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This one shot takes place in Chapter 5 of 'From Dead to Worse.' Assuming, once again, that Sookie has come to her senses and forgets all about Quinn and helps Eric 'recover' from their encounter with the mysterious were sent to kill her.

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Take Me Now, You Big Viking!

'He parked in front of the house, turned to me as much as he could in the little car. "Sookie, I'm hurting….Can I…." He leaned over, brushed his fingers over my neck.'

Eric's cool touch sent a shiver through me, making my body warmer and wetter than it had been a minute ago. I glanced at the spot in his neck where the bullet had entered, and watched wide-eyed as the bullet was forced out of his skin. I held my hand out, and caught the bullet as it fell. I let it drop with a plunk into the cup holder between us.

"Let me see," I said as I grabbed his chin to turn his wounded neck towards the security lights to get a better view. The skin was smooth and shiny, and became the same silky texture of the rest of his neck as I watched him heal. His thick glossy blood still stained his neck, and had pooled slightly in the dip of his collarbone inside his shirt. I pulled the edge of his shirt back to see how much blood he had lost and had the sudden desire to lick him, to taste his blood again, sweet and powerful. I stared at his neck, biting my lip as I fought the urge. Eric could sense my confused state of mind and said, "Sookie….." I had leaned closer to him when I heard him say my name. I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent, moaning despite my attempt to control myself. He leaned his head back against the headrest, offering himself to me and whispered my name. I steadied myself by stretching my right arm across his chest, resting my hand on the door, positioning my body a few inches away from his. His cool skin penetrated my clothes, simultaneously quenching and stoking the fire burning inside me. I closed the gap between us and licked his neck, savoring the cool sticky blood that coated my tongue. His left hand reached up and stroked the inside of my thigh, which was hovering over his lap. His touch encouraged me, and I began to devour him with my tongue, licking and sucking his neck frantically.

The small car filled with the sounds of our pleasure.

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