So basically I really love writing Lily/ James one shots. So this is just the first of the randomness. I wont update all the time, only when I'm struck with inspiration, which is rather often now because it distracts me from looming exams. Ahh evil AP tests!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!

"Do you think he really likes me Tammy? Because you know how long I've liked him, its just he was always after her and-"

"Clara, you know he stopped that last year, he is so into you, its totally obvious, besides it was about time he realized that she was so not good enough for him, and gave up completely, I heard he cant even stand being around her anymore. And they have to share the heads dorm!"

Lily scoffed into her essay and rolled her eyes as she heard the two seventh year Slytherin girls talking not so quietly about James Potter in the library.

"He's so… gorgeous, and last night I was out of bed past curfew and he didn't even give me a detention, or dock points!"

"Really? That really must mean that he likes you, what did you say to get out of trouble?"

"I just batted my eyes and hiked my skirt up a little, it was so exciting, Merlin I could have snogged him senseless right then"

"Did you hear about Sandy Jones though? She said that he tried to ask her out but knew she had a boyfriend, and they just broke up. You don't think there is anything going on do you?" her friend whispered hastily.

"Ha, no, James has better taste then Jones, besides she was hung up on Sirius last year and he ended up shagging her. Their best mates, and best mates don't shag each others left over's"

"What about Sarah Berellis? They both shagged her, didn't they?"

"You believed Berellis? Everyone knows the only thing looser then her legs is her mouth, she's just a stupid Ravenclaw slag who wishes she got with both of them"

Lily almost had enough when she heard the next part.

"You know what else I heard? Slughorn has a huge vat of Amortentia in his office and we're going to have to brew it tomorrow, and we have potions with the Gryffindors tomorrow!" she squealed.

"Clara, what are you thinking? Your going to steal some aren't you?"

"No! I don't need it." the girl sniffed, "But it might be handy to have some just in case, you know, precautionary"

Lily had enough, she usually didn't let these stupid little plans get under her skin but what they said earlier hit a note that she had been desperately trying to ignore for the last two months since the beginning of school.

The day she got her Head Girl badge was one of the best of her life, then she learnt that James Potter was the head boy. Unfortunately hating him was really hard when she walked into the heads compartment on the train and he barely acknowledged that she was a girl let alone Lily Evans.

It was confusing at first, then she started to really enjoy him treating her like everyone else, but for that last few months it had been driving her mad.

She didn't fancy him or anything like that. Obviously. It was just really annoying now, for some unknown reason. Uhhum

She stormed back to her heads dorm and didn't even look at the painting, "Flobberworms" it swung open and she stormed in.

"Alright Lily?" James asked from his position reclining on the sofa with a book in his hands, was he… reading?

"Fine" she snapped, "Not that I can say the same for you. Have a good time being poisoned tomorrow"

"Oi! What's this about poisoning?" he said sitting up, a flash of concern marring his still beautiful face.

She rolled her eyes, "Love potion is not really poisoning James, its like... well I don't know. Just calm down"

He looked offended, "You heard people planning to trick me into falling in love with them and you didn't do anything? What the bloody hell is wrong with you?" he said appalled.

"What was I going to do? Jump up in the middle of the library and tell Clara Stevens that she was in big trouble for being just like nearly every female in the bloody school?" Lily yelled, not sure why she was taking this so personally.

"Oh, just Stevens then, naw she's harmless" James said as he lay back down.

Lily was fuming though, how could he take this so lightly, this was a big deal damnit!

She stormed into her room and slammed the door, taking huge breaths and falling asleep without finishing her work for the first time… well ever.

The next morning Lily did her hair, actually did her hair, not just running a brush through it like normal, oh no, she made it look beautiful and silky.

When she was pleased with her appearance she went down to the great hall, sting with Mary and Rebecca, who both grinned at her.

"What? Something on my face?"

Becca grinned even bigger, "No, no its just nice that your finally coming to terms with your attraction to Jam-"

Lily covered her mouth, "Ha, as if" then she stuffed her face with food.

"Slow down Evans, the rest of us want to eat too you know" Sirius teased as he sat down across from Becca, who turned red, then hid it marvelously, "Morning ladies" he said, his gaze resting on Becca for a second longer then it should have, "Becs, can I have a word?" he asked suddenly after a second of silence.

She rose shakily, sending them glares to help her, of course they both looked down and she followed Sirius out of the Great Hall.

Lily started to grin, "He's going to snog her, 10 knuts he's going to snog her"

"Your on. Black doesn't settle down"

"I would have agreed last year, but people change" Lily said, almost mournfully.

"Don't you mean, James Potter's interest in you changed?"

"Don't Mary"

Mary shrugged and went back to her food, "Hmm double potions right off the bat, with Slytherin too. Today sucks huh?"

"Yeah, majorly"

"Still have spoken to him then?"

"I told you, I don't need friends that are evil death eater wannabee's and Severus is just that" she said sharply. Then they saw Becca walking back over to them, looking slightly dazed, her hair a little messy and her lips so swollen they were parted.

"He snogged you senseless then?" Lily asked conversationally.

"Until I slapped him, yeah" she slumped into her seat and looked somewhat miserable.

"You what? Why would you slap him, you've fancied him for ages"

"Yeah so does the entire population of females in here, I wont be a notch on his endless belt" she said and sighed, messing with the eggs on her plate.

Then they saw Sirius walk in with James, he was talking animatedly, waving his hands frantically, while still looking devilishly handsome and James looked over at Becca then back at Sirius. They both walked over to where the girls were sitting.

"Drastic times call for drastic measures Padfoot, grow a pair" he said clapping him on the back

Sirius sighed and ran a hand through his hair in a very James manor, "Merlin help me" he muttered then he stood up on the table, clearing his throat loudly.

"What are you doing Sirius?" Mary yelled as she moved her cup out of the way of his foot and Becca looked up at him surprised as well, her eyes widening when he made eye contact with her.

"Becs?" he said loudly, the whole great hall turned to stare at him.

"Wh-what?" she asked unsure, her eyes wide with disbelief.

Every girl was staring at Becca in the entire great hall, they had heard Sirius address her, "I'm not going away, be my girlfriend?" he asked hopefully and really, really loudly.

"I- what- bu- bu" she couldn't speak, and in the end just stared with her mouth hanging open, she was bright red and couldn't look into his unrelenting gaze.

"Come on Becs, have a heart, don't leave a guy standing up here so long" Sirius urged, looking unsure of himself as he stood on the table, and he shifted his weight uneasily.

James nudged her, "He's not playing you, he really, really likes you" he said lowly under his breath.

"Ok" Becca said, staring up at him.

"Yeah?" Sirius grinned madly

"Yeah" Becca said smiling too, then Sirius dragged her up on the table as well and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Becca was shocked, but responded all the same wrapping her arms around his neck and his went around her waist, lifting her higher and clearly deepening the kiss.

Much of the great hall clapped and wolf whistled but there was a rather large portion that looked at Becca with utter jealousy and certain loathing.

She pulled away blushing a hit him in the chest lightly, "That was so embarrassing" she muttered as she clambered down off the table.

Sirius sat down and draped an arm around her shoulder as he helped himself to bacon like nothing had just happened, Becca however was still in shock and didn't eat a thing.

"Wasn't exactly what I had in mind Padfoot but dramatic works for you" James said with a grin lighting up his face.

Sirius punched him in the arm, "Shut it Prongs, at least I get results"

James's face darkened a little and he sent a glare at Sirius who half smiled in apology, "Sorry mate, you know I didn't mean it that way"

"Yeah I know" he said as Peter joined them as well, walking slowly, and not gaining anyone's attention.

Peter looked at Sirius and Becca and his face screwed up in confusion then he looked a little hurt and tried to turn away, Lily knew she was the only one who noticed this because Sirius and Becca were busing feeding each other and Mary was scolding James for tossing food at her.

Lily let him slip away without anyone else noticing, she always knew he had a bit of a thing for Rebecca, but they rarely spoke, and she was always interested in Sirius, who in turn had always wanted something with her. Poor peter got caught in the cross fire of the two lovebirds.

Lily watched James throughout breakfast as he joked around with everyone but herself. He teased Sirius and Becca until they left, probably to find an empty closet for the next 10 minutes before classes start. Peter came back eventually, actually as soon as Becca had gone he was back and rather quiet. Lily kept his secret for him. Mary was thoroughly angry at James by the end of Breakfast as he tried to apologize for getting pooding in her hair.

Mary turned to Lily, "Make him leave" she said sullenly

"He's not a dog Mary, and I am certainly not his keeper" but they both heard a bark of laughter as Sirius emerged from the closet with Becca hanging around his neck, and his arms still wrapped securely around her waist, they were both glowing.

"Hear that Mate, called you a dog, I'd be offended if I were you"

Becca leaned up and whispered in his ear and Sirius's arms dropped from around her waist and he stared at her in shock, "You what?" he said loudly almost yelping.

"I said I preferred dogs anyway" this time she added a wink.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked, both on edge and nervous.

Becca's smile disappeared, "I'm not an idiot Sirius" she said firmly.

He looked at her for another second then nodded, "I suppose not" he muttered, "We have to talk a little later though missy" he said only half teasing and sent James a loaded glance.

James's mouth dropped open too and he stared at Becca, "No way"

"Oh come on prongs!" she said exasperated, "Fine, I got curious one day and followed you" she said not at all ashamed.

Sirius gave her a lopsided grin and James just shook his head slowly, "Didn't anyone tell you curiosity killed the cat?" he said mockingly.

"Don't care as long as that cat is being chased by a certain scruffy pup" she said wickedly and ran her hand through Sirius's hair sensually.

Sirius groaned at the sexual voice she adopted and pulled her back close to him and lowered his lips to her neck, nipping roughly as she giggled.

Lily sighed impatiently, "Really Becca, if your going to be attached to his lips anyway why don't you just be his partner?" she said trying to persuade her partner back over to their table before class started as they entered the classroom and Lily set her stuff down.

"Alright" Becca said leading Sirius away, pushing him into his chair and plopping down into his lap, he for one was rather pleased with the new arrangement.

"Sorry mate" he said to James, who grumbled and moved his things over to Lily's desk.

"Wait, that was a joke!" Lily said to Becca, who ignored her as she ran her fingers through Sirius's hair again, getting a similar reaction.

James sat down next to Lily and grinned at her, "Good going Lily, heard this lesson was particularly hard and your a genius not to mention a Slug Club-ee, I'm golden" he said casually, unaware of her raising heartbeat as he reclined in the chair a smug grin on his perfect face.

Then she realized exactly what lesson it was that day. Amortentia.

She glanced around the room and saw Clara with her friend Tammy staring at her with loathing in their eyes. Good, she thought happily, let them hate me.

Lily was enjoying the girls hating her for sitting with James, so she decided to kick it up a notch, she pretended to not be able to find her book, "Can I look at your book?" she asked James, who snapped out of his day dream and nodded, but before he could push it over to her, she had shoved her chair really close to his and leaned over to look.

James stiffened a little as she got closer and he could smell her sweet citrus like scent.

Lily breathed in deeply, inhaling the aroma that suddenly took over her senses when she was close to him.

"Alright class, we have something extremely exciting to do in class today. Today you will all be brewing Amortentia! Does anyone know what this potion is?"

Clara shot her hand up, "It creates love, faked love I suppose" she said staring intently at James, who caught her eye and smiled. She grinned and bit her lip. Lily felt like tearing her eyes out. What? What was wrong with her?

Slughorn was very excited, "Can anyone come up and tell me what they smell in the potion?"

Once again Clara shot up and practically ran over to the potion inhaling deeply, "Oh my gosh, fresh flowers, and cinnamon vanilla, and- Professor, is it possible to smell people in the potion?" she asked innocently as she glanced obviously at James. People whispered eagerly glancing between the two.

"Oh, come on" Lily muttered rolling her eyes in anger.

James for his part was completely oblivious, scribbling idly on a spare bit of parchment ideas for a new prank, classier then previous ones, but just as mischievous.

Slughorn nodded eagerly, "Ah yes, yes!" he said nodded happily, "Anyone else?"

Eventually he looked at Lily and indicated that she should go up and smell the potion, she nodded and rose, walked quickly over she smelt, closing her eyes briefly.

"I smell… burning paper… wood after it rains and- " she stopped abruptly and whirled around, "That's it!" and ran back to her seat.

That was impossible, she smelt James in that potion, it was exactly what he smelt like, exactly. She was bloody nervous now because it was his turn to smell.

"Hmm broom varnish, fresh apple pie and this weird citrus smell, like a sweet tangy fruity flowery thing" he said quietly then ambled back to the desk.

Lily was blushing madly still and James spared her a glance, "What was the last thing you smelt?" he asked, knowing that he had smelt her in the potion was kind of a pain in the arse because he had promised himself that he would give up on her, knowing that she would never want that with him.

"It's… oh Merlin…" she said, sounding appalled.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, lets just get on with it ok?" so they started to brew.

Within the hour, they had managed to touch each others hands, accidently of course, 12 times, bump each other 6 times and almost kiss twice. She wasn't counting, well not on purpose, her mind and body were just playing tricks on her, obsessing over James. Lily was having a rather hard time controlling herself around him now that she realized she was in love with him.

Honestly it made far too much sense, she was jealous of Clara, angry that he was ignoring her and flustered when he even came close to touching her.

These distractions certainly didn't help their potion and in the end of the day their concoction was only marginally better then most and worse then Severus's, who stared at Lily the entire class anyway.

Lily decided that 7 years was long enough and she rushed out of class just to wait around the corner for James. When he walked around the corner she saw him with Clara, who was attempting to subtly tell him that she had smelt him in the potion, clearly hoping to get a positive reaction, which was the exact thing Lily wanted from James.

Lily was more than jealous now, "James!" she called, trying desperately not to sound… desperate. Well shit.

And he stopped dead, turning to look at her slightly shocked, Clara just looked murderous, but Lily was determined as she strode over to him, "Oh hi Clara" she said with a purposeful glance at James.

"Evans. Anyway James, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a drink or something?" James sighed, knowing that Lily was looking out for him was slightly perplexing but he was in no mood to fall in love with Clara.

"No thanks, I think Lily and I have some Head's stuff to work on, I'll see you around" he said curtly before all but dragging Lily off, "Thanks." He said.

"I need to talk to you" she said desperately.

"Sure" he said calmly.

"Oh Merlin I can not believe I'm doing this!" she said loudly, "Alright don't think I'm a freak alright?"

He nodded but looked thoroughly confused.

Lily leaned in and, with her lips almost touching his neck, she inhaled deeply, letting the smell come back to her. Identical to the potion.

Then she stood back and James was looking at her like she was crazy, "Uh what was that?"

"That last thing in the potion… was uh you" she said weakly, her eyes still boring into his.

His eyebrows raised themselves and he stared at her in shock, "But that means-"

"I'm well aware of what that means, alright?" she snapped impatiently, was he going to ask her out or not? Or maybe he really didn't like her anymore… that would be… devastating.

He nodded meekly and scratched the back of his head, "Well what do you want me to say?" he asked, really unsure of what to make of the situation he found himself in. He had dreamed about this for ages, but he really wasn't sure what Lily wanted from him right now, and he would be damned if he did the wrong thing.

She threw her hands up, "Merlin you could say anything, but really I'd rather you didn't say anything" then she bit her lip took a breath and launched herself at him, he stumbled backward into the wall and her hands slipped around his neck as she latched her lips onto his with passion.

He responded almost immediately, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing back with fervor, when they finally split apart he whispered, "You smell like a citrus fruity flower Lily Evans" then he leaned back in and kissed her again, this time slower.