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It was day-in, and day-out. Eli Goldsworthy stood at the grand front doors of the Castellani building where the richest of Toronto resided. Mostly those who lived at the lavish building were those families of major companies or even entertainers. Each tenant had their own two floors and were not bothered by any other family who lived around them. The richest family, the ones who lived at the top of the building, was the Edwards family.

Eli got this job because his uncle runs the building and needed a doorman. It wasn't a difficult job. It was just to make sure no one out of the ordinary came into the building and tried to get up the elevator to steal from the rich families. He definitely developed good observing skills through this job and learned to read people as they entered and left through the Castellani doors. His shifts lasted all day, which was fine for him because he had nothing else to do. No school, no other job, he'd much rather just stand and observe than have to find something else to do.

It was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon and Eli counted down from ten until he saw the person he knew would be coming around at that time. It was Ms. Rossi, the only tenant living alone in the building. Eli nodded to her courteously and Ms. Rossi smiled at the twenty year old.

"I think you become more handsome every time I see you," she commented in a flirty manner. Sasha Rossi was in her mid-twenties, worked as an actress for local shows and movies, but her father, a filmmaker, was where she earned her lavish lifestyle from. But she was very talented and Eli would always hope that the next time she'd come back to the building, she'd tell him that she landed the role which would make her huge.

"Thank you Ms. Rossi, how was your day?" Eli asked politely. His uncle made it clear that he should never address the tenants by their first name unless specifically asked by them.

"Great Eli," she replied with a forced smile. "Any visitors or messages, do you think?"

"I'm sure there's something for you," Eli answered smirking. But he did so in a non-suggestive kind of way. He was a little weary of putting a flirty tone in his voice or even look at Sasha Rossi in a certain way because he knew that she had some kind of interest in him. It was very obvious.

"Hope so," she sighed. "Have a good evening."

"You too Ms. Rossi," Eli nodded. She left his sight and he sighed deeply. This job was very emotionally tiring, not just physically. He had to watch the tenants either come home happy or disappointed or angry or upset. Even those who didn't talk to him liked to complain or rant to him and he would have no choice but to listen. A lot of the stories were interesting. He found out a lot about those living in Castellani through these various stories.

Like how 7th floor's Donaldsons were once involved in a murder case when they were vacationing in the Hamptons. Or the rebellious son of the 10th floor's Bradleys was in jail at the moment for vandalism and possession of an armed weapon. And also the oldest daughter of the Edwards family had something so bad happen to her that she had to be shipped to Kenya to get back on track.

A lot of what Eli hears are rumors but some could be the truth. He didn't know which were true or not. But he knew one thing for sure; the tenants sure loved to express their feelings and gossip.

It was now 5:30 which meant any minute now, Eli was going to see the person he's looked forward to seeing for months now. It was now Christmas/winter vacation for the college students of the Ontario area and many students were coming home for weeks to enjoy a long break from school and spend time with their loved ones.

Eli's breath hitched when he saw a dark car pull up at the sidewalk about 20 feet away from him. The driver climbed out of the car and swiftly went around to the back door of the car, opening it swiftly, and there she was.

Eli couldn't believe how beauty could have gotten to such astronomical levels as he watched the young girl exit the car, adjust her curly, auburn, short hair, and pat down the white blouse she wore. She went to grab her suitcase from the trunk but the driver was already on it. She waited and smiled graciously at her driver and she took the handle from him, kissed his cheek, and then headed towards the front doors.

Frozen and amazed, Eli couldn't even smile back when the girl smiled her beautiful smile to him. "We-welcome home, Ms. Edwards," Eli stuttered awkwardly and he inwardly hit himself on the forehead for having been so awkward.

"Thank you," she laughed softly. "And I can't believe I still have to tell you to call me Clare. Ms. Edwards makes me sound so old and I'm only nineteen!"

"Sorry," Eli apologized and looked down at his dark shoes. "Your parents are waiting for you upstairs. They're excited to see you."

"Oh I bet they are," Clare said sarcastically, rolling her eyes to herself. "Thanks for the kind welcome. I'll see you again soon. Bye!"

Clare waved and smiled once again at Eli who watched her walk through the doors and head towards the elevator. He didn't stop staring until the elevator doors closed behind her and he finally took the breath he was keeping in since he saw her exit her car.

She's back home, Eli thought to himself. He grinned at that fact. Now she isn't so far away. I've been counting down the days until I saw her again and now she's back, she's here, for three weeks. Maybe I'll…no. That can't happen. It's not like a perfect, rich, university student would want to date a doorman with no life. No way. And one other thing…she doesn't even know my name.

Eli took a deep breath to himself and took his position once again. The life of a doorman. Constantly observing and waiting, more of a statue than anything. And yet Eli stayed for the job for just one thing. Seeing Clare Edwards.

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