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Chapter 4

Mist removed her hand from Ce'Nedra's and made her way silently out of the room, her work done. The princess hardly noticed, her mind still a little overwhelmed at what she had just witnessed. The anger she had again felt in the moment of Garion's weakness was long gone, be replaced by a cocktail of emotions: immense pride for his courage, guilt for her doubts, wonder for his depth of understanding, all mixed inextricably but bound together by love. This deep love she felt was so strong that, even if Garion had succumbed to Zubrette, Ce'Nedra wouldn't have been able to hate him for ever. Perhaps if she had been younger, she might, but now life was too short and she knew just how much she cared for her husband. Even if his betrayal would have hurt her more than she wanted to imagine, she would, after a while, have steeled herself and concealed it for it would have been too painful a burden for her to bear to see him suffer as well as herself.

The next day when she checked on Garion's whereabouts the Rivan queen was confused and elated. Confused because he felt different compared to the other times, somehow less distinct, no matter how hard she concentrated. He only became clearer when she glanced over at the old wolfhound lying in front of the fire. Then she was elated because Garion felt nearly twice as near as he had the previous day and the only explanation for this sudden reduction of distance was that he wanted to get back to Riva, to her, as quickly as possible and this meant 'going wolf', as the sorcerers termed it. The baby cooed in his cot. Ce'Nedra picked him up and held him close. She took him over to the window and gazed out hoping, though it was impossibly early, to see her beloved husband's form, animal or human, on the horizon.

Garion, as a falcon, landed in a concealed inlet on the Isle of the Winds and changed back to his human form. Though the cold dawn wind chilled him to the bone and the clouds were a cheerless grey, he felt a vast peace fill him. He made his way up to the Citadel and he saw his beloved wife waiting for him at the top of the steps, carrying their newborn Garath. The wind made her unbound hair swirl around her shoulders but the rising sun illuminated her face and reflected off her copper curls. She was smiling. As he went to meet them, he felt that there could be no greater joy than that which he was feeling at that moment. He was home.

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