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The Arrival- A Prequel- To A Second Chance

By SpiritedGhost

Two slayers:

Buffy Anne Summers & Faith Leon

Two souled vampires:

Spike & Angel

Two Watchers:

Rupert Giles & Wesley Windam-Price

One Key aka Buffy's little sister:

Dawn Summers

A Witch:

Willow Rosenberg

A Seer:

Cordelia Chase

A Carpenter:

Alexander (Xander) Harris

Location & Time: Living room of The Salvatore Boarding House- 12:01 A.M.

Traveler's point of view:

Ten sets of eyes stared in disbelief into the warm inviting flames of a roaring fire, of a fireplace. Ten weary travelers from an alternate dimension had just been given a second chance. They could never go home again it was not possible, for them this was it, this was all that was left. These 10 travelers, were exhausted they had just been put through and ordeal that if not for their strength of character, mentally and physically they sound be unconscious from exhaustion both mentally and physically and yet they all stood, with each passing second, they were becoming stronger and more sensitive to their surrounds and each stood up straighter as each second passed.

Slowly as if awakening from a dream, they smiled at one another, seeing for the first time since they clawed their way through the crack to this dimension, their new home, that they had all made it, seemingly intact.

Spike and Buffy where the first to move, throwing themselves into each other's arms, touching each other to make sure the other was okay, looking into each other's eyes and feeling along their mated link that each was okay, as their lips came together and met in a loving passionate way, Dawn was next to move, she came to them and hugged them to her fiercely, they kisses her forehead as the held on to her for dear life.

Angel and Cordelia came together much the same way, kissing each other and touching each other thankful that their mate's were safe. Each touch, each kiss showed anyone watching their love for one another.

Alexander Harris, know to his friends as Xander grabbed his girlfriend, Willow to his chest and stroked over her arms and then back up to her face cupping it lovingly in his hands. Her green eyes boring deeply into his brown as they lost themselves without conscious thought two sets of lips crashed together in relief and an affirmation of their love for one another.

The last couple came together in a frenzy, as lips and body's met simultaneously their love just admitted less than twenty four hours ago as Faith lay in a hospital recovering from what should have been a fatal wound to her back, just above the kidneys courtesy of a demon's attacking claws. Wesley was so pleased that his girlfriend was alive and recovering told her he loved her and she broke down in his arms at that moment and took the chance that scared her and told him she loved him as well, when he moved to kiss her and gather her injured body into his arms, she knew she had found the home in his arms she had been seeking her entire adult life.

The last to move was the other watcher, Rupert Giles. He immediately went out and sought the comfort of his slayer and her family, he embraced them and then stepped back to survey, then ensuring to himself that they were all intact and well he took in a much needed emotional breath. These ten had literally saved their world from destruction. The prophecy was diverted and their home was safe, the price was high, they could never go back. These ten where all that was left, it was enough, they had each other and that was all they needed to survive.

Location & Time: Living room of The Salvatore Boarding House- 11:59 P.M.

Occupant's point of view:

An uncommonly handsome man, with dark short shaggy hair, startling blue eyes, dressed all in black, sat with a drop dead gorgeous brown haired beauty in his lap, she was wearing a blue t-shirt that came down to her knees and nothing else, she was curled around his body, kissing him with a frenzy. The comforting flashes they had both come to expect whenever they became intimate connected them in a way that neither had ever known. From that first tender kiss they had both shared just 4 months ago. Their souls were connect and nothing on this planet or any other could ever shatter what they shared. The man appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, the girl mid twenties. As the kiss ended so did the images and they smiled lovingly at one another. Leaning forward and down to her chest he moved faster then humanly possible and kissed then bit down on the pebbled nipple of her right breast as he massage her left in his hand, teasing her till she thought she would lose her mind. She let out a loud moan, that could be heard throughout the large room and then ground down on his now hard member causing him to hiss and moan. Gripping the hair at the nape of his neck and releasing her breast from his hand, he tugged her head back and looked into her eyes smirking and arching an eyebrow and spoke softly his voice heavy with hunger, "Your evil!"

Looking into his blue eyes, "I could leave if you want." Her own voice heavy with the same hunger. "I could go stay at Caroline's or Bonnie's house. I mean if this is too much for…."

Before another word could escape her lips his lips crashed into her's and met them with an equal amount of lust, then he slowly broke away, and breathlessly she said, "or I could just stay."

Not saying a word he lovingly and hungrily smiled at her, causing her to melt even more then she already was and he arched that damn eyebrow and she was totally helplessly lost in her lover once more.

"Okay, princess, I need a drink and I want you to stay just as you are. Don't move an inch from this spot, I will be right back." With that said he lifted her and stood, putting her back down, smirking at her, he mouthed the word, "Stay!" Pecked her lightly on the lips and moved to the liquor cart and poured himself a scotch, watching her he took a sip. Then put it down and made her a virgin sea breeze and added just the right amount of Tabasco sauce to it, reached into the ice bucket and added a generous helping of ice cubes got his own drink and returned to her, putting the drinks down on the end table next to the chair she occupied he picked her up sat back down and brought her back to his lap.

She smile lovingly at him and kissed him softly, "Thank you love." She picked up her drink and took a sip. Smiling at him she said, "Perfect!" then she put the drink back down and watched this man's face that to her represented a Greek God.

Taking her face in his hands his lips ghosted over hers as he said in a husky soft voice, "My thoughts exactly." As he went back to her lips and started to deepen the kiss and started to stroke her right breast and then pinching down hard on her nipple teasing her the way she like, soft enough to drive her to distraction and just hard enough to offset the pleasure with delicious sweet pain. She hissed in pleasure as once more he claimed her lips. As his eyes started to slowly shut, giving into the pleasure her body and the mews coming from her throat always brought to him, he felt an almost imperceptible breeze coming from in front of the fireplace.

His lips left hers. Her eyes opened searching his seeing that he was apparently looking at something or listening to something outside of her range of senses, she turned to see what he was looking so intently at. She took in the empty space between them and the fireplace. "Honey, what do you see, there's nothing there?"

He covered her mouth with his finger tips and shushed her simply saying, "Wait for it!" She looked at him puzzled but trusting his enhanced senses she still held her arms around his body burrowing deeper into him and watched.

Location & Time: Living room of The Salvatore Boarding House- 12:01 A.M.

Third person perspective:

As the couple sitting on the chair waited for what the dark haired blue eyed man was sure was coming and what his lover had no clue as what to expect, it began to happen.

Translucent ghostly shapes began to take shape in front of the fire place. A gentle breeze came out of nowhere, the ghostly figures all appeared facing away from the couple watching. Said couple sat in silence and as disturbing as what was happening before their very eyes where, they were handling it well. Not a hint of panic was evident in the way they sat, just curiosity. They each took a sip of there drinks as they waited for whatever was happening before their eyes to play itself out. The supernatural was not lost on either of these two, so they waited taking comfort in each others arms.

The translucent shapes started to take form and slowly ever so slowly solidified. For an instant the lights dimmed then jumped back to normal intensity and 10 figures stood in the middle of the living room all facing the fire place. To say they seemed disoriented would be an understatement. At first they appeared to be gasping for breath and staring, or the man watching assumed they were staring because of their body language, at the fire place, that made sense to him as they did just materialize in front of it. As he watched they started to become animated with one another seeing if they were all okay, some touching one another almost as if they were trying to reassure themselves that they were all in one piece.

The woman in his arms looked on at the new arrivals, with fascination and only fascination. She showed no outward sign that this was disturbing to her, if it was, anyone looked would not be able to tell. In reality these two should have gotten up and ran from the room screaming and pulling the hair out of their heads but that was simply not the case instead, this was almost like a calm before the storm. They just sat together watching.

The travelers once satisfied that they were all together started to get there bearings. When the one tiny woman with red hair turned to look behind her, her eyes went wide as she opened her mouth and the only sound to come out of it was, "EEEEP!"

As a group the travelers all turned as one and could only look on at the couple that was sitting on the chair staring at them. These Ten people went into a protective crouch not knowing what to expect only knowing they had to be ready for anything. Even though the tension was evident in the way these ten stood protectively of each other, they had a calm about them of course it could have been the shock of what they had just experienced or it could have been the way they naturally reacted to the unknown.

A man with black short hair, a black shirt, black low cut jeans, and beautiful black shoes. Is sitting in a chair holding a glass filled with some kind of liquor and a beautiful brown short haired girl in his lap snuggling against him. Looking with wide eyed innocence at these ten strange people. She has no idea how they did what they just did, but oddly enough she is not disturbed by it, their aura which she can plainly see, is non threatening and as exhausted as these ten people look and as beat up, she senses no danger at all just a sort of relief and perhaps a bit of shock.

The girl looks at her boyfriend or is it husband kisses him on the cheek and says in a sweet voice, "Honey, who are your friends and how did they get in here?"

She unfolds herself from him and stands up, she is about six foot tall, pretty, short brown hair light makeup, a blue t-shirt that comes down to her knee's and nothing else.

The man stands and moves next to his girlfriend, he is extremely good looking; his eyes narrow as he tries to figure out what he has just seen, but doesn't seem to be bothered by it in the least almost as if the supernatural is an everyday occurrence to him. So instead of feeling threatened he smirks at the ten strange people in front of him and says in a rather bored voice, "My name is Damon Salvatore, this is my girlfriend Isabel Evans. You are standing in the middle of my Boarding House and you just appeared out of thin air. I have never seen you people before in my life so I am going to ask you four simple questions. Who are you? What are you? How did you get in? And where are you from?" He tilts his head slightly to the right looking at them all, deciding what he is going to do as he awaits an answer.

While he awaits his answer, Isabel, looks at the 15 year old her eyes are wide she is scared and Isabel can feel it. She looks at Buffy, the blonde slayer next feeling her puzzlement and confusion, then senses her strength and Izzy backs up a step. She does the same to all of them, then takes a step back and touches Damon on the hand, thinking to him, ~Honey, your scaring the little girl and they don't understand where they are or how they got here either, so be nice! They are disoriented to say the least. Lots of confusion but nothing that indicates they mean harm in any way, the blonde one is just posturing to protect the others~.

The man named Damon nods to his girl friend.

Buffy recovers first. Not sure how she is supposed to answer those questions so she simply points up to the sky and says, "We come in piece!" And smiles politely.

Isabel starts to laugh at the answer, Damon smirks at her and shakes his head in amusement.

Giles looks like he has seen a ghost, Wesley is just plain in shock, Faith stands next to her sister slayer ready to fight her way out if she has too, Cordelia reaches for Angel's hand. Spike stands and moves slightly in front of Dawn and reaches for Buffy's hand. Willow leans against Xander because she is exhausted and has no clue how she is suppose to react to this.

His blue eyes show he is up to mischief as the one named Damon, say's, "Good to know!"


Yes a cliff hanger. (smirks) This story is a triple cross over BTVS/TVD/Roswell. (Try saying that three times really fast) it picks up at the end of my story entitled, "Discoveries" Which is found in The Buffy The Vampire Diaries fanfiction center. It is a pre-quell to the story called, "A Second Chance". It picks up around the fourth or fifth chapter of that story. This part will also be posted in Roswell's fanfiction center. I am drawing from a wide audience. I hope I don't disappoint. (grins) You should read at least the last chapter of Discoveries to understand how they arrived here in this dimension, Yes I said this dimension. It will make sense if you read it. Otherwise they will explain what happened to them and how they got here. There are a couple of back stories going on in this story and I promise they all tie together in a way that will astound you. The story that I am also writing called, "A Second Chance" may be taken down and then put back up in the next couple of day's. How these people all come together has changed a bit, when I decided to add the Aliens of Roswell to it. So come along for the ride, tell me what you think so far and I will reward you very soon with another chapter. Press the button at the bottom of the page and tell me what you think, I compel you!