So for some reason this pairing has been following me around for a few days, I already wrote a one-shot but it's still haunting me. So let's take a journey with one pairing I will permanently fall in love with for probably the rest of my fan fiction years. Wish me luck and let's go far. I am using the movie version of the Beast, as in he isn't hairy but the rest of it is more like the book, I just like the beast from the movie more.

Beauty; A beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular

Beastly; possessing a specified characteristic to an intense and unpleasant degree

Behind My Eyes

Adrian took in a deep slow breath as he stood on the roof of the mansion. He had come accustom to sitting or standing on the roof a night taking in the midnight air. He could smell his roses to the back of him and sometimes hear the slightest whisper of the wind. Beauty was all around him. He was the only thing that made it not so beautiful. Ever sense Lindy had left in a fit of rage a few days ago. What a sad day that was. She had finally snapped, she couldn't take the mansion and she couldn't bear to look at him any longer, that's the impression Adrian got anyway. What else was there to live for now that it was impossible to break the curse? He looked at the ground many feet below. Should he jump? It was rare that Adrian ever contemplated death. However standing on the world like this, just a few feet from a plummet made him consider his options.

His eyes shifted sorrowfully as he looked around him. His gaze drifted to the rose garden. Down on the path he could see Will taking a midnight stroll, his dog wasn't with him like it usually was. The man was skillfully using his memory and his cane to guide him along to the garden. Adrian never understood how anyone could bounce back from losing their sight. Will was a good example though. He was smart and he could tolerate a moody teenager like Kyle Kingsbury.

Will opened the door to the greenhouse and went inside forgetting to close the door behind him in the process. Adrian shifted climbing down the window ledges plopping onto the path that lead the way to his roses. He stepped inside the greenhouse shutting the door shivering ever so slightly.

"So you are awake." Will commented tapping the ground with his cane. Adrian shifted and sighed deeply."Mopping about won't make things any better." Again Adrian just sighed sitting on the ground next to a bush of white roses looking at them as if the very sight would make him sick."I am sorry she left you Adrian." Will's cane bumped around for a few moments before it bumped against Adrian's leg. Adrian's gaze shifted as Will sat next to him. Adrian's eyes shifted looking closely at the man. What was different? Oh. He didn't have his "blind man" glasses on. It was somewhat strange to see the man just gazing into oblivion, but Adrian was to distracted by the color of Will's eyes, it had been the first time he had seen them(My interpretation of Will's eyes) they were a deep unsettling blue that seemed to blend into a lighter blue around the pupils as if someone had spilt white paint onto navy blue paint and it had all swirled together. Adrian had to suppress a disappointed moan when Will reached into a pocket and pulled out his glasses and placed them on."Sorry I forgot to put them back on after my nap."

"I really don't mind…." Adrian said softly looking to the side. He knew Will couldn't see him but at this point he still felt slightly embarrassed for staring. "I knew Lindy wouldn't love me…"

He heard a half hearted sigh and his gazed returned to his blind teacher. "It's her lose Adrian, you have clearly changed and if she can't see that then shame on her." Will's nimble hand reached out feeling a rose bush and plucking a flower from its resting place. "To me…you're like this rose." There was a slight pause. "I can't see either of you, but from what people say and what I can hear I know you're a good thing." Adrian sighed again not willingly to make an argument out of Will's statement.

"Thanks Will…but really…I am…hideous." Adrian sighed wishing that he had jumped off the roof when the idea had struck him. He felt a nudge from Will's elbow.

"Extend your arm to me." Will said this without explanation. Adrian blinked a few times and then stretched his left arm over Will's lap.


Will put his cane down beside him and his hands fell on Adrian's sleeved arm. He pulled the sleeve up past his elbow carefully and then his fingers began to carefully trace the marks and extended veins on Adrian's arm. Adrian breathed out slowly at the contact, Lindy had done something like this before, but it was so different. Will's hands were careful and seemed to knowingly trace every line without having to pause. "What do they look like…your marks?" Will's voice drifted into Adrian's psych and he mumbled out his answer trying to pretend he wasn't really focusing on what Will was doing.

"Some of them look like tattoos…others are scars, then…then some of them look like silver has been pumped into my blood and rose up through my skin." Adrian said this clearly just in pain talking about it. He heard Will say something he couldn't hear and as he was given back his arm there was a very long silence. Adrian was worried Will had finally realized he sat in the presence of a monster.

"It sounds beautiful…" Adrian's breath caught in shock. What had Will just said? His eyes fluttered and his heart thumped as he looked bewildered trying to make sure he had heard that right. Before he could sputter out a reply or an argument ,the blind man got to his feet with his cane tapping his way to the door. As he opened it to leave he said one more thing. "Just like the rose..maybe a few thorns…but it sounds and feels beautiful to me." And he exited leaving Adrian surrounded by roses and silence.

Him? Beautiful? Absurd.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

Adrian woke up the next day on the ground of the garden. He had fallen asleep curled up under a rose bush. He breathed out the warm air filling his lungs and rolled out from under the thorny patch stumbling to his feet. He had had a wild dream last night. He had been called beautiful, and by Will of all people. It was absurd really, he was that desperate to be accepted he had had a dream about his blind teacher calling him beautiful. Crazy. Adrian groggily made his way indoors to discover Will sitting at the table sipping coffee. Something caused him to blush and he turned away going to the fridge. Again he knew Will couldn't see him, but it was an automatic reaction.

"Sleeping in that garden isn't healthy you know." Will said as if he knew already that Adrian had walked in. How had he known? Had he come to check on the roses and seen him? Surely last night had been just a dream.

"I can sleep with my roses if I want…" Adrian replied back pouring himself a cup of orange juice. He heard a shuffle and the clink of coffee cup being placed on the table. "Sor-

"Don't apologize." Will interrupted. Adrian could imagine Will waving his hand in his face and as he turned he saw that he had been correct. He sat down with his glass of juice staring at his hands gripped around the cup.

The silence grew into an uncomfortable chorus of breathing and the sounds of the wind outside. "What books have you read lately?" So the silence died as quickly as it had grown.

"I um,re-read Phantom of the Opera." Adrian replied finally looking up. He saw the man nod slightly his face displaying a question."It was because…I was trying to figure out who would be better with the phantom." Again, the questioning face. "Well there was Christine..but then there was also Raul." His eyes dropped back to his hands as he fidgeted.

"Ah…and what conclusion did you come up with?" Will asked sitting back in his chair. Adrian ran his opinions through his head a few times and then he let out a long breath.

"I think its Raul." There was a pause."I mean…Christine was leading both men on…to a point that it seemed kind of sad for both of them…they had a lot in common whether they realized it or not."

"So you think Raul could have cared about the man behind the face?" Will asked without skipping a beat.

"I think he hated him…but yea he cared for him too…in a way…I think it was respect." Again the silence loomed around them squeezing Adrian's patience dry.

"I…think you should read something a bit more cheery sometime." There was a small chuckle in this advice and Adrian looked up to see a smile had broken out onto Will's face.

"So what do you think? Do you think Raul could have cared about the monster behind the mask too?" The smile dwindled slightly and then it vanished as he could see Will's head shift to the side as if he was looking away.

"Perhaps." Then Will got up grabbing his cane walking and tapping past Adrian and out of sight around a corner. Had Adrian said something wrong? Usually Will came up with a long explanation when they talked about books. What had changed? Adrian sank into his chair drumming his fingers on the table. He seriously needed to learn to keep his mouth shut and not ask stupid questions. It clearly had been dumb enough that Will couldn't answer and instead of telling Adrian that he simply ran off to his secluded blind man cave. Stupid. Adrian got up leaving his juice behind and stalked up to the fifth floor. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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