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Turning that damn knob on the door was harder than I could have possibly imagined it would be. As I turned, calculating thoughts rushed through my mind, and I didn't know what to really do with them.

Everything came back to me so suddenly it left me slightly light headed. When I was turned, when I left, when I joined Niall, when I came back to find out Godric had died, when I held Eric, when I decided I needed to save him. Every little thing that could possibly pop into my head, rushed through.

It was sort of unnerving, in a way. If I was about to do what I believed he wanted from me, then it was just simple; I couldn't not think about these things.

I had been such a bad person to Eric, and yet, he still wanted me.

How the hell is that even possible?

I heard the door click open gently. All I had to do now was push the door open to reveal the contents within. Taking a deep breath that I didn't need—but felt like I did—I pushed the door the rest of the way open, and looked into the darkened room.

It was nice, but nothing overly fancy. It was just a regular room with a dresser, bed, closet, and two windows that were covered up tightly with thick black curtains. There was a chandelier on the ceiling—gold with small candle like light bulbs, but it wasn't turned on. The room was completely black, but I didn't need the light to see.

Standing in the middle of the room with his bare back to me was Eric. I could see him perfectly. He wore no shirt. The muscles in his back tightened as he lifted a glass to his lips with dark, thick liquid filling half of the glass. It was a sweet smell and I guessed AB positive blood type. It was real blood, and not the synthetic crap he had stored downstairs.

"You were holding out on me." I whispered with a smirk lifting the corners of my lips. "You had the real stuff stored here in that mini fridge by the bed."

It was quiet for one moment before I heard his chuckle. "Yes, and I don't like sharing."

"Hmm." I murmured.

"You did come up stairs though, so maybe I should share."

"Well, I was told to come up by your Pamela." I told him, stepping forward a few steps. "Is that not what you wanted?"

"Oh, I wanted you to come, yes," He turned slightly, setting down the glass on the table. "I just wasn't sure if you would actually accept my offer."

I bit my lip. "And what is your offer?"

I wanted him so badly. If that was still the effects of Sammael's blood I wasn't sure, but I doubted it. His blood would have made its way out of my system. I would have burned it off. No, this was my own lust. It just had to be.

"You know exactly what I want."

Eric turned fully, and in a swift motion, I was up against the wall with him towering over me. He grabbed my leg and hitched it over his waist. Pushing himself closer, I felt the same hardness from before, as it pressed against my core. I closed my eyes, and smirked slightly, but I needed to know something.

"Why me, Eric?" My voice sounded odd in my ears. It was slightly sad.

He paused, sort of froze as he held me. "What do you mean?"

"I've been…horrible to you in the past. Why…do you still care about me?"

"I don't care about you, Sookie. I lo—"

"Whoa!" I screeched, cutting him off by placing my hands over his lips. "Don't say it."

Eric's eyes narrowed, and roughly pulled away from my hand. "And why not?"

"It's bad luck. We are heading into war…I don't want you to say it and then…" Trailing off, I looked ashamed.

Silence enveloped us for a few moments, and I listened to the floor boards as they creaked underneath my feet as I shifted. I knew he loved me, and I loved him, but it was dangerous to speak of that. I couldn't lose him, and therefore, he couldn't say it. I didn't want him to tell me he loved me until we returned home save, together.

"You are afraid to lose me." He murmured. "That is why?"


Another moment of silence and then he whispered, "You were always mine, Sookie. No matter that you left, no matter that you were unhappy with me at the beginning, I knew it to be true. You were everything I have always looked for, without even knowing it. We have this destiny, yes, but even if we didn't, I doubt that I would feel differently." He paused, putting his finger under my chin and tilting my head up. Our eyes met. "I thought I would never get you back. Did you know that?" I shook my head, he continued, "Yes, and I almost gave up. I thought that maybe you didn't feel the same way for me, but then you came back."

"I realized that I shouldn't have left, and I needed to protect you from what is happening now. It is…instinct, Eric. Like you said, you are mine. I just didn't realize it."

"That is good to hear." He chuckled.

It was so deep, so sexual, and held so much passion that could have set me on fire.

"Do we need to continue talking?" My voice matched his sexual laugh. "Or should we get to what we both know will happen here, right now?"

"We do not have much time." Eric sighed regretfully, and I was on the same page with him.

"I know. I just want to feel you, even if it won't last for long."

"We will always have the future for longer…moments together." He suggested with a wild grin. "But for now, a few minutes will have to do, now won't it?"

I nodded before I leaned up and grabbed his lip between my teeth. Putting my hands around his neck, and up into his hair, I pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. My clothes were tossed aside with some shuffling on my part—I couldn't ruin my outfit. It was all I had left and what I needed to battle in. Eric was oddly gentle the way he removed my clothes—such a gentleman.

Tongues mashed together, teeth clicked against one another. We seemed to not be able to get close enough. I always wanted to just pull him a little bit closer, but I couldn't. We were as close as humanly possible.

My hands fell to his jeans, the only piece of clothing he had on him, and I roughly yanked them down. Eric wasn't wearing underwear—point noted and reminder to make sure he doesn't ever again. I always wanted easy access to this…wonderful member.

I pushed him to the floor with a rushed force. We tumbled together with his arms tightly around my back. There was a muffled smack against the floor, but I barely heard it. I was too focused.

Eric growled as I went lower and licked the tip of his penis. His hands wound their way in my hand as I pleasured him as much as I could in a short amount of time. I wanted him to feel how much I loved him without saying the words, and also—in a weird way—apologize for ever leaving him. I wouldn't…ever again. I knew it, and now I needed to convince him.

I pulled him into my mouth, running my teeth lightly against his member as my head went up and down. He groaned over and over again as I forced his member as far as I could in my mouth before pulling up, only to repeat the process. His hands gripped my hair tighter, pushing me further down on his member until I growled around him. Even for a vampire, I could only go so far. I also would have liked to control this. As much as I knew he wanted to dominate me, he would just have to settle for being dominated at the moment.

My right hand grasped him, before my left hand joined. I looked into his eyes as I stroked his penis in my hands, yanking, tugging, and jerking every few seconds. I didn't have to be as careful as I usually would. He was strong and could take anything I gave him. So I continued my motions before adding my mouth once again. I wanted to continue, so badly, as I tasted the first juices as they came from the tip. He tasted wonderful, and I was nearly begging for more.

Being caught off guard was something I wasn't used to, but Eric was just as fast as I was, and he flipped us.

"Enough fooling around, lover. We will have plenty of time for that another day." He growled as he entered me quickly.

I gasped as he filled me, because it was different than anything I had ever felt before. I blinked as the world seemed to shift around me. The edges of reality blurring to reveal a place only Eric and I could go, only a place that we shared…when we were connected. I felt tears brim my eyes at this new sensation I had never felt before, but they did not fall. Eric was quiet too as he froze on top of me. I knew he was feeling exactly what I was feeling.

For this one moment in time, we were one in the same. We were each other. We were everything and nothing at the same time. We existed and yet, we didn't. We were perfect for each other—puzzle pieces to the same puzzle. We were a link…and I hated myself for never realizing this, which seemed like second nature to me now.

All it took was one shift within me from Eric to heighten that sensation, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My arms came up around his back and pulled him down against me. I needed him closer as he moved in and out.

Eric began at a slow pace—agonizingly slow—but it was good; so very good. He slid in and then fully out, before coming right back for more. I hissed as he hit the perfect spots within my core, blinding me behind a veil of colors I never thought possible.

I was a vampire, and truly, I never thought sex would be this good. I've seen and had it all, but it was never like this. This was perfect. This must be what making love really meant, with your true significant other.

The words 'I love you' were right on the tip of my tongue, but I dared not to say them. As much as I wanted to, I wanted to save them until I was sure we would make it home.

He shifted us then, until I was on my hands and knees with him taking me from behind. He stretched me more in this position, going in deeper and making me moan outright—something no one has ever made me do before.

This was bliss—as he pushed deeply inside—and I would never give this up.

Eric's hands came up to my shoulders, pushing me back toward him as he thrust harder. The satisfying sound of our bodies slapping together loudly nearly sent me over the edge right then, but I held out. My nails dug into the wooden floor as I groaned, hissed and yelled his name over and over again.

Positions flipped, moans escalated, and the feeling of a tremendous building in my lower abdomen proved just how close I was getting in such a short amount of time.

"Eric," I whispered hotly.

My breasts heaved and fell with every motion as I rode him. His hands came up to fondle my breasts, until he too sat up in a sitting position. My legs wrapped around his waist as he rolled his hips back and forth as I bounced. Eric's lips found my own, capturing me in a kiss that felt like it lasted forever. The taste of him was wonderful; I burned into the back of my mind, as our tongues danced a wild dance. We both wanted dominance in the kiss, but, as it turned out, he won that battle. He nicked my lip with his fangs—which were fully extended just like my own—and began to suck.

It was unusual for vampires to drink each other's blood, but Eric and I were different from any other, 'run of the mill' vampire. As long as he was enjoying the taste, then so would I. I nipped his lip.

Blood trickled down our chests, collecting and smearing with every move we made, but the scent in the air was something I couldn't describe to anyone. It was a sweet, delicate fragrance that only he and I would truly enjoy. We were made for each other in every way, I truly believed that.

"Don't you ever leave me again," He growled out a moan.

He brought his hands to my hips, grabbing them and lifting me up only to slam me back down on his shaft. I screamed at the intensity in his voice, and his emotions as he opened them to me. Tears brimmed my eyes once more and this time, they slowly fell. Thick bloody tears fell down my cheeks as I looked into his eyes that held so much love for me I wasn't sure I could stand it.

"Never," I promised. "Where—Where ever you go, I'll follow you."

"Sookie…I—I…." He moaned.

I knew what he was saying. He was also having a hard time not saying 'I love you', but he respected my wishes for us to save those three simple, yet complicated words. And I loved him more for it.

And our ending, which came so abruptly, silenced us both to where we could not even make a sound as we came together. Blissfulness—genuine blissfulness—as we flew through these waves and waves of crashing orgasm. He moved so quickly that I came again in that short amount of time.

As we laid panting together, Eric kissed me, and I smiled brightly. It was just the perfect way to end it.

Truly, I have been blessed. I should have realized that a long time ago.