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Cece Jones sat on the front stoop just looking around. The pastry shop was closed since it was late at night, sighing she looked up at the stars. You could hardly see the stars because of all of the lights but there they were. She wiped her eyes and put her hands to her face.

"The best kept secret and new I've told her," she said to herself. she knew Rocky would eventually know but... Oh she knoew what to think of after but. Instead of thinking she pulled her gray-green jacket up to her chest tighter.

"Cece what are you still doing up and out?" asked Gunther who was standing right in front of her. He had on a bedazzled back vest, a pair of blue jeans and a leaf green t-shirt. He looked pretty good and his accent wasn't as annoying tonight.

"What are you still doing out?" she asked him annoyed. That probably sounded really rude but she wasn't really bothered.

"I accidently locked myself out of the apartment. Had to find Tinka and get her key she was on a date with Ty." He smiled at her and she shoved his hands into the vests pocket probably finding the key. His blue eyes meet her green green eyes noticing that she was crying.

"CeCe what is wrong? You have been crying," he said brusing some hair away from her face. That was a really sweet gesture.

"Why do you care Gunther? I don't have to tell you anything," she said now standing up.

"Because I stil like you even though you have my cousin bad advice over the inter connected net." Cece looked surprised she treated him horribly.

"You really want to know?"

"Yes, other wise I'd be following you and bugging."

"I told Rocky a giant secret and I feel bad that I kept it from her for so long. I'm mad at myself for letting it happen the way it came out." She said sliding around a bit.

"What? That you are dyslexic" he said and CeCe looked like she had been slapped across the face.

"How do you know about my dyslexia?"

"Back in first grade, when we first meet. You kept writing Punther or qunther, I guessed the lower case q, g, and p got you confused. This boy in my village has dyslexia. You're not as crazy as he is but you're nicer then he is and I still like you."

"Why did you not tell anybody?" she asked frowning a bit.

"Because I like you." Cece smiled this time for real and both of them just looked up at the stars.