I've been listening to 8 in 8's Nikola Tesla song too much, and somehow it inspired me to write the following. Spoilers, for Pax Romana. This was written in an hour and unbetaed and I'm not happy with Helen's characterization, but I couldn't get any work done on my latest novel without getting this out of my system. I'm happy to take suggestions or make changes, as I am new to the Teslen fandom. I hope you enjoy!

Elaine Lowe/naiad

Helen was nervous, and she uncharacteristically fidgeted with her skirt as she perched on the sofa of her sitting room, watching as Nikola stared into the ruby depths of one of the better Chateau Latour's in her wine cellar.

"All right, Helen. Out with it. You've obviously hidden this wine from me for years, and if you are bringing it out to seduce me into one of your do-gooder missions, I'd best hear what madness I am about to be subjected to." He turned from the fireplace and pinned her with a smirk and a light in those blue-green eyes. "Unless of course you asked me to your rooms to seduce me. That wouldn't needed a bottle of the best, you know. A flash of your lovely legs and a whisper in my ear and I would be putty in your hands, dear."

She swallowed, and could not prevent the blush that rose to her cheeks. She should have made some witty comeback to slap him down as usual, but his words were a touch too close to the truth for her comfort.

His eyebrows rose, and he stepped closer to where she sat. "What? Did the thought of my body writhing with yours in the heights of pleasure distract you from your current plot? I may not be a vampire, but I assure you, I still have excellent stamina and I would be…"

"I…..I'm ovulating." She hadn't meant to put it quite so bluntly, but he shut his mouth with a click and his eyes widened considerably.


She almost giggled at the rare triumph of having Nikola Tesla speechless, but best be done with it. "As I have not ovulated in quite some time, I did some tests to determine that the cure I had in Hollow City for the ripping sickness seemed to have been a bit more radically effective than I would have guessed. Although my cells still have their normal longevity, my gametes have once again become fertile."

"That is…very interesting." Nikola sat down suddenly in an armchair, looking at her with a thousand questions in his eyes, none of which could find their way to his tongue.

"I am not sure how long this phenomenon might last, and I wish to take advantage of it while I can."

"You wish to freeze your eggs?"

"Still a bit risky. I would rather have a child now, rather than worry about the viability of any resulting embryos."

He swallowed again, "I assume that you are looking for a donor."

"No, I know who I want."

Fire surged in those eyes, and heat flooded her, making her damp with unexpected need. That was not what she had in mind, but…

"Are you asking me to father your child, Helen?"

"I would ask for a sample from you, yes. You would not have to…"

He leapt to his feet, still ridiculously graceful even without his vampire skills. "Dammit Helen! I suppose I was the most convenient. You wouldn't want a werewolf pup, and Huggy-bear is too clingy and would want to act like a father. Jacky boy is unstable and look how that worked out last time. So let's ask Tesla…he's an unemotional ass who would give me a cup full of sperm and walk away without a thought, especially now that he's a mere mortal."

"Nikola! It's not like that…"

"What Helen, did you never think that I would want to be a father? Or even a husband?" He walked to her and leaned in far too close, his lips temptingly close to hers. "I've read all my biographies, you know. They call me asexual, too obsessive for sex. It's true, I have no taste for whores and groupies were far too much work for too little benefit. None of them satisfied, so why bother. I did not have that much sex during my normal lifetime."

He backed away, leaving her aching for the kiss he'd come so close to giving her. "And why was it not a driving factor for me, as it is for most men? Because I was a vampire, who had iron control over such desires? No Helen."

He turned away from her, staring into the flames of the fire. "Vampires are not as in control as one would think. Not with their mate."

"Your mate?" she sucked in a breath, jealously soaring through her at the thought of him craving another woman. He'd once said that he loved her, though she'd not taken him seriously. Nikola was a master of manipulation – though he rarely outright lied. He loved her as a friend, as a sister perhaps…not the way she might….

"You, Helen. From the moment I saw you, the moment I smelled you, I knew, somehow. I was just too much of an inept, arrogant fool to do anything. I thought you would fall into my arms. Then came the Five, and John, damn him. You obviously did not share my need for you…and only you. But I had time."

He laughed, and turned to her, taking slow, measured steps as she leaned back into the couch, whether to escape him to draw him down to her she was not certain. "After my 'death', and all the time I spent running in the '40s, I spent some time enjoying myself in India. Most of the 1950s, in fact. I decided that if I was ever to woo you properly, I'd better damn well know what I was about. The priestess in certain sects of tantric practice are excellent teachers. I went through every piece of the Kama Sutra three times, just to be thorough, and some things that were too difficult for a mere mortal to be placed in that holy book. The priestesses wept when I left, and I think I might still be worshipped as some avatar. I assure you, I am not asexual."

She was panting, her thighs spreading as he came to stand so close, her eyes flickered down to his chest, his stomach, his hips and the bulge were his erection was pushing against the perfectly tailored black trousers. He leaned down again, his arms trapping her, caging her if she had had a thought to run.

"It's been a long time since then Helen, and I waited for you. But you never came. I was patient, Helen, and we had time. We had time to find each other, for you to realize who you were, for us to become what we were meant to be."

His lips hovered over hers again, "We don't have time anymore, Helen. I'm not going to wait." He pressed his lips to hers, and the heat that flared in her blood was staggering. Her arms curled around his neck and she pulled him down to press into her body. He kissed her with an expert skill combined with a passion that she'd only seen put into invention and discovery. All of his immense focus and devotion was hers, and she hadn't realized how much she coveted that. She opened her thighs and he pressed against her, his hardness against her slick heat, the wiry weight of him crushing her into the cushions of the couch. His arms circled around her and he stood suddenly, holding her with ease and still kissing her as he carried her into her bedroom, following her down onto the bed and kissing her neck as his fingers undid the buttons of her blouse. Her own fingers worked to pull his shirt from his trousers, and she cursed the layers of his waistcoat, shirt and undershirt.

He laughed and pushed himself up above her to look at her, her skin flushed, her blouse open and the pink of her bra visible. "Helen, let me love you. Let me give you what you want…all of it. A family."

She pushed at him, turning until she was over him, her blouse gaping wide and her eyes alight, "Why do you think I wanted your child, Niko? I respect you, I value you…I could have asked a hundred men. But I love you. But I never thought that…"

He put a finger to her lips. "I've always been yours, Helen. You just had to accept that before I could do anything about it."

Then there were no more words, just the rapid removal of clothing, the subtle fighting for dominance of position, and the worshiping of bare skin. He teased her nipples mercilessly, biting and sucking until he gave her the first orgasm from that alone. She scraped her nails down his back and made him growl, then cupped his testes and squeezed with just enough pressure to make him whimper and throb and thrust against her thigh with need.

He took his revenge with those long clever fingers which learned all her secrets with remarkable ease. The pressure as he circled her clit, the exact angle of his fingers pressing against her within, all of it had her gushing with climax. He licked up the fruit of his efforts with the relish he normally reserved for the finest of wines, his tongue strong and agile. His mask of selfishness did not extend to art of love, and he made her climax four times on his tongue and fingers before she had to beg him to enter her fully.

At the first thrust, she whimpered. It had been decades, and he held her close as she adjusted to him. She clung to him, tears in her eyes. She was not so alone now, but it would be no time at all until she lost him to age and death.

"We'll find a way, Helen. I can't leave you now. Never leave you."

She thrust her hips up, impaling herself completely, and his growl send pleasure racing through her just like electricity. In fact, it was…

"Niko? What are you doing to me?"

He smiled against her neck as he moved to kneel, pulling her with him until he held her in his arms with her perched on his thighs, him so deep inside of her she was breathless with it. "I'm loving you, Helen. With everything I am."

They both started to move, searching for that perfect rhythm they both knew they could find. Again and again they both found climax, but Nicola had truly made a study of sex, and his control was to her benefit. She lost count of her climaxes, or the positions he wrapped them into – pounding into her from behind, thrusting into her as she rode his hips, lazily sliding into her as he kissed her ankles where they perched on his shoulders. Finally, when she was at the limits of her spirit and her body could not hold any more pleasure, he came surging into her, and they both erupted in a cataclysmic torrent, shouting each other's names to the universe.

"Well, after that I think we should expect twins at least."

He cradled her into his side with unexpected tenderness, as she had not the strength nor the will to move.

She giggled…actually giggled, feeling freer than she had in a hundred years. "Possibly triplets."

"Oh dear…you might be right. Any abnormals particular good as nannies? I don't wish you to be too tired, my dear. I still have a lot of worshipping to do, you know."

"I'm sure we'll find someone, Nikola. Though given your insufferable intelligence and my looks, I'm afraid we'll be in a load of trouble."

"We'll enjoy the challenge, my dear. Thoroughly."