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Royal Reds

After Tom had left her cabin she sat down at the little desk, she had moved to sit in front of the window, and began to draw in her notebook. It started out as just being various animals like rabbits and dogs, then she began to draw a face that was smiling, with wide blue eyes, and a familiar hooked a shaped scar. When she was finished, she realized that the face she had drawn was Lieutenant Pullings. With a bright blush, she quickly closed her book and pushed it aside and looked in wonder at the magnificent scene of the sunset. The sky was lit up with bright shades of blue, florescent oranges, brilliant pinks, and royal reds that all morphed into a big yellow ball slightly peeking up over the city they had just departed. Hannah decided to take a quick nap before she would go up to the main deck and mingle with the other shipmates. After she crawled into her hammock, there was a soft knock at her door. "Who is it?" She asked as she walked over to her bag and grabbed her small dagger, which she kept for protection, and headed toward the door. "My name's Will Blakeney, ma'am." He said before she opened the door to see the young blond boy from earlier. "Yes, Mr. Blakeney? How may I help you?" She asked smiling. Will smiled back and his blue eyes began to sparkle. "I was wondering if you would like to join my friend Peter and me for dinner."

"Why, Mr. Blakeney, I would love to join you and your friend for dinner." She smiled at him and turned to put her dagger away and walked back to the young man who was holding out his hand. She took it and they started walking down the corridor toward the dining area. When they arrived at a table, where the brown haired boy from earlier sat, Will ushered hannah to a seat between himself and the other boy. "This is my friend Peter Calamy." He said as Peter held out his hand shaking Hannah's. "He didn't think I could convince you to eat with us."

"Is that so?" She looked at Peter and saw that he was blushing. "Well Mr. Blakeney didn't have to convince me to come, he was just so handsome I couldn't resist." Looking over at Will she winked and gave him a wide smile. After they had started eating, Peter was busy talking her ear off about how he wanted to be a captain like Jack and that he knew everything there was to know about ships. As he chattered, Hannah listened with true interest while Will sat silently to her right picking at his food looking saddened. Hannah bumped his knee with hers, causing him to jump at the sudden contact, and smiled at him. "What's the matter Mr. Blakeney?" She asked him when he looked back down at his food still seeming upset. "It's nothing, just a little seasick is all, nothing to worry about." She put her hand on his shoulder. "Now, I know something is bothering you. You can tell me. We are friends, right?" Will looked up at her and half smiled. "Yeah, we are. It's just, Peter's talking to you so much that I feel left out, like I'm the third wheel." He started to blush and turned his face away from her stare. Hannah wrapped her arm around his and kissed his cheek. "You could never be a third wheel. We're all friends nothing less, and as your friend I promise that I will always be here to listen to you when you need someone to talk to. Okay?" Will's face was as red as a rose when he looked up at her and nodded grinning from ear to ear. "Well now I feel like a third wheel." Peter said pretending to look sad. Hannah smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as well. "The same goes for you, young Peter, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be glad to listen." His face grew red and his smile was spread wide across his face. "Now, let's finish eating." They all talked while they finished their meal, unknowing that Jack and Stephen were standing a few feet behind them.

"What do you make of her, Stephen?" Jack asked his old friend as he watched Hannah and the two midshipmen. Stephen watched as Hannah laughed at the storied the boys told her. "Well it would seem that she has a way of making people smile. What do you think, Jack?" Jack smiled and ran a hand through his hair chuckling softly. "I think this will be an interesting journey." The men turned and continued their talk as they walked to the captain's cabin.

When they were done eating, Hannah, Will, and Peter went onto the main deck and the boys told her the name and function of everything on the ship. They had even climbed up the mast and looked out at the vast ocean that extended farther than their eyes could see. Before heading back to her cabin, Hannah said goodnight to the boys and thanked them for a nice evening. Walking down the corridor to her cabin, she heard footsteps coming up behind her and when she stopped so did they. She continued walking and instead of going into her cabin she went to Jack's door and knocked a few times but no one answered. Standing there, feeling like a fool for not having her dagger, she heard the footsteps get closer to her and stopped a foot away from her. "Is there something I can assist you with?" She turned to see a grinning Jack looking at her. She tried to come up with an excuse as to why she was at his door, not wanting to sound paranoid. "Uh. Yes, I was going to introduce myself, Sir. I had forgotten to earlier when we had spoken." She said saluting and smiling. "My name is Hannah Collins, Sir." Jack smiled and nodded. "I also forgot to introduce myself to Doctor Maturin. Do you know where I may find him?" She asked trying to sound nonchalant. "He should be in his cabin, reading no doubt, it's down the corridor before you get to the dinning room." He said pointing her in the direction. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" She shook her head, saluted, and headed to the doctor's room.