Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I am simply borrowing these characters.

Luke POV:

I ran up the hill, hoping that Annabeth, Grover and Percy hadn't left yet. I needed to give something to Percy. I had enchanted the flying shoes, so that when they got to the underworld, they would drag Percy into Tartarus, bringing the lightning bolt with him. As I reached the top of the hill, I saw Percy standing there talking to Chiron. I wiped the grimace from my face and jogged towards them.

"Hey," I panted," Glad I caught you." I noticed Annabeth was bushing. She always seemed to do that around me. "Just wanted to say good luck," I told Percy."And I thought ... um, maybe you could use these." I handed him the flying shoes. I could tell Percy wasn't very impressed. I shouted "Maia!", and white wings sprouted from the heels. Percy was so startled, he dropped them. The wings flapped for another minute, but I grabbed them, and handed them back to Percy. I smiled. "Those served me well when I was on my quest. Gift from Dad. Of course, I don't use them much these days..." I faked a sad expression.

Percy blushed beet red. "Hey, man," He said. "Thanks."

"Listen, Percy…." I felt uncomfortable."A lot of hopes are riding on you. So just ...kill some monsters for me, okay?" We shook hands. I patted Grover's head between his horns, then gave a good-bye hug to Annabeth, who looked like she might pass out. As I walked back down the hill, I heard Percy say to Annabeth," You're hyperventilating."

"Am not!" She retorted. I just smiled.