Marik sat up in a dark tunnel. He wasn't quite sure where he was, but it wasn't his home. Next, he realized he was naked, but he wasn't embarrased. Strange how that worked, really. Instead, he just sat up.

Hadn't he commited suicide? Where was Bakura?

Then he saw a blinding light at the end of the tunnel. Was that where he was supposed to go out from? It made sense, after all. When you're in a dark tunnel, go towards the light to get out. So, nodding his head, Marik set off towards the light.

Smiling happily, he thought how good it would be to see Bakura again. That thought made his hand flicker up to his chest, where the Millennium Ring usually sat. His fingers scratched his bare skin though, and Marik froze.

"Bakura. . .?" Marik said in a quiet voice, before rotating in a circle. Where was Bakura? It was unnerving as could be to not have the spirit there with him! He looked to the light, before remembering something the spirit had told him.

Don't go towards the light

But the light was pretty. The light was warm. Marik wanted that light.

He wanted it badly.

So, despite his memory, he stumbled forward. After all, where else was there to go? There was no other breaks in the tunnel that would allow Marik to go anywhere other then the light. With this logic, Marik trudged onwards.

He was getting close to the light, and a delicious warmth was overtaking his body. He imagined this is what it would have felt like had he and Bakura ever shared a real kiss. Marik lightly traced his fingers over his lips, before pausing again.

Bakura wouldn't lie to him about the light.

But where else was there to go?

Marik took a few steps away from the light, before twisting his head to the side. He began walking off to the right in order to see if he could go anywhere else.

Instantly, a deep coldness washed over him, and he felt like he'd been dunked in a bucket of ice water. Marik let out sharp cry, but continued walking.

It slowly got colder and colder, before Marik collapsed to his knees. He felt his skin being ripped away, and when he looked down, he noticed that he looked misty. His body had taken on the same form as Bakura's always had.

Staring at it, he felt a slight tugging on his arm, before he was slung forward, catapulted through some dark unknown. He saw horrendous images shooting by: images of people being ripped in half; of eye sockets popping from heads; of a little baby being shoved into a running blender.

Marik felt the urge to retch, but he didn't have a stomach. Instead, he just attempted to curl up in a ball as best as he could. For some reason, though, the images were still visible. They still plauged his mind and eyes as he hurtled through that strange place of nowhwere.

That is until he slammed hard into a wooden floor. Groaning, Marik rose to his feet, before wobbling unsteadily. He realized, then, that he was in his old bedroom. Everything was still exactly where Marik had left it. Even the Millennium Ring, he noticed, was still on its little hook, swinging eerily.

Marik reached out for the doorknob, and clicked his door open. He walked down the hallway, and made his way down the stairs. He paused at the bottom though, and hid in the shadows, as he saw his family gathered around a still life form.

Ishizu sat clutching something close to her, sobbing into it as her hands turned white from clenching it. Melvin towered over top her, looking slightly stricken. He said nothing, though, and only stared downwards.

Bakura was there as well, though he was leaning against the wall, a stunned look on his face. Marik also noticed one of guilt and disgust. He wanted to comfort Bakura, but another part of him felt a strange sensation of wanting to see what Ishizu was crying over.

Slowly, Marik rose up. For some reason, he automatically knew that nobody could see him. That this was the perfect diguise. So, with the utmost confidence, Marik strode towards Ishizu. He stopped in front of her, and looked down at the thing in her arms.

At him.

At his dead body.

Marik recoiled a little, but felt something calm crawling into his belly. He didn't have to worry: He'd chosen this after all! It didn't really matter. So, with a slight nod, Marik slowly made himself visible.

Melvin was the first to notice, as his lavender eyes snapped to Marik. His jaw sagged a little, before coughing slightly and nudging Ishizu with his toe. The eldest Ishtar sibling's head snapped up, and she took in a deep, rattling gasp as she looked at Marik.

Bakura was the last to notice, and he slowly floated over from his position in the corner. He drifted over to Marik, before holding out a tentative hand. Ishizu glared through red rimmed eyes to the advancing ghost, but allowed Bakura to touch Marik.

Marik smiled slightly, before lifting a hand to cover up Bakura's.

"I can feel you," Marik whispered slightly, and Bakura's head bobbed slightly.

"Can you feel this?" Bakura muttered, before leaning in and crashing his lips onto Marik's.

-(-o-)- 20 years later. . .

Camilia ran through the hallway, screaming with laughter as a ghostly form chased after her. The ghost had golden hair with bronzed skin, and his arms were stretched out in front of him as he glided behind her.

Her long black hair streamed out behind her, along with her tan dress that went to her ankles and covered her arms all the way to her wrists. Camilia quickly hopped down the stairs, before being caught in something icy cold.

An albino ghost stood before her, an agitated look on his face as Camilia quickly ran all the way through him. The ghost watched her with scarlet eyes, which narowed as he watched her skid a little on the hardwood floor.

"Sorry Uncle Bakura, but Uncle Marik's coming!" Camilia squealed, before collapsing to her knees, panting. The blonde ghost from before came down the stairs, grinning triumphantly as he tapped Camilia on the shoulder.

"I win," the ghost named Marik smirked as Bakura rolled his eyes.

"Honestly, Marik," Bakura chided, before wrapping an arm around the blonde's shoulders. "Shouldn't you grow up?"

"Never!" Marik shouted defiantly, before kissing Bakura lightly on the lips.

"Ew!" Camilia squealed in a joking way, before hopping up. "I heard Uncle Melly's coming to visit!" the little girl laughed, and Marik and Bakura shared amused glances.

"Uncle Melly?" Marik sniggered, looking down at Camilia.

"Yeah!" Camilia laughed. "He'll be coming today, and that's why mommy's so busy cooking. Daddy's even helping her!" With that, Camilia wandered into the kitchen, where her mother and father were.

Marik and Bakura followed suit, before sitting in chairs at the table. Ishizu, Camilia's mother, turned to face them. She gave them a soft smile, and Marik could see the beginnings of wrinkles taking up his sister's face.

"Have you three been behaving?" She questioned, before stirring some rice on the stove. A tall man with dark skin stood next to her, his black hair pulled into a ponytail at the back of his otherwise bald head.

"Of course, mommy!" Camilia giggled, hugging her mother.

"Go wash up," the dark man said, turning around and ruffling Camilia's hair. "Mommy and I need to finish up the food before Melvin gets here."

"Hi, Odion!" Marik chirped from his spot at the table. Odion smiled slightly at Marik, before shooing Camilia from the kitchen.

"How's Kaiba doing?" Bakura questioned, before looking to Ishizu. The elder woman laughed.

"Ah, him and Joey are still arguing all the time! The other day, it happened at the museum! I had to escort them out. Imagine, escortng my own boss!" Ishizu chuckled, before turning back to the rice.

Marik smiled, before floating over the table to Bakura. He settled on his fellow spirit's lap, before getting a kiss from Bakura. They'd been the ghosts here ever since Marik's death. Mrs. Ishtar had died in a car crash, but Marik found he wasn't exactly all that sad that his mother didn't come back. That meant she'd found the light.

Ishizu and Kaiba had broken up a long time ago, but Kaiba had given her a job at his museum that he opened up. Which was where Ishizu met Odion, and they got together. Ishizu had kept the house for the sake of Marik and Bakura, so naturally she chose to raise her family here.

Camilia grew up happily knowing that her uncles would always be around. Not to mention that they were an endless source of entertainment for her. The two ghosts, after all, still maintained their mind-set of teenagers.

A loud knocking ensued, then, and ripped Marik from his thoughts. He and Bakura both phased through the wall in time to see Melvin bursting open the door. In the twenty years since Marik's death, Melvin hadn't really changed all that much. His hair still defied gravity, and he was still the most psychotic jerk that Marik had ever known.

"Uncle Melly!" Camilia shouted, before launching herself down the stairs. She had soap suds still stuck to her hands as she launched herself forward before latching onto Melvin's neck. Melvin stood there awkwardly, before patting Camilia's head.

"Hey, kid," Melvin snorted, before pulling Camilia from him. The little girl just laughed as Melvin swung her a little before setting her on the ground. He then looked to Marik and Bakura, who were floating next to him now.

"Hey, uncle Melly," Bakura sneered, crossing his arms as he stuck his tongue out. Marik giggled slightly, before doing a few flips.

"Show off," Melvin growled, before glaring at Bakura. "And shut up, fudge packer, before I beat you with a Bible."

Marik and Bakura just smirked, before hurrying Melvin into the kitchen with Camilia's help.

"Guess what Uncle Melly! I had to write a paper about my hero, and I chose all three of my uncles! You got a whole paragraph to yourself! I told my teacher about how you make motorcyles and stuff! She thought it was cool!"

"Great, kid," Melvin grunted, before flopping down at the kitchen table.

"Hello, Melvin," Ishizu greeted, as Bakura and Marik both filed in before sitting down on the floor. Odion seated himself across from Melvin, while Camilia sat down next to her only living uncle.

"Hey, Uncle Melly, when're you gonna get a boyfriend like Uncle Marik?" Camilia jabbered as Ishizu started making everyone plates. Melvin groaned, before burying his face in his hands.

"You sound like your damned mother," Melvin growled. "I told you I'm not looking for anyone."

"More like nobody's crazy enough to want him!" Marik interjected from the corner.

Melvin snarled and growled at him, but Ishizu cut off all arguements by annoucning that everyone was to eat their dinner now.


Melvin had left, and Odion was tucking Camilia in as Marik and Bakura floated upstairs to their room. It, like themselves, hadn't changed at all over the years. Except for a few pictures of them with Touzouku and the rest of the family, along with drawings by Camilia. They'd soon discovered that ghosts could be in photographs.

Touzouku still came and visited them everyonce in a while, though Bakura didn't much care for the visits. Marik just ignored this though, and enjoyed his time with his friends.

Right now, however, was all about Bakura.

Bakura was lounging on the bed, as Marik moved over to his ghostly lover. He lowered himself atop Bakura, before engaging the albino spirit in a kiss. Bakura returned it, before running his hands up Marik's sides.

No matter that it'd been twenty years, Marik and Bakura still both felt thrills of joy at the fact that they could touch each other. It was a lovely thing.

Marik broke the kiss, just to plant one on Bakura's forehead. The albino spirit smiled up at Marik, before pushing some of the blonde's bangs off of his forehead.

"Together forever, Mein Poltergeist."


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