Chapter two- We All Fall Down:

Spike watches the dark haired man closely feeling that if either of them is a threat it would be him. His own steel blue eyes piercing into a similar set, of blue eyes, neither willing to back down from the others gaze. Spike extends his vampiric senses and finds the man before him is a kindred spirit a vampire, but not exactly like how he once was or how Angel is now. The man is a different breed of vampire. He then casts his gaze and senses on the woman, he smiles at her and once again extending his senses he finds she is not entirely human there is something else about her and he doesn't think she is a demon, she just feels off. He looks back to the one who called himself Damon.

"So, Damon is it and your bird here is Isabel?" He asks in a calm voice, trying to figure out just where they all are and how these two are going to relate to them in the future.

Damon smirks and takes a step forward, Isabel, grabs his hand and squeezes it and after four months of being with her boyfriend she knows his body language so she sends a thought along their link **Honey, play nice!** His body relaxes imperceptibly to anyone other than her as he continues to smirk and tilts his head a fraction of an inch to the left.

"Yes and you would be?"

"They call me….." Before he can finish a scream is heard from Dawn.

"Spike…." Then her voice sounds like she is broken, losing strength, "I don't feel so well," he is beside her in less time than it takes to blink and catches her as she drops, much like a marionette that has had its strings cut.

He is on one knee and he looks up in to the very concerned face of his mate, he takes a fraction of an instant in time and looks to his fellow travelers and what he see's is beyond anything he has ever witnessed and for someone that has just crossed over into another universe, another dimension, faced down a hell goddess, faced the vampire trials, redeemed his soul, and became a human/vampire hybrid capable of walking in sunlight that is saying a lot. This however is beyond his ken and he truly hopes they are all going to live through it.

He watches as if time has come to a crawl, almost like watching an ant, climbing a sheer wall. His family and friends are all falling down in the slowest of motions. Then in the blink of an eye, he looks up with disbelief and realizes his friends are all unconscious on the ground. With the exception of Buffy who simply say's, "Spike, what did you do?" She is smiling at him, he knows it is an old joke and it is her way of dealing with an impossible situation. That is the last thing she has time to say as she too, hits the ground and is unconscious.

As his own eyes start to roll up into his head, he gasps and say's so quietly that anyone with anything other than enhanced hearing would never have caught it, "Buffy. Oh bloody hell, this can't be good!" He hits the floor face down and remains unmoving.

Damon and Isabel look at each other not comprehending what has just happened. Finding his voice first Damon say's, "Iz, you did see that?" She nods at him and releases his hand and goes to check on the ten arrivals.

As she is checking them for signs of life, Damon grabs his phone and hits his speed dial for a number he rarely uses but figures he needs her and she can alert the others while he tries to sort this out. The phone rings and is picked up on the second ring, much to his relief. Not unexpectedly however the owner of said voice does not sound thrilled to get this call.

"Damon, what do you want?"

"Nice to hear your voice too, Sabrina. Unfortunately this is not a social call. As much as it pains me to say this," he pauses for a second as he does his famous eye roll thing and then continues, "I need you here, NOW!"

She say's in a dry irritated sounding voice, "What did you do now, Damon?"

"Listen Judgie why do you have to assume I did something."

"Because the only times you ever call me are to clean up your messes."

"Point taken, but it's not me this time."

Her voice filled with panic she asks, "Is it Elena? Did something happen to her?"

"No it's not….."

Before he can complete the sentence she runs right over anything he might say, "Did you hurt Isabel? Damon, I swear to god, I will end you if you hurt her."

In an irritated voice he snaps at her before she can continue, "Listen you little witch, you owe me. I need you at the boarding house, now and you know I would never hurt her. So get over yourself and call the others and get your cute little ass over here. NOW!" he growls out the word now and then disconnects from the call.

He grumbles under his breath, "I should have ended her when I had the chance."

Taking a deep unneeded breath he moves over to his lover and puts a hand on her shoulder as she places one of her hands over his and gives him a reassuring smile, "I will talk to her when she gets here ok?"

He smirks at her and rolls his eyes, her stomach clenches as it always does when he does that. God if they didn't have to deal with this, whatever this is, she would slam him up against the nearest wall. Her face and neck turn beat red at the thought and he can smell her arousal.

"Princess, " He says in a seductive voice that causes her to shiver. "Any other time, I would love it."

He winks at her and then looks down at their uninvited guests, "Will they live?"

"I have no idea Damon. They have strong pulses they are breathing no real injures that I can tell except for the obvious collection of bruises they all seem to have and you know the fact that they came out of nowhere. I need Liz and Max."

"I told Judgie to bring them all."

"I heard, I also heard what else you said to her. Why do you have to push her buttons?"

He stands up and brings her with him and cups her face in between his two hands looking into her eyes, "God, I love you. Any other time, I would show you just how much I love you but I suspect this is not the time."

Her heart rate literally sky rockets out of control, her mouth goes dry and her eyes glaze over in lust. She swallows almost forgetting to breathe as her lips crash into his. She forgets everything for a moment lost in him. The scent of scotch on his breath in his mouth on his tongue, as hers battles against his, she can taste it, her body pressing desperately against his. She whimpers into his mouth begging him silently to take her. Ever since the first night, she can never get enough of him, he was hers and she was his and right now she wanted what was hers.

Damon let his hands ghost down from her face to her neck as she ground against him begging him silently. He could smell her, his Isabel, his little princess. His hands found their way between their bodies as they filled with her breasts and his hands squeezed with the delicious feel of their fullness and her rock hard nipples.

She started to slide her right hand from his shoulder as she felt him tease her breasts her hand trailed down the outside of his body to its destination as if it had a mind of its own. She needed to feel him.

As he felt her cupping him between his legs he gasped into her open mouth and then snapped himself begrudgingly back to reality, this was not the time or place and he knew it and had to stop it. He released her breasts from his hold on them and gripped the hair at the nape of her neck with one hand and pulled her head back. She whimpered against the loss of pressure from his lips and the taste of his tongue against hers. Her dark smoldering brown eyes looked into his and then she realized what she had been about to do and blushed even brighter and shrugged at him sheepishly.

Her voice still filled with desire, her body still wanting everything and anything he was capable of giving to her, she said, "I guess this isn't the time, huh?"

"Princess," he sighed as he placed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes.

"Sorry," she said softly. "I don't know what came over me. I know this is not the time. We have to figure this out don't we?"

Letting out a shaking breath getting his own emotions and body under control he kissed her softly and then turned with her and looked out over the floor and saw ten people lying in a crumpled heap, showing no signs of life. Then he looked back at her and smirked, "No I think we definitely have to figure this out."

Two moments later, Bonnie burst through the door with Stefan and Elena in tow and came to an abrupt halt as she took in the sight before her. Damon and Isabel caught in an intimate embrace, scattered on the floor were ten bodies in various conditions.

Stefan and Elena chose that moment to collide with the back of Bonnie as they also took in the sight, the three of them staring at the scene before them not even knowing what to say or think.

At that moment Alaric chose to enter saying, "So Damon, what is the big emergency?" He froze at the sight before him.

Damon just looked sheepishly at those on the ground then up to his friend's face and rolled his eyes, as if to say, I didn't do it.

As Damon was thinking I didn't do it four more of the group arrived. Max led the way followed by his wife, Liz and her best friend Maria, with Michael bringing up the rear. No words were needed between these four as they were so strongly connect with one another. Isabel and Damon shared the connection with these four just as strongly. Isabel because she was also a hybrid not to mention Max's sister. Damon shared it by default with his being so strongly bonded to Isabel, something Bonnie had tried to explain away as two souls united - as twin flames. All very mythical sounding, Bonnie being Bonnie couldn't just have admitted that they were soul mates she had to do the twin flames thing.

Liz heard her sister in laws thoughts first, help?

Liz sent warm calming emotions of love and assurance along the link as she made her way into the room followed by the others and started to check on the ten fallen forms before her. All four of them started checking and could find nothing wrong with them, they were breathing all appeared to have strong pulses except for one (Angel), while he was in fact breathing he had no pulse. Liz looked at Max questioningly and moved over to his wife and checked the one without a heartbeat. Then just shook his head and stood facing Damon and Isabel. His face was unreadable he wanted answers and he was in King mode. He just stared at them and Isabel was the first to glance away from his gaze, Damon was having none of it and stared him down as he gripped Isabel's hand in his.

Maria was staring at the body of the youngest female. She couldn't take her eyes off of her. Michael noticed the look on her face.

"Maria, what's wrong?"

"Michael don't you see it? It's all around her kind of like a halo."

He shook his head and answered her. "Honey all I see is a little girl lying on the ground, what do you see?"

She turned to Liz, "Lizzy you see it right. She is so beautiful and she's covered in it."

Turning to look back at the little girl, Liz just shook her head. "Honey, I don't see anything but a little girl on the ground."

Maria just continued to stare and said nothing, she was shocked she had never seen something like this before and just didn't have words to adequately describe what she was looking at so she remained silent.

As if all the new arrivals had the same thought at once they turned to Isabel and Damon for answers. Damon just pulled Isabel tighter to him tucking her into his side, protectively. She started to bite her lower lip, she really had no answers.

Finally as Michael was about to ask, two more people entered laughing at something one of them said and then came to a confusing halt as their eyes both went wide and the dark haired male of the two winked at his blond companion, started to open his mouth to speak.

Before he could utter a word, Caroline walked up to both Damon and Isabel and poked him hard in the chest and glared at Isabel, "What did you two do to them and who are they?"

Damon and Isabel gaped at the blond before them in shock before Isabel asked her, "Why do you think we did anything to them?"

Caroline snorted and rapid fired her way through a myriad of explanations and question, "Oh, please, Izzy your with him and he always causes trouble so your guilty by default." Looking quite pleased with herself she continued rounding on Damon, "You need to stop corrupting her. Kyle say's she was a quiet, reserved girl before you came into her life. She herself admits that she didn't even really think about sex until you got your claws into her and now all she wants is sex. Then we all get these telephone calls from Bonnie saying Damon did something bad again and we needed to get home. Ya know we were having lunch. You owe me lunch. Now there are like," quickly does the math in her head, "ten strange bodies on the floor who are unconscious. So what did you two do to them? And who are they?"

Damon moves faster than the human eye can follow and cover's Caroline's mouth with his hand and hisses at her, "Blondie, stop talking! You are giving me a headache." He uncovers her mouth and she tries to speak. Recovering her mouth his voice is full of fury. "Caroline, I mean it shut up!"

She nods and he lets her go, she goes straight into Kyle's arms and says, "Meany." She continues to glare at Damon.

From were Isabel is standing red faced she huffs and crosses her arms over her chest pouting she says, "Why do you people always blame everything on the Vampire and the Alien?"

Liz and Max turn as one to look at Izzy in disbelief. "Did you just ask that," demands Max. "Isabel you two were the only ones here and you called us all for help!"

Damon puts his chin on top of Isabel's head and mutters, "Good point! Now if we could all just get back to the matter at hand and move on." He holds up his hand to silence them and continues, "however before you all start talking at once and Sabrina over there is tempted to give me an aneurism for harming human's in her town. They just appeared out of nowhere and shortly thereafter fainted. We have no idea who they are or where they are from. We are as shocked as you are."

Marie continues to stare at the younger one on the ground then looks back up at Michael and whispers, "She is glowing, green. The same color energy Liz and Max use for shields. What does that mean Michael?"


Seemed as good a place to stop as any! Questions left unanswered to be answered at another time. Are Damon and Isabel actually in trouble? Would Isabel really let Bonnie hurt Damon? Have you noticed how everyone got to speak but St. Stefan, Elena and poor Kyle? I say poor Kyle because the woman he loves is an eternal 17 year old vampire that has a tendency to have word vomit. Don't worry loyal readers all this and more will be cleared up in the next chapter called, The Powers Are Coming, The Powers Are Coming: The Powers To Be. Which actually might leave you with more unanswered questions? Ya never really know with me, well I know but you aren't suppose to yet. (Oh my god, Caroline has infected me with her damn condition. Until next time gentle readers and in the mean time if you could find it in your heart to review I will send you a cookie. Thank you ever so much.