A/N: I always wanna write cross with NCIS and SG-1 (especially with Daniel & Tony). So... after talking with my friend we come up with something like this. I want to say THANK YOU to Yarrow&Inez for helping me and special thnx for jackwabbit for all support you give me!
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Chapter One - Yellow suprise

It was a beautiful spring morning in Colorado Springs.
I ran down the sidewalk, wearing sports clothes, checking my watch constantly.
"For god's sake, Jack!" I sighed helplessly, as I stopped and bend. I took a few deep breaths to normalize breathing and slow the rapid heartbeat. For years I knew that Jack has a very specific sense of humor, but to force me to take a few free days to, as he put it, 'do some spring cleaning and keep fit', has been a small exaggeration on his side.

The heck, I'm an archaeologist, not a military man.
Jogging is Mitchell's speciality but Jack and, of course, Dr. Lam insisted that I should work on improving my current form. But you see, I haven't noticed anything wrong with my condition to begin with. Of course I knew Jack and I knew that it's just their way to make sure I will come out of my house, breathe fresh air, socialize... yeah, like I need it. Like... really?

Jack really knew how to act like a proverbial 'mother-hen' and sometimes it was difficult to get through his tinny head with the message that I am already forty-six years old and for more than seventeen years I worked for a secret government project and that I really, really know how to take care of myself. I am no longer this small, shy, insecure Danielboy that is afraid of his own shadow.
I straightened up and slowly trotted off in the direction of my house - yes, HOUSE, because after so many years my previous apartment was unable to hold the contents, such as books, gifts and souvenirs from the missions, diaries and all these things that are necessary for archeologist-linguist.
I turned left, crossed the street and after a while I was in front of my home. I immediately noticed a large, yellow envelope on the mat next to my door.
Oh... Not good...
I stopped, looked around and when I was sure that nobody else was around, I took the envelope and went into the house. I could only hope that this wasn't a bomb. I pulled out a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and slowly opened the envelope.


"A... what?" Jack choked on coffee, which he just took a sip of, as he was not prepared for what he heard from me. Lucky thing that he didn't spit it on me in shock.
I sat with my blue eyes fixed on the General as if I expected that he would jump out with a sensible plan. Sometimes he was good at it.
"Jack... this is serious," I began slowly. Gee... after so many years I know how to approach old crafty fox.
"I know" he threw when he gathered his wits about him after digesting this information. "But how can you be sure?"
"And for what are you General?" I asked with an innocent face, looking at O'Neill. Sometimes I need to butter up Jack. He just smacked his lips loudly. My friend knew that's important for me.

"Go home and take care of the line and I'll take care of this, just leave the documents to be verified" he replied.
"By the way... a propos that, how could you, Jack!" Well... I knew how he could but it's like a tango between us.
"I am a General and a friend of yours" he answered and oh, how well I knew that smile on his face - Jack smiled innocently and yet shrewdly.
"Call..." I began but he finished for me.
"I will let you as soon as I know something" he assured me as I was on my way to the door.


Exactly three days later I was sitting back in his office reviewing the information that Jack got for me.
"So that's it..." I muttered, pushing up the glasses that were falling from my nose. "I have a brother."
It was the first time that I said aloud what I learned three days ago. Three days ago, I was an orphan, a man without a family. (Well... I had one, but we were not related by blood.) And now it turned out that I had a younger half-brother.
"What do you want to do about it?" Jack inquired. I knew that whatever I decide he'll support me in every decision.
"I don't know..." I put down my glasses on the desk and leaned my forehead on long fingers.

Now I was a little confused. More than little but please, can we don't go there right now?
"I don't know, Jack. It just seems funny. Ridiculous! Why now someone sends me this information, who sends it to me? For what purpose? There're too many unknowns, Jack, and you supposed to know the most." I tell him the truth, cause there was so many unanswered questions.
"Did you think..." Jack asked if I think that he dissuade me from acting.
Geez...yep, Jack! HELLO! I know you too well, my 'mother-hen'!
"Yes," my answer was short.
"Daniel..." he began, knowing that I'll know what he had on his mind. And of course I know. We does this dance many times before.
"I know..." of course I know that Jack is worried, that he'll help me but he wants me to be extra carefull with this because they don't know, yet, who standing behind it.
"In two hours I finish, let's meet at the main entrance to..."
"Mall" I finished leaving his office.


Two hours. Never in my life two hours dragged on indefinitely. For the first time in so many years I couldn't find a place for myself - even at shopping center or between shelves of library. Tired and lost in thougts I finally drove my car to meeting with Jack when suddenly a car, driving with high speed came in my way and rapidly slowed.
I didn't want to hit him, so in the last second I turned to the side lane without seeing the car behind me.
After a while the sound, typical for colliding cars, cracking of smashed headlamps and of sheet of metal, rang in my ears.
When I recovered from the experience I got off to see the damage. I could clearly hear cursing of the second driver.

"My brand new Mustang! Ya blind or something? Who gave you a car licence?" With pounding heart I came up to the man who wrung his hands over the broken car.
"This freak cut me off the way!" I threw in with my voice shaking from stress "Haven't you seen?"
"You drove at me and not..."
"If it was not for this damned guy that wouldn't have happened!" I yelled at this jerk! Oh, dear... I began to sound like Jack.
"Don't blame someone who's not even here!" replied angrily the green-eyed man in a branded suit and I was one hundred percent sure that this guy could afford many cars like this one (well... of course I mean new ones not broken or crushed).

"If you looked at the road you would have known that it wasn't my fault!" I snarled at him, feeling my head began to hurt. This week was getting worse. Even worser when the guy pulled out a badge of government agency NCIS. Badge itself wouldn't provoke such a reaction from me if it was not for what I read on it:
'Special Agent Anthony D. DiNozzo.'