Washu opened her eyes, expecting to see the bodies of her family, hurt and bloody. But she found her self inside some kind of machine. She couldn't see anything outside the machine because of the fog. What was this place? Washu, in all her years of science, had never experienced or read anything like this.

She remembered Ryoko. The beloved space pirate had stabbed her, and Washu remembered the pain spreading through her back. She remembered Ryoko telling her that she would not die yet. What was wrong with her daughter? Washu heard Katsuhito yell for her to stop, but she was too late. Why was he yelling? Wasn't he happy to see Ryoko alive again?

Washu sighed. Of course, Ryoko was dead! Why couldn't she see that on earth? Washu must've been so overwhelmed with joy that her logic just slipped away for a while. That was not Ryoko. Maybe Dr. Clay escaped and came back for revenge. He knew how Ryoko's DNA worked.. If this was the work of that bastard, he had something else coming for him.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps, echoing through the fog clearly. The echoes were so loud, Washu's ears hurt. The sound was godly, and Washu felt herself shiver.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, I thought the greatest scientist in the universe knew everything: past, present, and future. I guess it's going to be your fault now if the others die. "

Washu looked up. She saw her daughter once more, standing in front of her in that cocky attitude of hers. Washu reminded herself not to be fooled by image.

"Who are you, and what have you done to my daughter?" Washu screamed with rage.

"Are you doubting your own creation? Aren't mothers supposed to be kind and generous? Aren't they supposed to be trusting? What kind of a mother are you?"

"I love my daughter, but not you. If you think you can fool me with your dirty tricks, Clay, think again!"

"Oh, Clay? Do you think I'm one of his servants? Well, if you think you are being deluded, let me show you what I can do to fix that."

Ryoko phased out, and in an instant, brought Dr. Clay with her.

"This fool was sitting in a cell, praying to Tokimi to take him back. Well, I sense greed and evil in this man. I sense nothing but bad future if he was to survive. Washu, do you know what I do with these weaklings?"

"Don't do it, Ryoko."

"You cannot tell me what to do! I am a goddess, and I will not have mercy for the trashes of the world!"

Ryoko electrocuted Clay.

"Had enough?" Ryoko asked the evil scientist.

"Yes, my lady! Please, I will do anything you wish. Tokimi is nothing compared to your power and beauty. I am your loyal ser."

Ryoko stabbed a blade in his throat. "Washu, do you think I should kill him quickly or let him suffer a long death?"

"Ryoko, please. Bring him back to the cell. He will not escape it!" Washu couldn't cover her eyes, for her hands were being held above her head by mechanical hands.

"A slow death will be much more appetizing." Ryoko smiled. She pointed in front of Washu a glass box. In it, flames of fire appeared.

"Now, he will go through the pain and suffering that he deserves."

Dr. Clay was put into the glass box, and he screamed silent screams as his body was burned minute by minute. Washu watched in horror, and tears dropped down her face.

"How could you be so cruel, Ryoko? How could you?"

"Me, cruel? Don't give me that crap! You don't know what cruel is, bitch!"

"Ryoko, you're not supposed to be alive. You were dead. How are you in front of me? Is this some kind of a nightmare?"

"Oh, this is worse than nightmare, mother. I hope you remember what pain I've gone through because of you."

Washu no longer was able to see the fire, as everything around her became dark. The only thing visible was Ryoko and herself in the machine.

Somewhere far away, Washu heard a girl cry. "Washu! Washu! Let me down now! Washu, where are you? Washu?" The girl's screaming turned into sobs. "Mommy, please let me go." Washu realized what this was about. Ryoko put her in that same machine in the lab she put Ryoko in so long ago.

"Do you remember that day? That day when you made me relive my fears of darkness and loneliness? Do you remember how I cried out to you, and you never came? You were recording the whole thing in glee. What do you think I should do to you for YOUR cruelty?"

One again, the surrounding became foggy. Washu stared at her daughter with much sadness in her eyes.

"Ryoko, I regret it, I do. I'm sorry for doing that to you, but I had to put you through that to see what Zero's reaction would be. I got carried away, I'm sorry. I was just so happy that you were calling me mommy, I had to put it on tape. But I never meant to hurt you."

"Touching, but not good enough."

Washu screamed as the machine electrocuted her. It stopped, leaving her panting. Just when she thought it was over, Washu felt an excruciating pain in her stomach. She looked towards the pain, and she saw a beautiful feather-like sword sticking through her body. Blood oozed out of her, and she trembled.

"You are my most hated memory. But I will be nice." Ryoko said. "Your physical body will die when I kill those weaklings. You won't have anywhere else to go. You'll be damned till the end of time in this place where no one can hear you, in this place of darkness and loneliness. Remind you of someone's life? However, you will live, if they somehow manage to kill me, which is highly unlikely." Ryoko looked at the hurt scientist. Her eyes looked pleading and defeated. "Oh, don't look so down, you have a chance, don't you?"

"Ryoko.wh..what happened to you?"

"Good, you can talk still. What happened to me? I guess I can spare some time explaining the mystery to you. The fool, Tokimi, brought me into this world through my sleep, intervening the physical world with the mind. Once I became separated from the reality to the dream world, she awakened my powers. I became a goddess, and I needed my physical body no longer. It died, but I, Ryoko, am alive more than ever. And you, Washu, will get to experience and watch what powers I hold."

Ryoko bowed gracefully, looking at Washu. She took one last glance at the burning man, and she simply disappeared once more.

-And now, for you, ignorant human- Ryoko spoke aloud. -What shall I do with you?-

"Ryoko? Is that you?"

Ryoko chuckled, looking at the purple haired girl. This one didn't seem so bad. She had a little bit of trouble understanding why she hated that girl so much in the past. Ryoko couldn't sense any specific evil vibe from her. Yes, there was certain greed for power, but innocence still dwelled in her. But the pain and jealousy she felt in her memories from her was great, also. Or was it that boy who caused it?

"What is your name?"

"What? Ryoko, you know who I am. Now, I'm ordering you, take me back to the house!" Aeka screamed, becoming angrier by the minute at Ryoko's joke.

"You must understand, I lost my memory in the process of becoming a goddess. Now answer me, what is your name?"

"You, a goddess, give me a break! Ryoko, I'm your friend, Aeka, the beautiful and powerful, first princess of Jurai and the future queen! Do you know how much we were worried about you? How could you do this to us? Did you think it was funny, making us believe that you were dead?"

"Friend? Why do you call me that?"

"Ryoko, we've gone through so many things together. I know we have a lot of jealousy between us because of our love for Lord Tenchi, but we are still friends and family. Family care for each other!"

"Care? Do you love this Tenchi?"

"Yes, I love Lord Tenchi very much. Ryoko, please don't be mad, but I thought he would love me when you died. But he whispered your name when he was about to kiss me. It broke my heart, and it shatters my pride, but if I can bring you back from this insanity, I will tell you this. It seems that Lord Tenchi is very much in love with you. It will drive him mad if you don't come back to his side. Please, Ryoko, I do not understand what is going on, but I know you love us."

"Yes, I have seen the time he pushed you away in the forest. Tenchi does not seem to care about anybody's emotions. From my little flashbacks of memories, I have seen that he has pushed me away time to time. Why do you care about him even after you have been crushed?"

"Ryoko, you know it better than I do that love does not die so easily."

"Love is a meaningless emotion. You will see what I mean." Ryoko spread her hand wide, and the fogs changed into dark shapes. Slowly, a big cave like place formed above and around the two women. Aeka was place in a crystal in the middle of the cave, floating in the air. Underneath the crystal was a long bridge formed by rocks. Aeka heard boiling sounds, and she looked below. Far underneath the bridge, she saw lava glowing and waiting to devour an unlucky soul that went by.

"You say that you are from royal blood. Well, I will make your story a bit more exciting. Aeka, dear friend, you shall be the damsel in distress. Let's see what the charming prince will do now. I can only set you the conflict of the story. How the story ends is up to Tenchi and your family! Have fun in my cave!" Ryoko winked and walked off, disappearing into the darkness of the cave's mouth.

"Wait, Ryoko! Wait!!!" Aeka's screams echoed endlessly in this nightmarish hell.
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