the fourth wall in the end – Rose asking for applause – was genius. The whole room started clapping after that line.

What I didn't like were Kirova and Queen Tatiana. Let's make something clear: Kirova is not a bitch. She's the authority in the school, she has to keep order, the order that Rose disturbs (action), so Kirova punishes her (reaction). She shouldn't have gone on talking to Rose about becoming a bloodwhore that way. As for Queen Tatiana – she was way too straightforward – she should have veiled things a bit. Hell, I am not even sure we needed her in the movie.

So, yes, it was great, I enjoyed it – but could have been better. I think it deserves the sequel, and I am sure gonna buy the DVD (and then watch it in with the original voices, as they screened the dubbed version).

As for future stories: right now I am experience a bit of a writer's block. I have some ideas, mainly for Castle, but I simply don't have the inspiration, the time and the energy to write them down – please, bear with me. Next to school, there's a new thing that is consuming my time and my writing capacity: a few friends and I have started a blog about movies, series, books and stuff, and keeping up with the pace we have set up is not easy – for of us are doing it, and we publish three to four articles every day (I'd give you the link to it, but it's in Hungarian – sorry!). But don't despair: I'll be back sooner or later :)