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Everything's Changed

She couldn't believe it was over. Klaus was dead. He was finally dead. But it wasn't without a price. He wasn't some ordinary Vampire they could just stake. He was an original, and it was stupid and naive of her to ever think they would get through this scott-free.

The list of casualties was high. John, to everyone's bewilderment, didn't make it. No one thought he could die. Elena still didn't believe it. It wasn't the fact that he had died that made it so hard to accept, though that was definitely part of it. It was how he died. He had died saving Alaric, Alaric of all people! He had taken off his ring and gave it to him, costing him his own. Now Elena had lost the last parent she had.

Alaric was still in the hospital. Klaus had not treated his body well when he took it for a joyride. He was bruised, battered, and broken. The doctors said he would be out in a couple of weeks but would need someone to care for him. That's where Jenna stepped up to the plate. She was still upset and hurt by the secrets, but now that she knew the whole truth, understood why they didn't just come out and tell her. Alaric would still be in the dog house if he hadn't been hurt so badly. All Jenna wanted to do now was keep him safe. She was holding it together—barely. Anyone could see that she was shaken to the core, but she refused to let it affect her. She decided to be the strong one since she was useless in trying to defeat Klaus. This was all she could do.

Bonnie had saved them in the end. Using the information Jonas had given, she was able to overcome Klaus. It wasn't without a price though. She's been in a coma ever since from the strain of it. No one knew if she would ever wake up. She wasn't even supposed to survive using that much magic; it was a miracle she was still breathing. Elena could only pray for another such miracle.

Jeremy was mostly undamaged. Though he had broken his arm and gained a concussion that forced him to spend a couple of nights in the hospital, he was intact. Physically, anyways. Now he spent all his time in the hospital by Bonnie's side, watching over her with a solemn, tender gaze.

Matt. Elena still hadn't stopped crying over him. He wasn't supposed to be there. He had just shown up. Ever since his discovery of Caroline he seemed to do that… As if the answers she had given him weren't enough. Caroline locked herself away, refusing to talk with anyone, and accepting no visitors but Tyler. Tyler had come back when his mother was admitted to the hospital; dragging him, at first unwillingly, into the fight as well. He tried his best to comfort Caroline, but there was nothing that could be said or done to ease the pain.

Sheriff Forbes, now fully aware of the secrets her daughter had been hiding, spent her time cleaning up the mess that Klaus left in his wake. Bonnie had cast a spell to reawaken the memory of the last time she discovered Caroline's secret, stopping her from staking everyone. She was still protecting her town from Vampires, but now alongside the Salvatore's.

Katherine had always been there. Elena has had to deal with her since the beginning, but now that she's dead, actually not coming back to life, full on dead, it seemed to engulf everyone in an ocean of tension. Damon didn't love her anymore, but it was an undeniable truth that at one point in his life, she was his whole world. He mourned for her in his own way. He needed time, and as much as he said it didn't affect him, the drinking said otherwise.

And to Elena's utter disbelief Katherine's death had revealed that Stefan had indeed loved her. That didn't bug her so much—if he had loved her, fine—it was the lying about it that caused the blowout between them. Every time he had said it was "all compulsion", that he had "never loved her", it was a lie. There had been one too many lies with Stefan, small, insignificant ones, that individually held no merit, but when put together became a huge mesh of dishonesty that Elena found herself drowning in. This last one was the straw that broke the camel's back. She couldn't do it anymore. She could understand why he had lied in the beginning about being a Vampire, but once that had come out there was no reason to lie about anything anymore. She could handle it. He just didn't believe she was strong enough. His "Perfect Elena" was too delicate to handle his world.

So now she sat here with a couple of bags of blood and a new suit, as she worked up the nerve to pull out the dagger from Elijah's chest. Many different scenarios ran through her head, the first being he'd just snap her neck on the spot. Second was he'd torture her and make her suffer. However, there was the possibility that he'd at least give her a chance to explain why she had done what she did. All she wanted was the opportunity to tell him how sorry she was. She had sworn to herself that once Klaus was dead she'd bring him back. She had already waited until everything had settled down, and now there were no more excuses she could make as to why she couldn't bring him back. She just had to take a chance.

So here she was, standing over his mummified corpse.

With a swift jerk the knife was out and tossed to the floor, skidding to the side of the room. There was nothing left to do but wait.

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