The sky was bright again; all the monsters that Minerva created were gone because she was gone. Everyone could be happy again, except for Morgan, George, Mathew and the others. Was this really going to be it for Melanie?

The black dragon appeared. "Congratulations; you have saved Andalasia. Everyone can live in peace again." He looked around when he noticed that everyone was sad and saw Melanie. "Yes, your friend. She has sacrificed herself."

"She used the last of her powers to vanquish Minerva." Morgan replied sadly.

"Guys, look!" Mathew pointed to Melanie's right hand causing everyone to turn. Her hand was glowing!

"Her hand is glowing; what does that mean?" George asked as he and Morgan shared puzzled glances.

"Maybe their is still some hope after all. Maybe she still has some magic left to save herself." The black dragon replied. Oh they could only hope to leave happily and not prepared for a funereal.

Melanie's eyes slowly blinked open. She was still weak but she was less pale. She was knocked out for awhile, she didn't die after all, but that didn't mean she wouldn't die now if she wasn't saved.

"Melanie!" Morgan cried happily. "You're alive!"

"That's the last of her magic." Mathew warned.

"There has to be some spell we can use." Morgan replied.

So Melanie used the last of her powers to save herself and she had her full powers again. Everyone cheered and was happy that she would be okay. It was fifteen minutes past eleven

Giselle was standing next to the mysterious lady who just handed her Melody. "You look kind of familiar, have we met before?"

The Mysterious lady smiled, removed her cloak and untied her hair. She had honey brown hair, moon blue eyes and looked just like the lady who got her kids dressed for the wedding at Crystal wonders; at Giselle's parents first attempt to marry her off to Louis. "We used to hang out a lot when we were young, remember that oak tree we used to climb?"

"Melody?" Giselle asked surprised.

The mysterious lady was really Princess Melody; the one that Giselle had told Morgan about. "It's really you." Giselle continued. "You were rescued with true loves kiss?"

"Derrick did rescue me but my sister grew furious when she found out I was saved, she took him somewhere secret and I have not seen him since. I was hurt and upset; I was even convinced that she might have killed him. I couldn't stay in Andalasia so I took a carriage and came across Crystal Wonders and that is where I met your parents; the king and queen. They knew I had nowhere to go and told me they would take me in if I become their maid and helped them with weddings for the royal people." Melody explained.

"So how did you get back here and end up in the dungeon?" Giselle asked.

"I decided to leave, they over worked me, didn't appreciate me and Louis was too much of a spoiled jerk. I was put in the dungeon because I overheard Minerva's evil plans and tried to rat her out."

"Well maybe you could live in my old tree house where I lived before I discovered New York." Giselle suggested.

"That would be great and doesn't Pip still live there?" Melody asked.

Giselle nodded. "Yep and I'm sure he'd be very happy to share his home with you."

After saying goodbye to Edward, Nancy, The black dragon and Princess Melody; Giselle, Robert, Morgan, George, Melanie, Mathew, Sarah, Peter and Megan jumped in the well and were back in New York.

"So uh," Megan awkwardly began; talking to Peter. "When you kissed me-"

"It meant nothing." He replied quickly.

"Good, because don't ever do that again." She told him half joking.

The two walked off following the others and were playfully bumping one another. Gwen was yelling at someone. It was a policeman. "Look I swear, I'm not crazy! A fairy came in my room and gave me a love potion to give Robert and it somehow wore off!"

"Yeah and I'm wearing unicorn underwear." He replied with sarcasm. "You need real help lady."

She was escorted off to some truck by a few ladies who worked at a Mental Institution. She was thrown in the back of the truck and was placed in an empty padded room when they got to the institution.

The group made it in the apartment building. In the Philips apartment; Robert and Giselle were in the kitchen opening champagne bottles that had sparkle apple cider in it. They got out glasses to pour the drink in and paper horns to blow into.

At around twelve 0'clock, they all went out on the balcony to get ready for the fireworks and confetti. Robert, Giselle, Morgan, George, Melanie, Mathew, Peter, Megan and Sarah had glasses of the sparkle cider and Melody's was in her bottle. They looked down and saw people standing on the sidewalks waiting for the confetti and fireworks. The countdown began and everyone began to count from 10.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Happy New years!" They all bumped their glasses, said happy New Year to each other and cheered for the New Year. It was finally 2016! Fireworks filled the sky in celebration and the confetti fell. Sarah jumped up and down to catch the confetti that landed on the balcony and everyone blew into their paper horns.

After the special and wonderful event, everybody decided to just chill and celebrate. Peter took Megan out and he used his spider man powers to create web strings to swing across buildings, poles and lines. Mathew and Melanie were in the sky flying on a broomstick, George was in the kitchen getting himself more cider, Melody was asleep and Morgan was on the couch reading the rest of 'Fairy tales do come true.'

Robert and Giselle were out on the balcony watching Peter and Megan. Robert smiled at Giselle. "Is their anyway to get rid of his powers? I don't want him going to school with them. Their's no telling what he'll do." He told her.

Giselle entered the living room. "So Morgan, how's that book coming along?"

"Oh I just finished it a few minutes ago." Morgan replied.

Giselle smiled. "So how was the ending?"

Morgan stood up from the couch and put an arm around her. "We're the ending."

And they were truly the ending to Morgan's wonderful story. All the things they had to go through and all the similar events, they all managed to get through and once again live happily ever after!