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Alec propped his chin on his knee as he watched Magnus chat with the ice cream vendor. Ice cream had a different name in France, but he couldn't remember what it was. His lessons in foreign languages hadn't included much in the way of sweets.

But Magnus had insisted that, after Italy, France had the best ice cream in the world, and Alec had been more than willing to oblige. He was hungry after the action a little over an hour ago.

He felt a slow blush creeping to his face as he recalled the events of the morning. Somehow Magnus had coerced him into a second romp on the bed (their first being the previous night,) and though Alec would have ordinarily thought it a waste of precious sightseeing time, Magnus's lazy vacationing attitude was starting to rub off on him.

Also, what they'd been doing could hardly be considered a waste of time.

But still–twice! In less than a day's time! What would his mother say about such a carefree schedule?

Actually, it would probably be best to leave his mother out of this kind of thing.

Shuddering, he turned back to Magnus, who was watching the ice cream being scooped with wide, childlike eyes. He was really kind of cute when he got excited about something. Alec smiled, shifting his body to get a better view.

Magnus turned to check on Alec, and when he saw him staring, shot him a wink across the courtyard. Naturally, the usual blush popped up, but a wave of pleasure went through him, as well. There was something exciting about knowing that wink was for him.

"Hey," Magnus said, at Alec's side in a flash. His movements were probably a little too fast for a normal person, but Alec put it aside. He could worry about secrecy later.

"Hey," he replied, taking the cone Magnus outstretched. Naturally, Magnus's ice cream was at least seven different colors, with almonds and sprinkles thrown in, seemingly at random. He'd been horrified when Alec told him he just wanted vanilla. As a compromise, he'd made Alec get a cone dipped in chocolate sprinkles.

"What were you doing over here?" Magnus asked, taking a seat beside Alec and stretching his long legs out in front of him. "You looked pretty wrapped up in thought."

Alec shrugged.

"I was thinking about you, mostly."

Magnus's eyes widened at this, and he got that childish look on his face again.

"Really?" he asked, his cat's eyes sparkling. Alec nodded.


Magnus shrugged delicately, turning to his ice cream.

"Nothing. It just makes me happy."

"I think about you a lot," Alec admitted, and at Magnus's surprised expression, his face turned red. He decided to focus on eating his ice cream.

"Really," Magnus said again, this time sounding a little cautious, like he was afraid if he said the wrong thing, Alec might change his mind. Alec just nodded, still bright red.

"I just…" He paused, oddly nervous. "I...I think about you. Even when you're not around. I guess it's because...because…"

Magnus's eyes were practically the size of his head as he waited for Alec to finish.

"...because I love you."

Alec's voice was barely above a whisper, but that didn't seem to matter to Magnus. He stared at Alec, his hands shaking slightly, like he wasn't sure what to do with them.

"Baby," he whispered, his golden eyes so full of emotion Alec couldn't look away. He reached out a hand, tentatively, as if he was afraid Alec would back away, and brushed his cheek. His touch was soft, gentle. Then, in front of the whole world (or at least the whole courtyard of tourists,) he leaned in and kissed him.

And for once, Alec didn't panic. He didn't sit there, too stunned to respond. And he certainly didn't push him away. He immediately scooted closer to Magnus on the bench, using the hand that wasn't holding his ice cream to take the back of Magnus's neck, deepening the kiss. Magnus moaned into his mouth.

"Alec," he breathed, when they broke apart for air. He looked completely stunned. "Where did all this come from?"

Alec blinked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you're usually not about your feelings. Not in public, anyway. Well, especially not in public, I should say. You're still pretty quiet about romantic stuff in private…"

"Magnus," Alec said, interrupting him mid-rant, glancing down at the bench as he ran a scuffed shoe along the ground. He lifted his eyes to meet Magnus's. "Has anyone ever told you that you talk to much?"

Magnus looked a little baffled, but his face quickly broke out into a smile.

"Many, many people," he answered, closing the distance between their faces again. "Sadly, I have a tendency not to listen to good advice."

Despite this, he met Alec's lips again, effectively ending the conversation. And, while many thoughts ran through Alec's head before they were taken over by the feeling of kissing Magnus, one note of pride in particular stood out:

He wasn't even tempted to blush.

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