Yet another Time Warp research inspired one-shot. Snape will be showing up in the near future and I needed to practice his character. Ta-da. Here's a one-shot I like to call Inner Snape and Outer Snape, an experimental one-shot.

Almost Should've

It hit him like a ton of bricks (but somewhere deep inside him, he already knew it). Severus Snape ponders a memory he saw during the first Occlumency lesson.

Harry Potter was almost a Slytherin.

If he had not found it in the boy's mind himself, he would not have believed it. (Somehow, somewhere deep in his mind that he pretended did not exist, he was not as surprised as he should have been.)

Harry bloody Potter, son of James bloody Potter, would have been put in Slytherin had he not objected. James Potter would be rolling in his grave; Sirius Black would die of shock. He smirked at that thought. He would enjoy revealing that piece of information to Black. (If it wasn't against his moral code, he would.)

But what would Lily have thought? (He liked to think she would have been proud.) The thought was pushed from his head as quickly as it came, before he could really figure an answer. (She would have been proud.)

Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived-to-be-the-bane-of-his-existence, could have (should have) been a Slytherin.

He could not even imagine what life could have (should have) been like had Harry Potter been sorted into Slytherin. It was unimaginable! (Maybe he could have torn down the barrier between the Slytherins and the rest of the school. Maybe he could educate the spoiled little purebloods something about life, love, and equality. Maybe he could have showed them that muggles were not too different before it was too late. He would have taught them all something worthwhile.)

He knew a Slytherin Potter would have been the worst possible thing to happen to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Harry could have proved that the Death Eaters weren't the only option for the most mistreated people in the school. Proved they did not have to be what the others houses made them be.)

He would have suffered in Slytherin. (Slytherins stuck together and the students would just love adorable little Harry Potter.)

He would have been in the worst possible political situation. (He would bridge the gap that separated the Wizarding World.)

He would not be happy. (He would know nothing else. It was not as if he was exceptionally happy the way things were, anyways.)

There were no pros to outweigh the cons. (He couldn't bring himself to count them, just in case he was wrong.)

He could have been sorted into Slytherin house.

He would have been sorted into Slytherin house.

(He should have been sorted into Slytherin house.)

(He should have, because now that the situation presented itself, it made so much sense.)

A Potter did not belong in Slytherin house. (How Severus Snape wished that Harry had been sorted into Slytherin house!)