I kind of realized that I'm always making Lily the jealous one and such so I thought explaination was in order. I always see a bunch of stories about James persuing her so I thought it would be refreshing to see her in a tizzy over him. Enjoy.

Lily wasn't happy at all. Not one little bit. He was an hour late. A freaking hour. So much for her perfect boyfriend, huh? An hour late for their date.

She was fuming to say the least.

Sure, it had just been a little date. Well his note had said,


Meet me in the kitchens at 8,


So of course she had skipped dinner and waited down they're for him for an hour. Egh, what had been so important that he had ditched her, the girl he claimed to 'love with all his heart'.

She pondered all the horrible things she was going to do to him when she found him and the distraction that was worth ditching her. It was his freaking idea too, its not like she was the one to set it up and he just forgot, something more important must have come up. But what would be more important?

She got her answer when she stepped into the heads dorms, still fuming, and heard high-pitched giggled coming from their common room.

Her eyes bulged and she marched in, her heart already tearing at the prospect of him cheating on her, instead she sees Amber Clemente scooted as close to James on their couch as possible.

So Amber was more important that she was. She felt her nails dig into the skin in the palms of her hands before she took in the whole situation where James was not shagging her but... teaching?

He was holding a charms textbook and was demonstrating something to her with his wand and Lily realized that he was tutoring her.

She winced when she remembered that it was her who got him into tutoring, but she would have been thrilled if he were tutoring some innocent little first year boy who was helpless, even if it meant he skipped their date, not Amber Clemente.

Lily shut the portrait door purposefully and stomped over to them, "Potter" she hissed.

James jumped, both at her appearance out of nowhere, her anger, and her calling him Potter, which was more a demonstration of that anger "What's wrong Lily?" He asked his eyes widening slightly.

Lily turned to Amber, "Leave" she ordered

"Lily" James protested, "I'm tutoring her!"

"Not anymore. Get out" Amber glared at her and looked ready to make a fuss but thought better of looking like a baby in front of James and stomped out of the heads dorms.

The second she was gone Lily crossed her arms over her chest and scowled at James, clearly giving him a look that he should know to mean 'Explain'.

"Hey!" he said indignantly throwing his arms up, "What was that all about?"

"Are you blind?" she hissed fiercely.

"What? No!" James was horribly confused as he blinked in Lily's direction.

"She doesn't have any trouble in Charms James!" she burst out loudly.

"But then- oh" he said pursing his lips, "I guess she was a little handsy" he said with a shrug, looking into her outraged eyes.

"I just can't believe you would ditch me for her!" Lily said glaring at him to hide her obvious hurt at the realization.

"Ditch you?" James cried confused, "Lily what are you talking about?"

She grabbed the note he had sent to her earlier in the day and threw it at him, he opened it a read it, frowning, "Lily this isn't my handwriting, I didn't send you this" he explained calmly.

"What are you on about James Potter, you had to have sent that!" she said puffing her chest out in anger to snatch the note from him.

"Lily!" he cried, "Don't you trust me?"

"I- of course I do, I don't trust her" then she frowned, "Oh," she said as realization dawned on her and she whirled around, her red hair flowing behind her. Embarrasment never settled well with Lily and she wanted nothing more than to be alone and away from his smirk.

James jumped up and grabbed her arm, "Oh no you don't." he pulled her back so that she was facing him, only this time she had to look up at him and he held her close, "Were you jealous Miss. Evans?" he said with a smirk.

"I thought you stood me up to shag Amber, didn't I? Of course I was jealous" she said stiffly

James ran his hands through her hair, "Lily, Lily, Lily, when will you learn? I don't see other girls, their almost like blokes to me… its only you. Only you"

Lily leaned into his arms and sighed, "Fine, but your not tutoring any girls above the 4-no 3rd year" she muttered and he chuckled, leaning down to kiss her.

"Of course not" Then pressed his lips to hers gently.

This was the shortest one-shot that I have ever written on here, it felt almost wrong posting it because it was so small. I think I'll stick to 1k+ from now on.