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Falsified Truth




That's all I feel and fear as night crawls on its way minute by minute. The sins and horror I have caused in my long life haunts me like the devil. At least the living room has some light from the moon. But tonight, there is no moon. And the ordeal starts. I must stay awake, or surrender to the endless nightmares of my treacherous life.

Flashes of the tears, the blood, the murder opens up in my mind in this deadly silence. I squeeze my eyes shut to try to fend off the images, but to no avail. No! I can feel the moisture in my eyes. Space pirates don't cry! Bloodshed is what I live for! I try to encourage myself, but a tear drops down my face. I am nothing.

What would the others say if they saw me like this? Crying like a child. This house, this family, earth, Tenchi! They made my heart softer. Yes, they are the only ones in the universe whom I can completely trust, even that prissy princess, Aeka. And they are the only ones in the universe whom I will unconditionally love and protect, yes, even Aeka!

But the pain becomes too much to bear! In this warm, caring family, I sit alone. I hear the clock ticking its way toward dawn. The sun is my friend, but it is late today to greet me. How I loathe the darkness. The monsters, I feel them, crawling up my skin, chilling me to the bone. My mind is tortured and raped by them. I believe I am losing my mind. If I lost the memories, I will be happy once more, but until then, I will go on, putting this façade for this perfect family. I wait till the dawn arrives.

Hours later….

Ah…the first glint of the morning sun. It truly is beautiful. The magnificent red, it smears the rest of the sky in its glorious conquer. Yet, how tranquil the morning can be, I still do not understand. The red can be different in many ways, because the red I created, the red I still see inside my head is not that of beauty, but that of death.

I hear someone walking downstairs. It's probably Sasami carrying my little Ryo-ohki with her. I love that sweet child like my own sister. I can only thank the goddesses that Sasami was saved from the destruction I caused. But even little Sasami carries a burden because of me. Now she lives with a goddess in the back of her conscience. How can she be so kind to me after all the pain? She must be an angel.

"Oh, good morning Ryoko! You're up early today!" Sasami said looking up at the rafters.

"Hi kid, I'm always up early." I teleported down to the living room and gave her a little pat on her head. Ryo-ohki mewed wanting some affection too. She jumped up on my head happily.

-How are you this morning, Ryoko? Anymore nightmares?- Ryo-ohki asked telepathically at me.

-Nope, not tonight, Ryo-ohki. Thanks for asking.-

"Well, I'm going to start cooking, Ryoko. See you at breakfast!" Sasami hummed lightly to herself as she entered her kitchen. The family would have been living off of ramen if it weren't for our little chef. Maybe one day I will learn to cook.

A flashback startled me into crumpling on the floor.

It was during the beginning few hundred years of Kagato's control. Although I didn't need to eat to survive, I enjoyed tasting food. The bastard knew about it. After every successful mission, he would feed me things more disgusting than anything a human being has ever eaten. And when I didn't eat, he would beat me into a bloody pulp. I had no choice. One day, in Ryo-ohki, I became curious as to why I didn't cook for myself. So once again, I tasted something slightly better than what the monster fed me. I was never a great cook. But of course, my smallest joys were taken away. I was never to eat anything from that moment on. I was a defect. If I didn't need to eat, why did I crave for it? I hated Washu for that. I hated so many things.

Suddenly, the floor came into focus. I had to be careful of my actions. I didn't need to worry the others. They had their own problems. I wanted to talk to Washu about it. I wanted to make my life a little bit more peaceful, but I could never trust her. I couldn't even believe that she was my own creator. Sometimes I hold more grudge towards her than anybody else in the world. If she hadn't let me go, I would have been a happy person. If she had protected me, I wouldn't have had to kill so many lives. I hope she understands my hatred though. I know that Washu is hearing my thoughts even now, and she is probably hurting. She is just like me, in some ways. She puts up a protective shield around herself and lives in the body of a child. Washu hides in her lab, and when she does come out, she's always blunt and happy. Maybe if she showed a little more emotions, I would think differently of her.

The clock's ticking seemed to have quiet down. It is almost seven o'clock already. Now comes the real fun of my miserable life. Waking my dear Tenchi. I'm hoping he doesn't push me away like he usually does. He seemed to have gotten soft lately.

I entered his room without the use of a door as usual, and I heard his soft snoring. I wondered what he was dreaming about at that moment. I doubt it was about me, but it was worth hoping for. I wish one day, I could sleep like Tenchi does. It must be a wonderful bliss, to not know anything of the world, and swim in the oceans of many dreams. I leaned down towards his face and whispered, "wake up, my Tenchi. It's morning!"

He only kicked his blankets and went back to sleep! I couldn't have that. So I jumped on his bed and kissed his soft cheek. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide. I know he was scared, but I was beyond shock as he pushed me off the bed. I landed with a thud, and my mouth agape.

"Ryoko! What are you doing in my room again? You scared the living shit out of me!!" Tenchi looked at the situation and became ashamed at his sudden outburst. Ryoko looked so vulnerable on the ground, and Tenchi glared at his hands as if they were the sin itself.

He muttered a soft apology. "Ryoko, I'm sorry about that. I didn't know what I was doing."

"It's alright Tenchi," I winked at him. "Besides, we can't ruin breakfast, can we?" I teleported out of his bedroom and landed in the long hallway. I let out a defeated sigh and continued to walk downstairs. Then suddenly, I heard her annoying voice. Princess Aeka of Jurai.

"What is the demon doing up this early next to Lord Tenchi's room? You have been trying to seduce Lord Tenchi again, weren't you? Although it's clearly not working, I still will not allow it! You have been a disturbance to this family, and I must punish you for that!"

"Did you sleep on the wrong side of the bed or are you just a royal pain in the ass?" I smugly said. This was becoming more like a habit. Every morning started out like this. It was a ritual that could not be forgotten.

"Do you want to repeat that for me, you ugly old hag? Or do you just want to be beaten again by my beautiful, royal, Juraian power?"

"I'd like to see you try, you brat!"

And I let out a small beam towards her ever-growing logs. Then I got a fair amount of "shock therapy" as they say it on earth. We both were satisfied and walked towards the kitchen.

Soon, everyone was gathered around the table, and we started to eat the delicious food. I noticed that Washu wasn't here with us. Tenchi stared at me occasionally with those beautiful brown eyes. But they held a sense of shame and remorse in them. I simply smiled at him and hugged him. It was a great laugh to see the princess twitching with a vein rising in her head.

-The time has come-

I looked around the table. "What time?"

Everyone stared at me as if I was crazy. So I ignored it. Maybe Washu had said it. It didn't sound like Washu at all, but.. oh well.

-Prepare for your worst nightmare-

I stared at the air in shock. What the hell was going on? I heard a mechanical, high-pitch laugh echoing in my head. The last thing I saw was the ceiling before I passed out.