Chapter 8: Final Piece of the Puzzle

Bat Mite was quite interested to what would happen next, as the Dark Knight was following Mark Hoffman and Amanda Young to the lair of Jigsaw himself.

"Oh goodie, Batman will soon be face to face with a murderous puzzle master known as Jigsaw!" laughed Bat Mite, "Let's hope our hero doesn't do anything out of the ordinary."

The Dark Knight was indeed endanger as he was following both Mark and Amanda to Jigsaw's location, he was unaware that the two were really plotting to restart the entire game all over again, with a bunch of members of Gotham's elite security team as players along with the Arkham Asylum inmates included. Billy, Jigsaw's puppet showed up at the entrance.

"Greetings Batman, I am glad to meet you again" said Billy, "Jigsaw is right in the room."

As the Dark Knight ventured into the room, Jigsaw who was sitting on his arm chair was glaring at the footage of security being shown as members of Gotham's law enforcement were helping to free the inmates from the traps for the inmates the Dark Knight didn't reach, along with apprehending Jason who regained consciousness.

"I see, you do not take my games seriously enough Batman" said Jigsaw.

"Listen Jigsaw, you don't need to do this to prove your point that people should value their lives" said Batman.

"Well then, I am afraid that you are mistaken, your involvement in my games have made things a bit more complicated, so many people whom have failed these trials, at the price of their lives being dashed away" continued Jigsaw.

"And that's why I am asking you to stop it" continued Batman.

"Stop it, stop it, me stopping what I should really do?" laughed Jigsaw to which Mark came in with a taser and shocked the Dark Knight whom collapsed on the ground.

"I bet he didn't see that coming" laughed Mark.

"You, how did you manage to get the prisoners in their traps?" asked Batman.

"Easy, when it was closing time, all I had to do was use my old connections to law enforcement and penetrate the Arkham Asylum Bats" said Mark.

"So, you're just going finish me off here?" asked Batman to Jigsaw.

"No, no, that is not part of my philosophy you see" said Jigsaw, "I will give you another chance, but I'll sadly have to put your lights out first."

Yet as Mark was about to taser the Dark Knight again, the Dark Knight managed to turn the tables on Mark and taser him instead knocking him old cold. Then, the Dark Knight noticed his utility belt on the console.

"You should have made your puzzle a bit more complicated than this" said Batman as he then grabbed the utility belt, and then before Amanda could come right in, he used a Baterang to knock her out cold as well.

"I can see Batman, that you do value your life if you're quick enough to outwit my apprentices" said Jigsaw to which Billy who had a chainsaw in his hand was coming into the room with it on, "but can you outwit my puppet for which I am controlling remotely?"

Billy launched at the Dark Knight, to which he then tossed Billy right to the computer console just before Jigsaw managed to make his escape.

"You've been a very bad player here, almost cheating!" laughed Billy as he came charging at the Dark Knight with his chainsaw.

The Dark Knight threw a Baterang at the chainsaw to which made it stopped working obviously, and then gave Billy an uppercut that sent him flying up in the air and right onto the ground. Billy, somehow managed to recover from the attack, as he was still being controlled by Jigsaw from a distance.

"I'll show you what a combo is like!" laughed Billy as he then gave the Dark Knight a pummeling.

"Wow, that has to hurt" remarked Bat Mite who was observing the fight.

As the fight was continuing, Jason had managed to elude security forces, even breaking out of his handcuffs as he went to search for the Dark Knight. Poor Batman was indeed being humiliated as he was being beaten by a mere puppet.

"You can't stop me, you never bothered to finish the puzzle" laughed Billy who was on top of the Dark Knight giving him quite a beating.

Billy then reached for the chainsaw and was about to use the sharp edges against the Dark Knight when Jason came into the scene and kicked poor Billy right into the computer console which electrocuted Billy and fried him to a crisp. Jason first thought he should finish off his present, but noticed Jigsaw in the distance who was making his escape.

"Do not think about picking up that chainsaw pal" said the Commissioner who drew his weapon at Jason.

"Leave the kid" said Batman.

"You sure about this?" asked the Commissioner as Batman got up, "Believe me, he saved my life."

"Fine, but don't you let me catch you in Gotham again" said the Commissioner who allowed Jason to walk free.

"I think we you value a life, and your own, you deserve to go" said Batman to which he noticed Mark and Amanda unconscious, "what about them?"

"Don't worry, we'll take care of things from here on" said the Commissioner.

As the Dark Knight then looks at the computer console, it showed that it was Friday the 13th.

"You know, today is an ironic lucky day, isn't it?" asked Batman.

"Sure is, sure is" replied the Commissioner, to which the scene ends from there.