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The Port

"You know what you have to do, Hannah." Said a large man in a blue uniform, whose face was red from the hot summer sun. "Yes, Sir, I am to go aboard the Surprise and make sure that Captain "Lucky " Jack Aubrey stays true to his orders and captures the Acheron." She said while she finished packing her things being sure to grab the drawing she had done of her family. "Good. You had best be on your way. The ship is set to leave in fifteen minutes." The man said smiling and opening the door for her. "Yes, Sir, I will not disappoint you." She said saluting then walking past him into the busy street by the harbor. She brought her hand up to her head in an effort to block out the brightness of the sun from her eyes. She started walking toward the ship she was to board when she bumped into her friend, Jessica. "Oh Hannah I was hoping I would get to se you before you left I wanted to wish you luck." Jessica said hugging her friend and smiling brightly. Jessica had been Hannah's closest friend since they were young children, and now twenty years later, Jessica was married and starting a family while Hannah worked for the government as a spy and had no family. "I'm glad you came to see me off. I shall miss you and Charles while I'm away." Hannah said with a warm smile rubbing her friend's belly. "I hope to be back in time for the arrival of your baby. I should get to the ship before it leaves without me," She said smiling and hugging her friend again. "Good luck! We'll pray for your safe return!" Jessica shouted after Hannah as she hurried to the docks.

When she arrived to the boarding dock for the HMS Surprise, Hannah remembered that she was to blend in as much as possible and keep a low profile. Walking up the plank to the main deck, she notices a little blond boy smiling and talking with his friend, a tall boy with brown hair and a big smile, she smiled at them when they looked at her as she passed. After everyone had gotten aboard the Captain, a blond haired blue-eyed man with a tall but built stature, came onto the deck followed close behind by a man with long brown hair and blue eyes about the same height as the captain but with a leaner physique. Jack smiled to his shipmates and as he looked around, his gaze met with hers and his smile broadened. "Attention men!" He said followed by everyone looking at their leader. "This will be our home for the next few months, possibly years. I will not lie to you. This will be difficult travel. If you are having second thoughts, you should jump overboard now and swim home and continue your knitting." As he said that his eyes locked with hers. Smirking back at him silently telling him to stick his knitting where the sun doesn't shine, she kept listening. "Some of you may be lost at sea or killed in battle, but don't lose hope men, while you're under my command you should all arrive home safe and victorious! Now let us set off and go for the prize!" He finished as the men all shouted in excitement.

Hannah turned and started walking toward the bow of the ship, thinking about the riveting speech Captain Aubrey had just made and how excited the men had gotten. Shaking her head not able to fully understand the male brain, she pulled out her journal and began to write. "Hello, ma'am." The sudden voice made her jump and turn around to see Jack, the man with the brown hair, and another man with short hair and glasses staring at her. "Captain." She said saluting then closing her book and sticking it back into her bag without breaking eye contact. "Your speech was thoroughly entertaining and spirit lifting. May I ask who your friends might be?" He smiled and ran a hand through his shaggy hair. "This is my First Lieutenant Thomas Pullings." Thomas reached out his hand and she shook it firmly. "And this is doctor Stephen Maturin." Doctor Maturin smiled and reached out to shake hands. "It's nice to meet your acquaintance Lieutenant Pullings, Doctor Maturin, Captain Aubrey." She said still holding the captain's strong gaze. "I hope you will be pleased to know that you will have your own cabin with a door that has a lock. Mr. Pullings will show you where it is so you can put your things there." He said with a big smile plastered on his face as Thomas went to her side and offered his arm. "Thank your Captain. Again, it was nice meeting you." She smiled and saluted Jack then picked up her bag taking Thomas' arm and left the men on the deck.

They were both silent as they walked to her cabin and she was getting uncomfortable. "Thank you for escorting me to my cabin, Lieutenant Pullings." She said to break the silence looking up at him. "My name's Hannah Collins. I guess I had forgotten to tell the captain and the doctor." He down at her and smiled. "It's my pleasure to escort you to your cabin ma'am, and please call me Tom." She nodded and decided right there that she liked him much more than the captain. "Alright, Tom. Please call me Hannah." After walking a few more feet they arrived at her cabin which was next to the captain's quarters, she rolled her eyes shaking her head. "Well this is your cabin. Do you need anything else?" Tom said smiling silently hoping that she would need him for something so he could spend some more time to get to know her. "As a matter of fact would you stay for a bit while I unpack?" He nodded and followed her into the cabin and sat down on a small chair next to the big window that showed the fading silhouette of England resting peacefully before an orange and pink sunset. As he marveled at the view of his home, the thought of what Hannah would think of the scene. Would she think of it as beautiful? What did she think of him? "Did you see the sunset? It's beautiful." He said then heard her light footsteps coming up behind him then stopping to his right. "Wow!" she gasped. "That is the most magnificent sunset I've ever seen." She looked up at him again and noticed the hooked scar on his cheek and wondered how he had gotten it. Turning back to her unpacking, she decided to ask him about himself. "So how old are you, Tom?" He looked over to her with a questioning expression. "I'm twenty-five. How about you, Hannah?"

"I just turned twenty-three last month." She replied placing the picture of her family on her hammock. Tom stood up and walked over to look at the picture and was amazed at how amazing it was. "Is that your family?" he asked. "Yes." She said sadly. "They died in a fire when I was sixteen. Some drunken sailors that had just docked at our port had started it. My mother and older sister were asleep and my father was in the cellar working on building a cradle for the new baby. I had stayed at my friend Jessica's home for her birthday and I stayed the night. When I woke up the next morning, her parents told me the news and offered me a place to stay. I drew this picture that day, I stayed locked up in Jessica's room and I wouldn't come out until it was perfect in every way." She said wiping away a tear that had ran down her cheek. Tom looked at her feeling the sudden urge to hold her while she cried and tell her it was going to be okay. He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed lightly. Suddenly she spun around and buried her face against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her in a tight and comforting embrace.