A woman, no younger than twenty, woke up in a strange, empty room. As she sat in a pool of cold water, not noticing her state of complete undress, she looked around and wondered just how she got there. She finally looked down at herself and quickly folded her arms tight around her chest, as best she could, and pulled her legs to her body as if she was ready to go into a fetal position. Long hair, that was just a little more gray than black, fell into the pool and started to float around her legs. She looked around once more and was startled to see a mirror in front of her now. Her eyes were a green-yellow, but more towards that green side and she realized that they didn't seem familiar to her. Strange because the rest of her face was definitely hers.

She then noticed that the pool was gone and she was dressed in a simple black suit that hugged too tight on her chest. She looked down and realized that her chest was bound with some form of cloth and it was so tight she felt as if her lungs would collapse. The bindings made it seem as if she had the budding chest of a girl just hitting puberty, and it was pushing against the suit; definitely made for the flat chest of a man. At least, she thought, that would give the illusion that this way of dressing wasn't unfit for a woman despite the fact that it was. Taking a closer look, she noticed bindings that were hidden under a plain white, button down, collared shirt, and under a slim black suit jacket with a black tie around her neck that she adjusted more so it wasn't so tight on her neck. As she looked further down, she saw that she had on black dress pants that matched quite well with her suit as well as slim black, leather dress shoes.

Overall, she looked like a very business like man if you ignored the budding chest. She would have to ask for a fitted suit if she was going to… what was she going to do? Despite the fact that her memory seemed to be hazy, beyond normalcy, she stood up and headed for a closer look at her eyes. They definitely weren't natural in any respect of the world, and if she remembered correctly, she used to have oak brown eyes, instead of these haunting green-yellow.

She didn't know how long she had been staring at her reflection, but soon she lifted her gaze to see a man in a similar garb as she was and she jumped back from shock. He look at her behind sophisticated rectangular glasses and seemed to lack any emotion… and the woman noticed that her eyes were the same as his… just what was going on? Though before she was to open her mouth he spoke, "My name is William T. Spears, and I'm here to debrief you on your situation, Miss Lisa Peony. Now if you'll follow me."

The woman, apparently named Lisa Peony, stood up straight and silently followed the very straight, angular faced man with black, slicked back hair that was parted on the right. He seemed to be carrying some cutting utensil on a large pole and she wondered what it was… she felt that she knew what it was but she couldn't put her finger on it due to her hazy memory. Soon they were in a lighted room with people in similar outfits walking through hallways and on multiple levels, and Lisa moved her suit jacket closer to her chest because she was feeling uncomfortable under the gaze of those staring at her with eyes like hers, and in their prim and proper suits. Just what was going on?

William turned back to look at her and he sighed saying, "We're almost at alterations Miss Peony."

Lisa looked up and nodded with a blush as she moved in even closer to her guide. She was shorter but only by three inches and she wondered if her mind went to difference in height to try to fill the haze of her memories. They finally reached a door and when they stepped in, the first thing Lisa noticed was that there were rows and rows of suits, and just a few feet in front them. As they stepped forward, Lisa noticed William's eyes begin to narrow, and she wondered why. Then as they stood in front of the desk, William rang a bell and a person came from the rows and columns and of suits and they looked equally annoyed as well.

Though Lisa couldn't tell what their gender or appearance was because they stormed out of the room after telling William, "He's your problem now."

William let out a huff, pushed his glasses up with the bladed tip of his staff, and said, "Stay here Miss Peony." the woman nodded and William walked back where the other person had left. It was quiet for a while, but then but then a red figure was thrown against one of the few bare walls and William came back out and said, "Sorry for the mess but the one on punishment today decided to go on his own."

"You're so mean Will!" The red figure that William had kicked to the wall sat up and rubbed his head with small tears forming on the corners of his eyes.

However, when Lisa looked at the man she could see female feature to his appearance and wondered if he was, in fact, a he. However, she was worried and asked, "Is he alright?"

It was the first time she spoke since she woke up and was unfamiliar with her own voice because it didn't stir any familiar memories. William looked at her and said, "He should be fine. He should be getting worse but we're on a schedule and we need your clothes tailored to your shape."

Lisa nodded and looked back at the red clothed figure and saw that he was getting up. When he made his way to the desk and she noticed that he had long red hair and he seemed to be just one inch shorter than William was. Once he was at the desk, he looked at William with a large smile, which displayed completely fanged teeth. Lisa was a bit confused about this but couldn't linger on it much because he spoke, "Come to visit me Will? How kind of you!"

William seemed to be getting more irritated, but no outward expression was shown. "Grell I'm here because of a job."

"Aw why do you have to be so cold Will? Well who do we have here?" Grell said and turned his attention Lisa, "It isn't everyday I see a female around this place."

"Her name is Lisa Peony and she needs a suit that will fit her figure." William stated coldly and impatient, "Now, unless you want more punishment work I expect you to measure her so we can be off."

"Alright, but just for you Will." Grell smirked at William and then turned to Lisa with his smile slightly smaller. "If you will come with me Lisa we'll get you suited right up." Lisa nodded and followed the eccentric man and when they turned a corner and headed into a room Grell seemed to turn serious as he stated, "Stay away from my William."

Lisa lifted a brow in question and asked, "What do you mean?" she still wasn't used to her voice so she looked even more confused.

"I don't want you touching Will because he's mine." Grell stated as he got out some measuring tape.

Lisa smiled kindly and said, "I won't touch him. I don't even know whom or where I am so, I don't have any intention on making my time here harder than it has to be. Plus," Lisa stopped for dramatic effect and Grell looked at her with a red brow raised, "I feel as if you are a better match for him than me."

Grell smiled widened and he closed his eyes and put his hands on his cheeks as he swayed his hips back and forth, "Aww! You're just saying that." Grell then did a little spin and then held out the tape in both his hands, smile still on his face, "Now come here and strip down. I don't want William mad at either one of us."

Lisa nodded and started to unbutton her suit jacket and then her under shirt and took off her pants, shoes, and socks, only leaving herself in some underwear and the tightly wound, painfully uncomfortable, chest binding. Lisa looked down at them and then at Grell with concern on her face, "Can I take the bindings off? They hurt."

Grell nodded and said, "Strip away."

Lisa nodded in return and started to take away the tape. It seemed her chest wanted to get out of their bindings too because they were pushing free even when Lisa just removed the fastening. Once she was naked except for her underwear Grell wistfully sighed and said, "If only I had your chest. That would make all the boys go crazy."

Lisa smiled and Grell went to measuring her. Once he was done he muttered something about wishing for her Ds and Lisa didn't know what he meant, but ignored it because she was busy catching the clothes Grell was throwing at her. When he was done Grell said, "Well I'll leave you to dress yourself. I'll be with William until you're done~!"

Moreover, with that Grell left leaving Lisa to dress herself in men's clothes that seemed to be tailored just for her. Lisa sighed and then dressed herself from the feet first and was astonished at what she beheld in full-length mirror outside the dressing room. The pants, shoes, and socks were the same black as before, but they seemed more feminine and less masculine… were they fitted more? She didn't know. Though what amazed her most was that, this place, wherever she was, had top apparel that were supposedly male, but held the woman's figure comfortably, without sacrificing femininity.

The binding she was given fit comfortably and still supported her chest and even the white collared, button up shirt fit in such a way as it accentuated her curvy features more than she thought decent; yet, like the chest bindings, and it was still comfortable. The final pieces of her outfit were a jacket that like the shirt, fit to her body and accentuated certain feminine features, like her chest and waist, and, when buttoned, the V section ended just beneath her chest, and beneath that, there were three buttons to button up her jacket. Though underneath that jacket, was a vest that had similar qualities and held the black tie, which could be seen in its near entirety due to the V of both the vest and jacket. (*)

She finished admiring it and left the room with a nod, and was glad she was a quick dresser, because William seemed to be ready to hit Grell again. Lisa hurried over to the pair of suited figures and mentally thought of them as opposites before she asked, "Mr. Grell could you help me with my tie?"

Grell looked back and said, "You look wonderful. I was just telling Will that I could make anything look wonderful! Now let me take a look at that." Grell then un-did her tie and told her how to properly tie it as he fixed the tie. When he was done he said, "There all better. Now go off with Will so he can come back here quicker."

Lisa smiled and nodded saying with a wave, "Nice to meet you Mr. Grell."

"Just Grell, and not bad meeting you too Lisa." Grell stated before he skipped back off to his office and she let out a small giggle at the flamboyant man.

William then coughed into his hand and said, "Now if you'll follow me Lisa, I'm going to debrief you on your situation."

Lisa nodded and then followed the taller man through hallways of even more stares. She guessed before there weren't so many because of her lack of femininity, but now she had more of her curves showing and she looked like just what she was, a woman in a feminine suit. She ignored it best she could but she drew into herself more and more until they finally reached an office and it was just William and she, alone in an office. William sat in a chair at a large wooden desk before motioning for Lisa to do the same, but on the other side.

When she was seated, William went into his desk drawer and pulled out some papers and a pen, and stated, "I assume you can still remember how to read and write?"

Lisa looked at him confused but nodded when her memory confirmed it; though she, for some reason, found that strange. William nodded and then handed her the papers and said, "I should begin to explain that you and all the people you saw in this building are not human."

Lisa stared at him with wide eyes. What did he mean not human? He waited a few moments before her eyes went back to their normal size and said, "With that said, everyone in this building, and you are Reapers, Death Gods, Gods of Death, Shinigami, or what have you. We are in charge of deciding whether a dying soul should be allowed to continue living or to die by way of reviewing their life through a thing called a Cinematic Record, which our death scythes pull out when we cut a person who is scheduled to die. Though, in most of the time, our targets are meant to die, only if the soul is meant to achieve great things do we allow that soul to live."

He pushed up his glasses and asked, "Are you still with me?" Lisa nodded and William continued, "There are several departments and divisions under the Main Branch, which some Shinigami get assigned to as punishment or if they are not fit to collect souls due to certain circumstances, but all Shinigami are involved in the Dispatch Management Division. Dispatch Management is where souls are assigned to be judged and also where you are going to be assigned."

He handed the papers in his hands to Lisa and said, "Every action you do will probably involve forms. These forms are to request the two most important aspects of a Shinigami: their Death Scythe and their glasses."

"Glasses?" Lisa asked as she looked over the forms and signed where she need and filled out what was necessary.

William nodded and said, "They show you are on the job and must only be removed when off the job or you are retiring." Lisa nodded and then handed the completed papers over to William who looked it over and nodded continuing, "Now that that's done I should go over a few rules, the rest you'll find out from who you are assigned to, but these are the main one: 1) Using one's death scythe without permission is forbidden. 2) Modifying one's death scythe without following proper procedures is forbidden. 3) Killing people not on the death or soul collection list is forbidden. 4) Shinigami must take care of their Death Scythes and their attire. 5) Sundry expenses must be settled at the end of the month. 6) Shinigami must never remove their glasses unless you are retiring, or they are being repaired or you are in the company of friends when off the job."

Lisa finished filling out the forms and William nodded when he was handed them and reviewed that all that needed to be filled out was, he then looked at different papers and said, "Now let's see who's going to train you…" It took a while but he finally found what he was looking for and he raised one eyebrow in surprise, "He requested you?"

He looked at her and Lisa tilted her head to the side a bit and asked, "Who requested me?"

He sighed and placed down his papers and stated, "It's rare for a new Shinigami to have another request to be a mentor unless in the case of born-Shinigami. With that said, you have a very powerful and famous Shinigami to request you."

"Who?" Lisa asked, getting a bit impatient.

"His name is something that you have to ask for yourself. No one but his bosses seems to know it." He replied with a huff. He then shut the files and stood up, grabbed his weapon, and turned to Lisa, "He is to meet you in the library so please follow me."

Lisa nodded and stood up, while following him but she realized that they were taking a path less traveled and they were met by ten staring faces at most.

When they entered the library, Lisa couldn't help but stare at the extreme magnitude, which the room presented. Rows and rows, and columns and columns, and levels and levels made up the library and she was so lost in it she had stopped in her tracks until she heard a cough and looked back at William a bit flustered and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Spears."

"Just William will be fine. Now please try to not space out. It's unbecoming of a Shinigami." William stated and continued to walk and Lisa followed after. They walked for quite a bit and Lisa began to wonder where this person was and also why she wasn't tired, but soon after those ponderings William stopped and bowed slightly, looking at Lisa to d the same.

She quickly did as she was told and William said, "I've brought Miss Lisa Peony sir."

"Very good. You may leave Mr. Spears." William then rose and left, leaving Lisa by herself. The man then stated, "You may rise Lisa" bowing woman was bowing no more.

When Lisa looked at her new teacher the first thing she noticed was that a large blade was thrust in front of her face and the new man's voice rang with laughter, "This should be fun~!"

When she looked passed the blade she noticed that the Shinigami that was to teach her held a large scythe to her face, and she tried to calm down from the shock. TO do this she looked at his appearance. He had long silver hair. That may have been longer than hers, and a braid next to his ear on the right side. His glasses were rectangular and sleek, but appeared to be a bit squarer than William's glasses. He had a couple of earrings, lining the ridge of his ear and once on his ear lobe. From there she noticed that the majority of his suit jacket was a long fitted trench coat and it went down to mid-calf. Though, everything else, besides the skulled scythe still in her face, seemed to be uniform.

By then, which was two seconds after the fact, she was calmed down and she stated, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir."

The scythe was removed from her face and a laugh was heard as he stood up next to her, standing over her by five or six inches. She felt small compared to him, even though she was a bit taller than average for a woman. He smiled widely and said, "Do you know how boring it is to keep up appearances in front of everyone? I'm sure you don't because your memory has yet to come back to you. Ehehehe."

"What do you mean sir?" Lisa asked, wondering how anyone knew about her memory loss.

"Every Shinigami who was created the way you were can't remember anything about their human lives until they are at a certain age and power. I, though, can remember my life just fine, but that doesn't mean I care anymore~! Ehehe." the silver haired Shinigami stated as he went over to a bookshelf and gazed over at the spines.

"Created?" Lisa stated, without meaning to. She clamped her mouth shut and noticed that the man turned back to her with a smile.

"There are two ways for a Shinigami to be created: 1) By being born from a male and female Shinigami, and 2) When a human dies, with things left unfinished in their life, they come back to life as a Shinigami." her new teacher stated and then tossed something at her and when she caught it she noticed that they were black gloves, "That button on the cufflinks shows that you are now my student, but first," he came up to her and locked her elbow with his and sad, "Shall we go off to get your most important things?"

Lisa nodded and the man laughed again and said, "Let's be off then!" Lisa nodded, dumbfounded that such a well-respected man would act this way, but in the blink of an eye, they were in what appeared to be a square room, that looked as if it could fit ten people at most, with a table in the middle of it, but it was quite empty. She raised a brow but the Shinigami who had requested to teach her the ways of being a Shinigami just laughed but said rather calmly, and seriously, said, "You have to do this part by yourself Lisa. Close your eyes and let your mind wander and your choice of glasses and weapons will appear in front of you on the table."

Lisa nodded and did as she was told and soon she heard some shuffling around and she opened her eyes and saw that on the table was a pair of black glasses, but, upon closer inspection, she noticed that the black was just made up of intricate designs of living things, from natural to mythical. She put the glasses on and then looked at her weapon and noticed it was scythe that was quite… small. She picked up the end of the staff and held it up in between her forefinger and her thumb and then turned to her teacher with a raised brow.

"Ehehe. Wait a second while it registers to your soul." The legendary Shinigami stated.

Lisa looked at her weapon, and was about to ask why it was so small, but then it became quite large and Lisa almost dropped scythe that was just a tad bit smaller than the silver haired Shinigami's scythe. She looked at it with disbelief that it grew to such a size, but curiosity got the better of her as she looked at its entirety.

The blade, like the rest of her scythe, was only a tad smaller than her teacher's blade, but it was in no way inferior. It looked just as deadly, but it seemed to be more transparent than his were, which made Lisa think that hers was made out of some glass. As she looked at the section where the blade met the staff she was confused to see what seemed like the inside workings of the clock. She also noticed that the white, almost transparent, metalwork of the clock were encased in a glass container, which appeared to have a clock face on both sides that seemed to work while staying nearly transparent. Another shocking factor was that the metalworking was actually moving. That glass container seemed to easily broken to hold the staff to the blade, but like the blade and inner clock gears, it seemed to be metal and glass at the same time, but like her glasses, it was black with intricate deigns, but this time words were thrown in every now and again that she couldn't understand.

When she finally stopped admiring her weapon, she looked up at the male Shinigami and asked, "Is this normal?"

"Ehehe, why not so much anymore," he started as he led her out of the room, leaving her in wonder how she could hold onto her large scythe without feeling tired or even its weight at all. "When I first started my job, every respectable Shinigami, but like with clothing styles, scythes went out of fashion and more modern cutting tools were brought in." he sighed and then smiled, "But what I've noticed is that it takes a certain type of Shinigami to wield a scythe. Those modern weapons make things too easy and they lack style!" Lisa looked at him, confused and when he looked back at her, he said, "And I had a feeling that you would be able to wield one."

"And if I wasn't able," she asked aloud, but not intending to.

He laughed and said, "Why then I wouldn't be your teacher right now."

She widened her eyes and thought it was all luck she had gotten her scythe. All of a sudden, Lisa ran into his back and he said, "Oh silly me!" he turned to her and smiled, "I forgot to tell you how to shrink your scythe when you're not using it. And it seems your lucky your ears are already pierced." Lisa instinctively moved her hand to her ear lobes and that caused the man to laugh and he asked, "Why did you think I have mine pierced?" Moving his hair back to show his pierced ears, and for the first time she noticed a miniature of his own scythe hanging off his ear.

"Of course, only Shinigami with scythes are able to do this nowadays. With modern technology was lost some of the older magic of the Death Scythes. That man, William for example, his shears are out all the time, and he has to carry it everywhere. It would be such a hassle if we with scythe had to carry a weapon our size and wider than us everywhere."

Lisa put a finger to her chin in thought and said, "That would be quite troublesome."

The man nodded and said, "Like before, just clear your mind, but when it's cleared imagine your scythe smaller and it will happen." Lisa did as she was told and as promised a tiny scythe was in her hands and a little chain was at the end, which made it possible for her to hang it securely in her ears. Once it was one the man said, "Now that that's settled, how about we get to teaching you the rules?"

"Yes sir." Lisa said with a nod.

"Oh we can't have that," the man stated.

"Have what sir?" Lisa asked, eyebrow raised.

"That! You calling me sir! It's just too formal. How about you call me… hm… oh I go it! Ehehe, you can call me Undertaker!" the man stated.

"Why Undertaker?" Lisa asked him.

"Because~! My favorite undercover job in all my life was as an Undertaker!" the man stated and finished off with a laugh.

Lisa looked at him, showing only a bit of shock, but internally shook it off and said with a smile, "Alright. I'll call you Undertaker."

He nodded and then locked his elbow with hers and said, "Let's head to the training room then. If I stay in the library anymore I may get lost in the Cinematic records again."

She looked at him with a brow raised in question, but she smiled and shook her head as they left the library, drawing even more stares due to the presence of Undertaker, and headed off to her first day in Shinigami training.

(*)Okay… I probably ruined the second suit she is given into butchered size pieces so look at these two links: http: / fashionbombdaily . com/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2011/ 01/ Janet-Jackson .jpg and http:/ www. comparestoreprices. co. uk/ images/ sa/ savile-row-black-ella-suit-jacket .jpg (just remove the spaces) and combine the two pics. Really just look at the first one and then add, from the second pic, the suit jacket's sleeves don't show white, and imagine the vest underneath, hidden. It may not seem important now, but hey. It may later.