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Life and then death. What is the real meaning of those words? Everybody lives and then everybody dies. That is what people used to say and those same people believed that they were alone in this world. They are fools, much like I was a thousand years ago.

I was damned to a live a life that I never wanted to live by a man I was intrigued with the very moment I laid eyes on him. He damned me to this vast, never ending sequence that I was forced into. Not really alive, but not dead either. There was no ending for me in sight. Not unless I kill myself which wasn't an option. That would be cowardly and it was also an 'order' my maker gave me long ago and I couldn't disobey him.

I will tell you about my life, how I became what I am. You might believe me now, seeing as vampires are out in the open.

It was dark when I first saw him. The stars were shinning down brightly over my small town in Lilltrask, Sweden. He was hidden in the shadows by the trees as if he was afraid to come out. Which seemed shocking to me as he was a tall man with long flowing golden hair; a Viking which wasn't surprising around here.

I carefully raised my hand up toward him, outstretching it before I waved. It might have been crazy for me to do it and my grandmother would have killed me herself if she saw that I did, but I couldn't help it. He was mysterious.

The man didn't move toward me and I watched as he backed away into the shadows and disappeared from my vision quickly. It was so fast that I couldn't possibly believe that he was human. I sighed turning on my heel and I went back into my home.

That wasn't the only time I had taken a glimpse at him, but that was all it ever was. He was always hidden and he only came out at night, much to my disappointment. I bet his hair was even more beautiful shining in the sun.

One night I had trouble carrying water pails and nearly tripped. He must have seen my tumbling because he saved me, grabbing me just in time before I hit the ground hard. His skin was cool, I remember, but I thought nothing of that as I finally got to see his face next to my own.

A strong face, the face of a warrior is what he had. It was enchanting, he drew me in swiftly. His eyes met mine then and I felt something tickle in the back of my head. I tried to shake the feeling away. This was far different from the other things that happened with my mind. I could hear people and when I tried to get a look into his mind, I couldn't. It was blank; a void. I found that comforting. He didn't seem comfortable though and whatever the tingling was in the back of my mind was it intensified. I shook my head harder before meeting his eyes directly.

There was shock clearly etched there, but he spoke. "You will not remember me." He commanded.

I thought that was insane and I wish I would have listened so long ago. "But…how can I not remember you?"

He seemed taken back and his arms dropped from mine and he backed away slowly as if he did something wrong. I didn't understand what happened but I let him go all the same.

I didn't see him for quite some time after that; months passed by suddenly, but I still remembered him. In that time I was courted and though I didn't love the man, I somehow ended up engaged to Michael; that was his name. I should have had the duty of a good fiancé, I didn't. I still wanted to see him; the mysterious Viking. I was enthralled, much to my foolishness at the time. I sat night after night, waiting to see his face one more time. It didn't even occur to me that he might not come back.

That was where my foolishness turned to downright stupidity. Back in those times there were raiders that came to small towns and villages. They would murder the people of the towns and steal everything and anything they could get their hands on.

I should have run and hid like I was supposed to when I heard screams from my town, but I didn't. No, I ran right into the mess of it. I watched as my Grandmother was slain right before my very eyes. I have never been a fighter, though the men of the town thought we should be trained for self-defense. I picked up a sword that lay in the palm of a man's hand and I went after them.

I guess I could have called it vengeance for them killing an older woman that couldn't defend herself, but I was slow. These raiders knew what they were doing and they took me down quickly enough. I wounded three and killed one before I went down with a blade sticking out from my stomach.

The screams took on a vibrating effect as I dropped to my knees and knelt over, looking at the blade. Blood was rushing out quickly and my eyes were growing weary, blackness was taking over. I was going to die, but I wasn't sad about that. No, I wanted to die with my people.

The screams faded and then there was nothing. I lay on the grass in the middle of the town square waiting to die. I welcomed death as if it was a lost friend and I remembered I smiled.

That was until the man I waited for night after night leaned down to look over me. Something was different on his face though. His nose was flaring, his eyes were wide and his mouth was open for me to see two elongated teeth. That alone should have been a warning sign, but I didn't mind. I was glad I got to see him one last night.

His hand moved stiffly out to me then and another hand stopped his advancement suddenly. He turned away to look at the other man who was staring down upon me. He shook his head as if to clear it.

"Save her." He spoke to the other man.

The other man leaned down to me, eyeing me carefully. "Young one, do you fear death?"

"I do not fear...for I welcome it with open arms." I rasped, blood seeping from my mouth.

He paused, nodding. "She does not fear death, Eric."

His name was Eric, the man that I wanted to know more about. It seemed sad that I would find this out before I died.

Eric turned to look at me once more. "Please…Godric…for me. Save her."

"You want to keep her, Eric?" Godric stated.

I didn't understand what that meant, but I would soon find out.

"Yes." Eric said at last.

Godric wasted no time then, leaning over me. I watched as elongated teeth seemed to slink out of his mouth suddenly before he bit into my skin. I cried out at the pain, but that was soon forgotten as I slipped into darkness and away from the world, or so I thought.