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Chapter six - The End

The night was warm and nice. The sky was full of stars. Hangar was large and dark without glass in the windows. In front of it were some people in dark clothes.
They're looking after something or someone that were in hangar.
Inside the building were dim lights. There were nothing except...

At the old couch were sitting two men. They're bent over something.
"Dude, no," said one of this guys.
"Dude, yes," answered the second guy. They exchanged glances.
"Tell me again, why we're doing this?" asked the first one.
"Because I need to know, I need to understand this," answered the second man again. They looked at the laptop, which stood on the table.
"Dude, you don't understand it. We're actors, not writers," said man with green eyes and brown hair.
"But you've seen this, you read this! Tell me, how thirteen year old girl... you looked at this ratings and you seen... All this... what they called that?" Blue-eyed and brown haired guy was surprised and a little shocked.

"Fan fiction"
"Thank you. But... Man! Slash? Gen, het and... threesomes!"
"Yep... I don't like it too. But, hey! They're big kids so they can write anything they wanna. You read ratings, right," green eyes tried to calm down his friend.
"Just shoot up, lucky bastard. We talk when you will be father of teenage girl," the blue-ones frowned and rubbed his eyes by his hand.
"But dude, it was funny. Brothers from sperm donation?" green eyed laughed
"Dude, no..."
"Dude, yes..."

They both laughed for a while until two teenagers showed up near them.
"Dad, what are you doing?" asked girl with long and dark brown hairs, in t-shirt and jeans. She looked concerned what her dad were doing with her friend dad's.
"You wanna know what I found on this all , duh?" he gets up, put hands on his hips and try to look angry at his little girl, because Tatiana was still his little girl! Something else is when he took her on premiere of new film with vampires where he shows up on screen, and something else when his daughter write fan fiction.

"Dad, chill out. It's just one story," she rolled her brown eyes.
"Don't roll eyes on me, young lady," he threatened her with his finger. "So tell me, from where you get all this words and ideas?" he demanded.
"Oh, daddy," she made sweet eyes.

"Please, don't tell me that they teach you writing something like that in school," he tried to stay ruthless.

"Well... not exactly this but you remember, Dad, I told you about this class in the English literature with new teacher?"she asked with small hope that Mrs Heather will help her to be saved from her dad. Especially that her mother helped her with writing.
Oh, joy!
"Key... You can write this fan-something, but first thing if you wanna write about me, just ask," he began.
"Yes, daddy" uf... she's saved.
"If I ever find out that you write this..." he raised his finger and then looked directly at his laptop.
"Slash," Michael Weatherly completed for him.
"Yes, thanks" Michael Shanks turn again his attention to his daughter. "You will be in huge trouble, understand?"
" Crystal clear, dad," she winked to Michael that looked behind his younger friend.
"Mike" Weatherly looked at his watch.
"Mike?" Shanks raised his eyebrow. And then saw what his buddy want to tell him. They began to shoot next episode, and they're late.

"You two go to our trailer's. We're be back late in the night so you better will be fast asleep" Weatherly ordered knowing that they still don't listen and goes to sleep in just five minutes before they came back. Both Michael's watch as their kids left hangar, than they closed laptop and left also.
"Where the hell ya been?" ooops... Mark Harmon yelled at them.
"You lucky that you have boys" answered Shanks and he choked "Ouch" when fast and hard headslapp fall at back of his head just like as at Weatherly's.

"What was for?" he asked with goofy face.
"First you read fanfiction and second you're late" the answer was easy.
"But..." he was trying to argue but Harmon's glare at him just like Gibbs. So he and Weatherly just went away from him, fearing that he still could slap them.
"In what I get myself into with this two annoying kids?" Harmon whispered with this his mysterious smile "Hell yeah, they're evil siblings" he rolled his eyes and moved on the plan of ninth season of NCIS.
"I need my coffee" he yelled after two Michael's.