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Dean couldn't help but stare at the letter in his hand in shock. He had its veracity checked three times, all by different people, but they all agreed on the same thing. The letter was legit, and therefore the information it contained was also true. He was a father, Dean Winchester was a father to a four year old little boy. He didn't even remember the kid's mom until he realized that she was British. He remembered thinking her accent was sexy, and her emerald eyes were enchanting.

He read the letter once more, hoping that the information would change. It wasn't that he hated the thought of being a dad, even at his age of 24, but he didn't think he would be good for the little boy. He sighed, and rubbed his eyes wearily. Apparently the kid's mom's lawyer had been trying to contact him for years to tell him that the chick and her husband were dead and that he had custody of his son, Harry James. The lawyer explained to Dean that the child was currently staying with his aunt, but the arrangement was temporary and would only stay in effect until the kid turned 5. When the kid's next birthday arrived, he would be celebrating in an orphanage.

Dean felt his heart ache for the boy. Not only did his mom and step-dad die, but his aunt was willing to put him up for adoption instead of raising him. At first he tied to justify the fact that his son's aunt was putting him in one, but after learning who the bitch was and how much money her family had, he couldn't even think about her without fury.

Dean stood up and paced. Harry's flight would be landing in ten minutes, his aunt having put him on a plane as soon as she heard that the lawyer found him. As soon as Dean was informed, barely an hour prior, he drove as quickly as possible to JFK International Airport. Luckily he was on a hunt nearby to the airport and could get there on time. Dean ran his hand through his hair, letting out a slow breath. He was lost. He didn't know how to be a dad; his own father was barely there for him when he was growing up. Sure he raised Sam, but he was ultimately Sam's brother, not father. It was moments like this when he needed his family, but as usual Sam was absorbed in his own little world, and his dad was out on a vengeance trip.

Finally the neon board announced that the 12 o'clock flight from London had arrived on time, signaling Dean to go by the gate to wait for his child. Dean was a nervous wreck. He could easily fight ghosts, and gank homicidal creatures, but putting him in an airport to get his son was ominous. He watched as some passengers exited, waiting anxiously for a little boy. When he finally spotted the child holding unto a stewardess' hand, he became both overcome with joy and rage.

His little boy was adorable. He seemed to have inherited his grandfather's black hair, and his mom's glowing green eyes. The kid was small, smaller than a four year old had any right to be, so small that Dean could practically see his bones through his porcelain white skin. Harry was wearing clothes 4 times too big, and he seemed to be squinting, unable to see properly. The kid looked around in shy curiosity. Dean could tell that he wasn't very used to large crowds, but he was brave and very curious about everything around him. Dean had a feeling that the aunt did not care for her charge while in her care, and that made him was to gank her like the beast she was.

He slowly made his way over to his boy and the stewardess, careful not to startle the youngest Winchester. The stewardess spotted him first, and watched him curiously as he made his way over. Dean pulled out his ID and shoved it in the stewardess' direction, more anxious to greet his son than anything. The little boy stared at him, his face guarded. Dean gave him a timid smile and held out his hand to the kid.

"Hey kid," Dean said, "I'm Dean Winchester, your…dad."

Harry looked at Dean searchingly; his green eyes seemed to stare into Dean's soul. The young father felt like he was being judged, but when he felt the mall boy's arms tentatively wrapped around his neck in a hug, he assumed that he must have passed. Dean wrapped his arms around the boy much more securely and he lifted him up as he stood. His son was startled for a moment before he laid his head on his dad's shoulder and started sucking his thumb. The stewardess smiled warmly at the duo.

"I'm glad you're together," she said, "His aunt is an awful woman." The lady seemed unable to help herself from sharing as she handed Dean his license back. "She practically threw him at me and washed her hands of him. Didn't even stop to make sure he was alright. He's a sweetheart."

Dean gave her one of his most charming smiles, "Must get it from his dad," he boasted cheekily.

The stewardess just smiled and patted Dean's cheek. She said, "Be good for your dad, here. It was lovely meeting you, hun." She then walked off leaving the duo alone for the first time.

Dean cleared his throat awkwardly, and picked up his kid's only bag. He then walked over to the parking lot to his Impala. He sat Harry in the backseat, mentally reminding himself to buy the kid a car seat, and put away the bag. He then climbed into the driver's seat, and began driving to the nearest motel. When they arrived, the kid was half asleep, so Dean had to carry him as well as their bags. They got a room, and Dean allowed the boy to finally drift off into a deep sleep. Dean couldn't help but stare at the kid in awe.

This was his flesh and blood child, a little person who had stolen his heart already. Dean never even considered loving another human being, let alone another male, as much as he loved his son. Dean carefully took off Harry's ratty shoes and too large pants, and tucked the toddler into bed. He decided against looking for his PJs, feeling that looking into the bag would piss him off too much. Dean would have torched the bag, but the kid could have something important in there. The new father thought about calling his father, Bobby, or Pastor Jim, but for some reason he felt like he wanted to keep Harry to himself for a while. Dean called for pizza and the child seemed to be waking up just as the delivery boy arrived.

"Good morning sleepy head," Dean teased as his boy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, "I hope you like pizza. I got cheese." He announced and then a horrible thought entered is head, "You can have milk products, right?"

The kid started sucking his thumb again, but nodded in reply. The duo settled back into silence, eating food. It looked to Dean as if the small child had never had pizza before, and he quickly hid his anger at the kid's aunt. Harry seemed to want to ask him something, but was too afraid to speak up.

"Don't be afraid to ask me anything, Harry. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make sure you get an answer." Dean said, and his son ducked his head and blushed.

Dean looked at Harry patiently waiting for his question. Harry seemed to be debating whether or not to ask when he suddenly gained a determined look on his face.

"Are you really my daddy?" he whispered, meekly.

Dean beamed at the small child. He couldn't get over his cute accent. "Yeah, I really am."

"But Aunt 'Tunia said my mommy and daddy got killed in a car cwash," he said, as if fearing punishment.

Dean reached out to comfort the boy, but he only flinched making Dean silently curse Petunia. "Your mom is gone, yes, and so is your step-dad. I'm your biological dad."

"Biololicool?" he asked, cocking his head like a puppy.

"It means that I helped your mom make you." Dean finally said after careful thought.


Dean chuckled at his cute expression, and asked Harry if he had anything important in his bag. Harry quietly nodded and pulled out an old ratty red blanket with the initials 'HJ' in the corner. He also pulled out a broken blue crayon and a broken, miniature, toy car, which Dean was surprised to note that it was similar to the Impala. Dean then dumped everything out of the lightly used bag, and asked Harry if he wanted to help him throw it out.

"But den I don't got nothing." Harry shyly protested.

Dean knelt down to Harry's level, and brushed his hand through the child's hair. This was the first act of loving contact that Harry ever remembered receiving, and he closed his eyes to savor it. Dean smiled sadly and impulsively pulled his son into a hug.

"You've got me now, Harry, and I will never let you be unhappy again." Dean whispered in his son's ear.

Harry looked at his dad and gave him a shy smile; one that looked very much like Dean's only less cocky. The two finished off the pizza before Dean announced that they were going shopping to buy Harry everything he needed. Harry put on his pants and shoes once more before taking his father's hand and following him out to the car. They both sat in their seats and Dean went to the nearest Walmart. They grabbed a cart, Dean put Harry into it, and he started shopping. Dean grabbed seven outfits for him as well as three pairs of shoes, a warm jacket, two sweatshirts, 2 pairs of PJs, and packages of underwear and socks. He then picked up a car seat, diapers, and a potty since Harry admitted that he didn't need diapers except for nighttime.

After paying for everything Dean helped Harry change into his new clothes. He was small, but at least he now looked better. Dean then put away everything, and took Harry to the toy store next door. Harry was overwhelmed by all the colors and noises and when Dean told him to choose some. Harry hesitantly picked out a few toy cars, and a big black stuffed dog. They went out for dinner at a local diner and when they got back to the motel, Harry went to sleep. Dean looked at his son and smiled at him. He wanted to give his son the best life possible, and he wasn't sure if having a hunter as a father would give him a good life. He finally decided that his son was the most important person in his life right now, and his dad and brother didn't need him as much as Harry did.

He decided to take Harry to Lawrence and buy a small house there. He would get a real job and sign Harry up for school. Dean decided that he could leave hunting behind until Harry was old enough to choose for himself. He would be unlike John and would accept any decision Harry made. Dean crawled into bed, next to his son, and fell asleep with the child in his arms.