Long Road Home

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One harmless night of drinking leads to one huge mistake. In a small town where everyone knows everyone and the politics governing teenagers are delicate there are no secrets. The only option is to run. Rated for language, alcohol, implied sex and pregnancy.

Chapter One Too Far

A loud burst of raucous laughter exploded over the sound of voices and music in the room. Four shot glasses hit the old wooden table, sending countless other glasses sliding in all different directions.

"HA! I beat you again InuYasha!" yelled a tall slender young man with short black hair and a dark purple t-shirt. He was pointing his finger and smiling triumphantly at the young man next to him who was wearing a red t-shirt with a white splash across the front like someone had dropped a paint can on him. The bold colours were a sharp contrast to his long dark hair.

"That was a fluke and you know it Miroku!" InuYasha yelled back as he jokingly pushed his friend away. He started to grab several of the shot glasses again before continuing,

"Come on I want another rematch!"

Miroku laughed and followed InuYasha's example.

"Count me in to!" said another young man who was sitting across from them.

"You haven't won yet Kouga!" they both answered as they laughed.

"Ya well my luck has to change sooner or later!" he answered.

"Well how about the girls!" InuYasha suddenly yelled. He threw his arms up in the air as a greeting as three girls trotted out of the crowd of people towards the table.

"Are you fine ladies here to play or just to bring your men some luck?" asked Miroku as two of the girls took their seats on the other side of the table while the third moved behind InuYasha. Ignoring the guys, one girl suddenly noticed a forth guy sitting with his head on the table.

"Oh dear, what have you done to Hojo!"

"Come ons Kagome! It's not our fault yous highschool kids can't keep up with us college peoples!" Kouga answered in a somewhat slurred voice.

"Kouga you are a highschool kid!" Kagome responded rolling her eyes. Kouga looked as if he wanted to counter with some smart remark but it seemed to have gotten stuck somewhere between his brain and his mouth.

"Seriously Hojo was sittin up just a minute ago ... I swear!" InuYasha added trying not to laugh at the two younger teenagers.

Kagome smirked at them and then moved over to give Sango more room on the old couch.

"So are you in then?" asked InuYasha eyeing the girls hopefully.

"They won't play!" answered the girl who was still standing behind InuYasha. Her fingers were absent mindedly playing with the collar of InuYasha's shirt as she spoke.

"Oh and you're so sure about that aren't you Kikyou!" replied Kagome giving the older girl a sly smile.

"You ... my sweet innocent baby cousin who's barely had a drink in her life? Ya I think not!" Kikyou laughed.

"Well why don't you sit down and find out!" Kagome answered continuing to stare Kikyou straight in the eye. InuYasha and Miroku exchanged nervous sideways glances before both shifted their gaze upwards to see what Kikyou would say. Kikyou however didn't say anything. After a second a wide smile spread across her face. She took two steps around InuYasha's chair and sat herself in his lap before leaning across the table so she was face to face with her cousin.

"Bring it!" she said.

About eight minutes later six shot glasses hit the table again.

"Shit who won that one?" asked Kouga looking around the table with unfocused eyes.

"Ummm ... REMATCH!" yelled Miroku.

After almost forty-five minutes and several more rounds the shot glasses hit the table again, tho with significantly less grace then before.

"I so got you ALL that time!" Yelled InuYasha.

"Crap how do you guys do this?" asked Kagome who currently looked as if she had swallowed a fireball.

"Suck it up Kagome!" chimed Kikyou as she threw back an extra shot just for fun. After putting the glass down on the table she turned and kissed InuYasha before standing up.

"I'll be right back." she said and left, disappearing as she pushed her way back through the party. InuYasha bit his lip as he watched her go making a loud "MMMmmmM!" sound as if Kikyou was something he wanted to eat. Kagome rolled her eyes at him.

"Wow you two are something." she added playing with one of the empty shot glasses. InuYasha turned his attention back to Kagome,

"And why do you say that?" he asked grabbing the bottle of whiskey and filling Kagome's glass again.

"Well lets see .. YOU" Kagome directed her index finger towards InuYasha's smug face,

"are egotistical, rude, perverted ..."

"There is nothing wrong with that." interrupted Miroku loudly as he pulled furiously at InuYasha's sleeve and pointed at two long legged college girls wearing ridiculously short skirts.

"Please Please Please can I have one of those for Christmas!" he continued almost falling off his chair.

"I'll get you a gift card .." InuYasha answered giving his friend the push he needed to make it to the floor.

"Anyways you were saying Kagome ..." InuYasha said ignoring Miroku as he attempted to crawl back into his chair.

"Well you are you and my cousin is self-centred, vain and a know it all. You're very compatible."

"OOOooooo that's a little harsh isn't it?" said Sango giving Kagome an impressed look. Sango knew how Kagome felt about her cousin. Kikyou was outgoing, popular, beautiful and talented. Kagome on the other hand was more simple and withdrawn and didn't take to Kikyou's wild ways. In a town as small as theirs it was easy to get lost in the shadow of an over barring relative especially when they lived in the same house for the last ten years. Sango was impressed though that Kagome had finally found the courage to tell someone other than her how she felt about Kikyou, though she was pretty sure the whiskey was helping considerably.

InuYasha was smiling a sly crooked smile as he stared at Kagome.

"I think you're jealous of Kikyou!" he stated.

"Ya right. I enjoy having an IQ higher then a peanut thank you!" Kagome answered as she twirled her now full shot glass on the table again almost spilling it.

"How many guys have you dated?" asked InuYasha.

Kagome turned red. She turned and looked towards Sango before they both turned hesitantly towards Kouga. Kouga was staring through a pair of empty shot glasses as if they were binoculars and said nothing.

"You've got yourself a winner there kid!" laughed InuYasha.

"Kouga's a great boyfriend. He's nice to me, we have lots in common and ..."

"Have you kissed him yet?" asked InuYasha who was doing his best to make Kagome feel uncomfortable. Kagome opened her mouth to respond but no sound came out. After an awkward moment she picked up the shot InuYasha had poured and downed it. InuYasha burst out laughing,

"See this is why you are jealous of Kikyou. Because of her confidence and lack of fear and the attention she gets because of it."

Kagome didn't know what to say. He was right of course but she wasn't going to say that.

"Who's up for another game?" Kagome yelled raising her glass into the air. Kouga and Miroku eagerly pushed their glasses forwards while InuYasha continued to stare at Kagome but even he finally relented and started pouring the next round.

Two more rounds later Kagome and Sango were feeling very dizzy,

"I think that's all ..." Kagome said her voice trailing off as her mouth was no longer able to keep up with her brain.

"Me .. hik .. To" Sango added hiccoughing loudly.

"Well what are we gonna do with ... with ... who ever the hell this is next to me?" asked InuYasha brandishing a hand to the empty seat where Miroku had been sitting.

"He's going my way. I can escort him home." offered Sango.

"Do you think you can handle Kouga to?" asked Kagome.

"He lives down that way ... ?"

Sango stood and swayed dangerously. She looked at the two inebriated guys for a moment before speaking.

"On second thought ... InuYasha help me drag these idiots up stairs. I'll call my brother to come get us."

"Wait is your brother even old enough to drive?" asked InuYasha.

"Better him then me right now!" Sango stated in a very matter of fact tone. InuYasha nodded his approval and started to peel Miroku off the floor. Kouga had been passed out for a while and had recovered slightly so he was more or less able to stand and make his way upstairs ... with a little help from Sango.

Kagome was left on her own feeling more then a little tipsy and very tired. As she sat slowly rearranging the sticky shot glasses around the table Kikyou suddenly reappeared,

"Wow ... Hun, you look awful."

"Thanks" Kagome answered putting on the best fake smile she could muster.

"Where did everyone go?" Kikyou asked looking around the table.

"InuYasha is helping Sango stuff drunk and drunker into a car so they can go home."

"Oh ... well when InuYasha comes back tell him he can go anytime he wants. I'm gonna stick around and help Mary start cleaning stuff up when more people start leaving. Thanks." with that she turned on her heels and walked away again. Kagome watched her leave wishing she had something to throw at the back of her cousin's pretty little head. InuYasha reappeared a moment latter.

"The lady Kikyou bid me tell you that you've been ditched for the rest of the night!" Kagome said smiling and twirling her hand in front of her face as if she were delivering a message from a member of the royal family.

"Meh" InuYasha shrugged as he watched Kagome slowly get to her feet.

"Maybe I should make sure you get home" he said eyeing the way Kagome was leaning dangerously to one side. Kagome opened her mouth to protest but realised she honestly didn't care anymore. She stumbled away from the table and started towards the stairs when she suddenly stopped and turned back,

"What?" asked InuYasha. Kagome looked at him for a moment and then to the messy table they had just vacated,

"I feel like we're forgetting something." she said attempting to look thoughtful. InuYasha watched her for a moment before speaking again,

"Did you remember it?" he asked.

"No ..." Kagome answered sounding rather indifferent as she casually shrugged her shoulders..

"Well maybe you will remember it in the morning."


And with that the two of them left the party. Had they taken two seconds to look a little closer they may have noticed Hojo passed out on the floor under the table hugging one of the table legs.

Outside the night was warm and clear. The unusually warm spring days and nights had all the young people in town itching for summer to arrive. College students had just finished school a couple weeks earlier and highschool was out in less then two months. The freedom that only summer could bring was just on the horizon. InuYasha breathed deep and admired the thousands of stars that filled the black sky above. Only in the country in a town as small as theirs, a thousand miles from anything could you still see stars so clearly.

The silent stillness of the night was broken by a sudden scuffling sound. InuYasha looked around and saw Kagome sitting on the ground a few metres away. He let out a small laugh and quickly walked over to the poor girl's side to help her up. Reaching for her arm he tried to pull her to her feet but Kagome yanked her arm away.

"Leave me alone. I don't need your help InuYasha." Kagome snapped. InuYasha threw his hands up in the air and started walking away without a word. Kagome slowly pulled herself back up into a standing position and slowly stumbled to the nearest tree. The alcohol was really hitting her hard now. Her vision was going in and out of focus. Her mind seemed to be trying to think about a thousand things at once and yet nothing at all. Every time she asked her body to move it felt like it was made of lead. Her stomach felt like it was trying to escape her body!

Kagome stood with her eyes closed for a minute leaning against the tree, fighting the urge to be sick. When she finally opened her eyes she realised InuYasha was back, standing in front of her with his arms crossed against his chest.

"What do you want?" she groaning.

"I'm just trying to make sure you get home." he answered.

"Like you care." Kagome responded.

"I do care!" InuYasha answered sounding a little offended.

"No you don't. And neither does Kikyou!" Kagome snapped back.

"Well I can't speak for Kikyou but I honestly do care if you get left in a ditch all night."

"Why?" Kagome asked.

"Because you're a nice girl who doesn't need every fool in town knowing you got drunk tonight."

"Ya that right. I'm nice, sweet, innocent girl who never drinks ... goes to bed early ... always does what she's told ... doesn't flirt with guys or kiss guys or ... or ... or any of that shit. So sue me!" Kagome rambled on as she vented to the night sky. When she was done she looked back at InuYasha who was now staring at her very intently.

"What?" Kagome asked when the silence between them had gone on long enough.

"You've never even kissed a guy?" he asked. Even as drunk as Kagome was she managed to blush right down to her toes. InuYasha couldn't help but smile at her and took a step closer. Kagome took a step back and hit the tree behind her again.

"You've really truly honestly never kissed a guy?" InuYasha asked again. Kagome still didn't answer but she was starting to feel uncomfortable as InuYasha continued to step closer.

"I hate you InuYasha." Kagome said as he closed the gap between them completely.

"Why?" InuYasha asked. There bodies were now so close they were almost touching. Kagome flattened herself as hard against the tree as she could.

"Because you're not drunk." Kagome answered. It was the only reason she could come up with at the moment. InuYasha laughed,

"Trust me I am drunk." he said smiling at her. Without warning he leaned in and pressed his lips against Kagome's. Kagome was so stunned she couldn't move. The kiss was simple. He didn't open his mouth or try to make her move. It was just the gentle contact of his lips on hers. Yet Kagome felt a strange and foreign feeling flood through her. It was terrifying and yet addictive at the same time. She wanted more but she also wanted to run away as fast as she could.

As quickly as it had happened it was over and InuYasha was standing looking down at Kagome again through the darkness. Kagome had never really taken the time to notice before but InuYasha had the most amazing eye colour. It was a deep yet soft amber colour with darker flecks scattered throughout. With his dark hair and tanned skin it almost made him look inhuman.

"Was that as terrifying as you thought it would be?" asked InuYasha. Kagome couldn't speak, she just nodded her head affirmatively.

"Good." he quickly answered before closing the gap between them again. This time the kiss was more complex. InuYasha moved his lips against hers coaxing her to move to. Kagome didn't know what to do. Her mind was in such a foggy state she couldn't decide if she should run or fight so instead she just stayed put, pinned to the tree. She closed her eyes as she felt InuYasha's hands move to her waist.

"SHIT" Kagome suddenly sat bolt upright, something she regretted almost instantly as pain pounded through her head and her vision blurred and darkened. She shook her head a few times as she tried to get her bearings. A sense of panic raced through her as she looked around the room. Four walls, a dresser, a bed and a night stand. All normal enough stuff to find in a bedroom. The only problem was none of it was hers and this wasn't her bedroom. So where in the hell was she? She looked down and realized she was not even wearing her own shirt. The shirt she was wearing was several sizes too big for her and was red with a white splash across the front. Suddenly a loud painful sounding grunt irrupted from somewhere over the side of the bed. Kagome jumped as she watched InuYasha materialize over the side of the bed from somewhere on the floor. He shook his head,

"Fuck ... that was a bad night ..." he muttered as he put a hand to his forehead. Bracing himself on the bed he slowly got to his feet and looked around. When he spotted Kagome sitting on his bed it took him a second to really absorb what he was seeing. Kagome however was starring wide eyed and in shock at InuYasha's all together complete lack of clothes.

"Oh ... my ... god..." was all Kagome could think to say.

The realization of what must have happened hit them both hard.

"Holly shit!" InuYasha yelled as his expression changed from confusion to surprise to pure terror in a single heart beat. He grabbed a corner of the bed sheet and pulled it around himself covering everything from his hips down.

Kagome couldn't say anything. Her entire body was still frozen with shock.

"Um ... oh shit ..." InuYasha continued to chant over and over as he stared at the younger girl sitting in the middle of his bed.

"Kagome ... did um ... why are ...?" InuYasha was so flustered he couldn't even string a coherent sentence together as he tried to figure out exactly what was going on. Everything from the night before was a blank. The last thing he could clearly remember was waving goodbye to the tale lights of Sango's car.

When InuYasha said her name, Kagome suddenly felt the need to run and jumped out of the bed on the opposite side. She realized she wasn't wearing pants and quickly started grabbing random articles of clothing from the messy floor.

"Kagome ... Kagome wait." InuYasha yelled as she disappeared into the adjoining bathroom and slammed the door. InuYasha tried to stop her but the bed sheet around his waist stopped him short at the last moment.

Inside the bathroom Kagome locked the door and frantically began sorting through the clothes she'd collected. She thanked the lord almighty she'd managed to grab her own jeans at the very least and a tank top she'd been wearing under her shirt the night before. She hadn't managed to grab any of her underwear but at this point she no longer cared. She threw on the clothes she had and started thinking of how she was going to get out of this mess.

"Kagome? ..." InuYasha's shaky voice floated through the bathroom door.

"Kagome ... please ... we need to talk about this! ... Kagome?"

Kagome starred at the door. She could hear the fear and concern in InuYasha's voice but she simply couldn't face him right now. She needed a way out. Moving to the far side of the bathroom she quietly lifted the window and stepped through. She thanked the lord again that InuYasha's house was only one floor.

Kagome managed to make it back to her house, which was just down the street, without being seen. Kagome didn't have a watch but from the pale light and lack of movement around town it appeared to be very early in the morning.

Being as quiet as she could Kagome opened the rear screen door of her house and slipped in. Then she tip-toed across the kitchen floor to the stairwell.

"Where have you been all night!"

Kikyou's voice pierced the morning air making Kagome nearly jumped out of her skin. Kagome's head spun to see her cousin standing at the top of the stairs. She felt a cold sweat break out over her whole body and her heart began to race. If Kikyou found out what had just happened she would surly kill her.

"Kagome do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Um .. No actually ..." Kagome answered quietly. She was still trying to think of some excuse for being out all night.

"I um ... didn't want mom or grandpa to see I'd been drinking so ... I hid in the barn ... and I fell asleep ... sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." Kagome stammered out her apology and started up the stairs. As she passed Kikyou she hesitated for a fraction of a second expecting her cousin to call her out on the lie, but she didn't.

Kagome all but ran to her room and shut the door. She listened for the sound of Kikyou's footsteps and the click of her bedroom door closing before she even dared to breath. The weight of everything that had happened was starting to collapse around her, not to mention she had the worst headache ever. Kagome grabbed the pillows and a blanket from her bed and barricaded herself in her closet. Once inside behind her make shift sound proofing she slid to the floor and started crying.

Other than for a quick trip to the shower, Kagome kept herself barricaded in her room for the remainder of the day. It wasn't until her mother banged on her door and ordered her to come down for dinner that she finally exited her room. Reluctantly and slowly Kagome made her way down the stairs. The smell of cooking beef and home made pie met her nose and she started to feel better for the first time in hours.

As Kagome stepped off the last step and rounded the banister she looked up to see a tall figure blocking her path. Kagome's heart instantly dropped.

"What the hell are you doing here ..?" Kagome said managing to keep the volume of her voice low enough so her family would not hear.

"Look Kikyou invited me for dinner ... I didn't ..." InuYasha started but Kagome wasn't having anything to do with him and pushed past him into the kitchen. Quickly she took a vacant seat as far from Kikyou as possible. InuYasha entered a moment later taking a seat next to Kikyou without looking at Kagome. The rest of the family took their places around the table and after saying grace began eating. Everyone was talking cheerfully as they ate the delicious food Kagome's mom had prepared, except InuYasha. Even Kagome was putting on a smile for the crowd but InuYasha was just sitting quietly at the far end of the table poking his beans with his fork. Kagome actually felt a small twinge of guilt at seeing how upset he looked. He was really beating himself up over the whole mess.

As soon as dinner was over Kagome got up to help put away the dishes and get ready for dessert. As Kagome's mom sliced up the pie and dished it out Kagome passed the plates to each person. As InuYasha reached for his plate he felt something underneath it. He awkwardly nodded his thanks to Kagome for the pie and slipped the paper from under the plate as he put it down in front of him. It would be too obvious to read it at the table so he slipped it into his pocket.

"Well thank you for joining us for dinner InuYasha." said Kagome's mom as InuYasha was getting ready to leave.

"Thank you, it's always a pleasure to enjoy your home cooking." answered InuYasha.

"Let me walk you out." said Kikyou and without waiting for an answer pushed him out the front door closing it behind them.

"Ok, what's up with you tonight?" Kikyou asked once they were safely on the porch. She crossing her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently.

"What do you mean ...?" asked InuYasha turning a little red.

"InuYasha you barely touched dinner, barely said a word all night ... what gives?"

"Sorry hun. I'm just feeling a little out of sorts today. I guess that hang over hit me a little harder then usual this morning." he laughed hoping Kikyou would be satisfied with that answer.

"Fine." she finally answered after a moment. Then a sly smile crept across her face as she stepped towards him,

"You know I could always walk you home if you're still feeling ill ... maybe I can make you feel better?" she offered as she leaned against him, her fingers absentmindedly playing with the collar of his shirt again.

"Um ... I'm not sure I'm up for that tonight." InuYasha answered as he gently push her away.

"I have to leave for work early in the morning so ..." he continued. Kikyou put on her best pout face,

"How long are you going to be gone this time?" she asked.

"Probably at least a week. I'll call you when I know for sure, ok?" InuYasha flashed Kikyou a charming smile making her smile in turn. Then he gave her a kiss and jumped off the porch.

InuYasha walked slowly down the empty street, his hands in his pockets playing with the paper Kagome had given him. He was waiting for the familiar sound of Kikyou's front door closing before he pulled it out. Finally the sound of the old spring on the front door creaked open and then crashed shut. InuYasha immediately stopped and pulled out the paper. Unfolding it quickly he revealed the words, 'Barn, 12 tonight', written in Kagome's neat girlish writing.

Kagome crept across the dark yard to the old barn behind the house. As quietly a she could she pulled the door open and snuck in. It was only a quatre to twelve but Kagome wanted to be there early. As she fumbled for the light on the wall another light suddenly lit up the barn from behind her. Kagome jumped and almost yelled when she heard InuYasha's voice,

"It's me! It's me!"

"InuYasha what are you doing here already?" asked Kagome angrily.

"I've been here since I left after dinner!" InuYasha answered in a whispered voice.

"What?" Kagome answered.

"I didn't want to go home ... I ... I just really wanted to talk to you."

"Fine then talk!" barked Kagome sounding far angrier then she intended to. InuYasha fell silent for a moment before continuing.

"Look this isn't ... I never intended for last night to happen .. I mean ... I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry ..."

"Sorry?" Kagome repeated.

"Is that supposed to fix everything?" she continued putting her fists on her hips. InuYasha didn't say anything.

"I know ... THIS doesn't mean jack squat to you but to me ..." Kagome paused for a moment as she felt a rush of emotions flood through her.

"To me ... what happened last night ... that should be something special ... it shouldn't just be a sport or a past time or..." Kagome's voice cracked slightly as a few tears rolled over her cheeks. InuYasha stood quietly listening to the girl standing in front of him. He used to be a lot colder and harder. He used to be immune to this kind of thing. But there was just something about Kagome and the pain that he was undeniably the source of that seemed to tug at his heart strings.

"Kagome ... I know that this is a mess and please believe me when I say I NEVER meant for this to happen. If I could take back last night I would ... but nothing can change what happened. I am sorry ... honestly and truly sorry." InuYasha tried to sound as sincere as he could, pouring more conviction into his words then he had ever tried to before in his life. Kagome sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve.

"Now what happens?" Asked Kagome.

" ... I guess the ideal thing to do would be to pretend nothing ever happened. No body knows ... there's no evidence anything happened between us ... we can just make everything go away." InuYasha answered.

"Just like that ... it would be that easy for you wouldn't!" Kagome snapped.

"And what about Kikyou?" she added pointing her finger towards the house on the other side of the barn door.

"We can't tell her anything!" InuYasha answered quickly and in a hushed voice as if Kikyou could be hiding in the shadows.

"She'd kill both of us!" InuYasha added sounding sincerely worried now. Kagome threw her hands up in the air and walked away towards the piled of hay bales along the far wall. InuYasha could tell there was still something bugging the young girl and slowly follower her. When he caught up with her she was already sitting on one of the bales with her knees pulled tight to her chest, silently crying. He hesitated a moment before speaking,

"Do you mind if I sit next to you?" he asked quietly. Kagome shook her head and InuYasha took a seat next to her. He made sure to leave at least an arms length between them.

"What else is bugging you?" InuYasha asked after a few moments. Kagome brought her head up to look at InuYasha. She considered him for a moment before speaking,

"You promise never ever to tell anyone what I am about to say?" she asked staring him straight in the eye through the dim light of the lamp.

"I promise." InuYasha answered without hesitation.

"I wish ... I actually wish I could remember what happened last night ..." She said.

"What?" InuYasha asked sounding more then a little surprised

"I always thought the first time would be something special ... with someone special ... a night I would never forget ..." Kagome continued as tears continued to flow from her eyes.

"Nothing happened the way it was supposed to! ... and I can't even remember that!" she finished rubbing her red and puffy eyes.

"Oh Kagome ..." InuYasha said as he slid over and reached his arm around the distraught girl's shoulder and pulled her closer. It wasn't an intimate embrace. More like an older sibling giving reassurance to a younger sibling after they had done something wrong. Kagome didn't push him away as he expected. Instead she turned into his shoulder and continued to cry.

"Kagome ... I think it's great that you wanted that and I still think you'll get it someday. Somewhere out there is a man who will make you the happiest girl alive." InuYasha said trying to sound reassuring.

"But it wont be the same now ..." Kagome started.

"Why can't it?" interrupted InuYasha. Kagome looked up at him questioningly.

"Look I can't remember anything from last night ... can you?" he asked. Kagome shook her head.

"Not at all?" InuYasha persisted. Kagome continued to shake her head.

"Well then who's to say anything did happen? Maybe I was on the floor because I let you sleep on the bed." He suggested

"InuYasha that's ridiculous and besides I was wearing your shirt and you ... well you were ..." Kagome trailed off. She blushed at the memory of seeing InuYasha naked.

"Maybe you were sick cause you were drunk and I gave you the shirt to wear ... and I don't even own a pair of pjs so what else would I do ... especial seeing as I was also very drunk and my judgment clearly impaired.

Kagome sniffled and stared at InuYasha in total disbelief.

"My point is if we can't remember it and no one else knows, we can walk away right now believing nothing ever happened.

Kagome considered him carefully. She felt wrong for thinking it but sitting next to InuYasha with his arm around her felt good. She felt warm and safe and it made what he was saying actually seem possible.

The two sat together in the barn for almost another hour talking about random things before they finally parted ways and went to bed. They left with the promise that what "hadn't" happened between them would not hinder their friendship and they would carry on as if nothing had changed.

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