A/N: This story takes place after Drop the World part one.

The Epic Car Ride

It all started with the epic car ride. It's a loooong story, involving a geek, a hearse, and an annoying little boy.

"Wesley, dear" cried Mrs. Betenkamp, as she and Wesley stacked up the cups and plates from dinner.

"Yes?" asked Wesley, curiously. His mom never used that tone with him, except for when he was in for a real treat.

"Before I take a walk with my friend, I'll show you a present I... um, got for you!" his mom said, looking happy, but a little guilty.

"What is it?" Wesley asked, hoping that it was more insect flash cards.

"I got you a hearse!" beamed Mrs. Betenkamp.

Wesley was so excited, he nearly dropped his closest friend: the bug from his collection.

"Thanks mom!" cried Wesley, hastily hugging his mom, and running out the door.

Wesley reached the front lawn, and sure enough, there was a hearse parked in the driveway. Wesley immediately got into it. The keys were lying on the drivers seat, and Wesley immediately took them.

"Wait" Wesley said, to himself. "This hearse looks exactly Like Eli's…" Had his mom stolen the hearse? …Nah. His mom would never steal.

Wesley drove around town, hoping that some of his friends would see him in the new car, and think he was cool. He drove around the corner, and spotted The Dot. Holly J. and Sav happened to be coming out of it.

"Ooh, they'll think I'm cool" Wesley said, excited. And sure enough, Holly J. and Sav made their way up to the hearse.

As Wesley started to roll down the window, Sav said, "Hey Eli, can you…" but he looked bemused, seeing Wesley in the hearse.

"Eli gave his hearse to you?" Sav asked, nonplussed.

"Um…something like that" Wesley replied.

Holly J. gave Wesley a funny look and said, "Wesley…um, can we have a ride to Little Miss Steaks?"

"Sure, hop in!" Cried Wesley, happily. You can sit in any nook and cranny of the hearse!"

Holly J. and Sav had a hard time holding in their laughs as they heard Wesley say, 'nook and cranny'.

As Wesley started driving again, he said, "Sav, why are you at The Dot with Holly J! Didn't you guys…you know, break up?"

"Yeah, but we're still friends" Holly J. replied.

It was starting to get dark out. After about ten minutes, Holly J. cried, "We're not even by Little Miss Steaks!"

"Oops" replied Wesley. "I was too busy thinking about my worm in my bug collection named Moose!"

Holly J. and Sav decided not to ask any questions.

Holly J. started texting.

"Holly J" said Wesley. "You have a blue phone? That's not very cool, you know!"

"Yeah" laughed Sav. "And that's coming from the guy who feeds prunes to weasels!"

"They're possums, not weasels, said Wesley, unable to help himself.

"Same thing!" Scoffed Holly J.

"No, possums like fish sticks, and weasels don't!" retorted Wesley.

Neither of them asked Wesley how he knew this. Sav gave Wesley a shove.

"Ouch!" cried Wesley, wincing. My arm is very weak!"

All of you is weak, Sav thought.

"Wesley" warned Sav. "You're about to run that kid over!"

Wesley slammed into the breaks just in time, almost bashing into a kid in a hoodie, wearing what Wesley called 'a fisherman's hat'.

As Wesley rolled down the window, Sav asked, "Hey isn't that what's his name that Jenna and K.C. babysat?"

"Yeah… Caleb" replied Holly J.

Jenna and K.C. hurried over to the car.

Jenna grabbed Caleb's arm, and said, "Never run into the street without looking both ways, Caleb!"

"Can we have a lift?" K.C. asked, speaking more to Holly J. and Sav than Wesley.

"Sure" said Wesley brightly.


"Geez, what is that little dude on?" KC. wondered.

"Oh, he can't be that bad!" said Holly J., as Jenna, K.C., and Caleb climbed into the hearse.

"You have no idea!" Jenna muttered, so Caleb wouldn't hear.

"We took him to a hot dog eating contest" announced K.C. "And whoever lost the contest would have to eat a spatula. So Caleb purposely lost, just so he could eat the spatula!"

Sav and Holly J. laughed.

"That is so uncanny!" Wesley cried.

"Who says uncanny nowdays?" laughed K.C.

"People that enjoy sticking pins in bugs, and taping them to their walls!" Wesley replied.

"Oh, so just you then" said Sav.