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"I still love you William." Finn replied as he brought his hand around the back of Will's head pulling him close their lips clashing together. Blood smeared onto the vampires lips and when he pulled away his tongue ran over his lips as his eyes shifted back to their normal color. Finn could tell Will was now removed from the world as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his frame collapsed into his chest. The vampire swung the overwhelmed wizard into his arms and stood walking through a portal that had formed in front of him.

.Drip. Adrian's eyes opened again as he realized despite the cold floor he'd fallen asleep and now water dribbled from the ceiling dripping onto his face. He sighed softly sitting up and rubbing his face. He was still here and still trapped. Where was Will? Was he okay? The man he loved was far away from him, he could feel it. Heartache squeezed his chest and he fought to catch his breath. What If Will died? The only person who could possibly love him? Who else would love such a face? The teenager dragged his knees to his chest as he hugged them, his pants were in tatters and barely there, he felt tired, sick and hungry. His hearing pitched as he heard the door swing open grating against the stone floor. His blue eyes shifted up to meet with Vendetta that werewolf from hours, maybe days before.

The creature held a tray of food and Adrian blinked as the door was shut once more and the werewolf shifted to the ground sliding the tray over. It had a plate with cheese, bread and what appeared to be ham. Adrian gave the creature a wary look but scooted forward and picked up the bits and pieces of food. As he nibbled he couldn't help but stare at the young man in front of him. Was he really a werewolf? He looked human despite his eyes. Maybe it was like the legends said, human until the full moon, or something. No matter, Kingsbury picked up the ceramic handless cup on the tray and peered into it. He was expecting water but instead it seemed to be red and quite thick. His eyebrows furrowed for a minute.

"It's not blood if that's what you're thinking." Vendetta spoke up noticing the human's odd facial expression.

"Then what is it?" Adrian mumbled and he heard the beast chuckle. It was a odd laugh, deep, and maybe a bit melodic.

"It's a type of wine, more refreshing and better for you then water." The werewolf explained and then sighed taking the cup taking a sip."See, safe." He handed it back and Adrian hesitated once more then sighed tilted his head back and downing the liquid before he could change his mind. He blinked as a sweet salty tasted filled his mouth. Oh, well, that was odd. He bit his lip his tongue running over his scars. It tasted good, the thickness and the weight in his mouth was strange though, he had this feeling the werewolf had been lying to him when he said wine.

"Really..what is this?" Adrian said shaking the cup back and forth a little. The wolf huffed and he looked off. Maybe humans weren't so easy to lie to after all. He took a moment but Kyle watched him roll up his left sleeve showing bandages. He gagged putting the cup down and covered his mouth with his hand.

"What? It has medicinal properties, it's perfectly safe for you to consume."

"But, its blood, I am not…I" Adrian huffed, he was about to say he was human, but he never felt human anymore. He looked at the cup on the tray then the arm of the wolf boy."Why…does it taste like that? Blood's supposed to taste like copper."

"No, your human blood to you taste like copper." The werewolf raised a clawed finger."To us it tastes much different." Curious Adrian leaned forward a bit listening. Sure he was a prisoner in a cold dark cell, but as far as he was concerned learning more about these creatures was his best bet for freedom. Vendetta took this as a cue to continue."To the Lucian your blood tastes rich, and sweet…normally on the human it can taste like several things." He paused as if trying to explain."Like..differen't flavors of icecream."

Adrian laughed just a small bit at this, being compared to ice cream was odd. "so…is my blood different?" Adrian asked looking at himself .Was he still human blood wise? Had something happened there too? The werewolf seemed just as intrigued as the marred human and shifted his hand forward snatching up the boy's wrist. Kyle let out a sound of surprise but quieted as he saw teeth poke out from under the man's lips. He swallowed nervously as his wrist was raised to the others mouth and he noticed the claws had gotten sharper and the oval ears had warped becoming sharper and pointed. So this was the beast hiding behind a human face? He huffed and the bit his lip as he felt the teeth graze over his scars.

Maybe I shouldn't let him do this. It was too late now though and he suppressed a yelp as the other bit into his arm. He gritted his teeth water pooling under his eyes. It hurts, well of course it hurts, he just bit into your arm. Then something odd happened, the pain numbed, and soon he felt something different and unfamiliar. He felt calm, safe, at home almost. He slumped a little as blood dripped onto the stone floor. Soon the teeth pulled away and Adrian whimpered a little. Then he made another strange sound as the creature across from him licked the teeth marks and they began closing slowly. Vendetta then drew away as Kyle snapped his arm back examining it as he began feeling light headed."So?" He questioned staring at the other who looked lost in thought.

"strawberries…and..roses." He commened then and a small flushed creeped over Adrian's face, he tasted like roses and strawberries? The werewolf shifted up taking the empty tray turning to leave."…you taste good is what I am saying." More flush. That sounded so weird and yet after experiencing the bite it felt like an actual compliment, then it hit him.

"Wait am I going to turn into a werewolf now?" He heard Vendetta chuckle as he began to leave the room.

"That's not how it works." He teased looking back at the other just as he closed the door. Kyle leaned back on the wall the blood he'd consumed himself taking effect. That had been strange, and yet, for some reason, not strange at all.