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It's the greatest show on Earth! Not. It's an absolute prison. My own personal hell. Joy. I've been stuck here for eleven years. Their own personal winged acrobat. People stare and clap. But nobody seems to notice the shock collar.

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Chapter One

Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman!

"Welcome! Ladies and Gentleman! To the most astounding show you will ever see! We've got everything folks! You won't be disappointed! And be sure to stop by the gift shop on your way out!"

I smirk. Way to flash an advertisement Charles. Bring home the money. That's all you ever care about.

"And now without further ado, I give you the Freaky but True traveling circus!"

I let out a sigh. Well there's my cue. I glance down at Charlie; fidgeting with the tight leotard he has me in. I may be thin as a stick, but this thing is just crazy uncomfortable.

"You're up Maxie. Blow'em away."

The voice in my ear says. I snarl back at it.

"I know, Henry, I've done this at least a thousand times. Half of them blindfolded. And my name is Max. Idiot."

And with that I launch myself of the 60-foot high ledge. Okay, Okay, I know what you're thinking. She's nuts! Wacko! Completely off her rocker! Her bottle of crazy sauce tipped over! Well, I'm not crazy for your information. I can fly. I'm serious. Remember the whole I'm not crazy thing before? Believe me. You see, I kind of have wings. Don't know how. Don't know why. Don't want to find out who. All I know is I'm in this stupid flipping' circus so people can gasp and point at me. Great life accomplishment right?

So yeah. That's why I threw myself off the ledge. Got it? Good.

I sped through the air. I heard gasps and screams all around me. I give a small sigh. Might as well not make them worry too much. I spread out my arms and snapped my wings out. I soared up and completed some spins and twirls. The crowd reacted just as planned. They gasped, and squealed and shouted with joy. I was about to end my routine. I was supposed to end up landing on an elephant. Cool right? Not when the elephant hates you. She seriously hates my form the bottom of her heart.

I go to land and she shuffles a bit. I settle down on the huge saddle she's wearing, but her slight movement causes me to stumble a bit. Not noticeable to the audience but obvious to Henry.

I flinch at the ripples of electric energy that flows from my neck. The shock collar. My "Punishment " for not performing up to par. I shake off the pain and plant the biggest smile I can manage on my face. I spread my arms wide, my wings out as far I could manage. The people were staring at me in awe. This was just my opening number. Just wait people; just wait 20 minutes for my act. I was the amazing Maximum Ride! Max for short.

I was the stunning girl with wings. The angel from heaven. The flying bringer of hope.

If only they knew.

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