Queen of Venom

Chapter 1

"That'll be $12.57, please." The clerk said nervously towards the trench-coated figure in front of him, shaking. The customer slammed his fist down on the counter, cracking it, before grabbing the bags of groceries and walking out, a 20 on the now broken counter. "Ha-Have a nice day."

The figure walked through the dark, lamp-lit streets of Gotham City, away from the 7-Eleven. Ominous fog covered the sidewalks and street lightly, as cards drove by in the underbelly of Gotham City. The figure walked past gangsters and thugs, going to a street corner and gently tapping the button to signal to the street lights he wanted to cross. He heard a yell of 'leave me alone', and looked to his right, seeing a ring of greasy thugs across the street, surrounding a girl in a semi circle against the wall of an old building.

She pushed them away, dark red hair visible under the old building's own set of lights, as they grabbed at her. "Stop it!" She yelped, and he looked forward to see if the light had changed from a red orange hand, to a little white person walking. No. He looked over to the street light on the street to his right. Yes, there was a white man. He hastily crossed and made his way to the ring.

"Come on, pretty girl." "Yeah, come play with us." "Little girls shouldn't be out." "That's right, but don't worry, when we're done, we'll walk you home." "That is, if you can still walk when we're done with you." They said, and she pulled out a knife and slashed the arm of one of the thugs, when they reached for her. "BITCH!" They thundered, slapping the knife out of her hand, and then slapped her across the face- hard. The girl yelled out in shock, and slammed into the wall, falling to the ground.

Someone tapped the one who had slapped her, on the shoulder. "What the fuck ya' want-!" They asked, whipping around, the figure standing over them. The man was picked up, and thrown through the wall of the old building, within a few gruesome grunt and yell-filled seconds the thugs were on the ground, and the girl looked up. The figure reached down, and picked the girl up.

"AAH!" She yelled in surprises and he set her on his right shoulder on her belly, the groceries in his left hand. "P-Please-! Put me down!" He kept his hand on her back, and diagonally crossed the street to the street he was meant to be on, continuing on his way.

Eventually, she stopped struggling and laid there, as he descended stairs where the slightest hint of a wrong step would send you tumbling to your death, she clung to him. In the deepest, darkest bowls, there was a thick door way, hidden by even thicker shadows. He pushed it open and closed it, locking it, before walking forward through a tunnel. Vines covered the floor just a foot from the door, and embraced the walls lovingly

He carried her through the tunnels, to a large, underground pool, vegetation all around. In the middle of the pool, was a huge rose bud that opened as he came by? "W…What is this place?" Without a word, he dropped her in the center of the open rose bud. As she yelps and lay against it, she put a hand to her head. "Oww…" He set the grocery bag down, pulling out a huge bottle of plant food, and emptying it into a barrel drum of water.

She tried to get off the flower, as it slowly closed around her, while he put a lid on the barrel drum, picked it up, and shook it up and down to mix the plant fed with the water. He set it down with a clang, walking over to her and ripping off her clothes and she yelled, covering up.

"Oh my god! You're some type of pervert or something, aren't you!" She demanded, The rose bud suddenly quickening it's pace in covering her up. "Who are you!"

"Bane." The figure said to her, as the rose bud closed completely shut around her, and slowly lowered into the pool. Bane took the lid off the oil drum, and began to water all of the vegetation, flowers, the pool the rose bud occupied, as it slipped deeper and deeper into the water.

She stirred in her sleep, shifting her body to get more comfortable. She was laying on…something…whatever it was, she was half-on it. Half of her body was on a cushy, soft gently warmed surface. The other half, her left half, was on something sturdier, much, much warmer. She snuggled closer to the warmth source, opening her eyes to see what this source was.

Bane was laying next to her, asleep. With a scream she pushed herself from him, waking the helpless Bane with a start. There was a splash, as she pushed herself off the rose bed and fallen into the water surrounding it. Bane pulled her put, hands under her arms, and she spat out water in a little fountain spew, as she was pulled back onto the rose bed. "I'll get you something to dry off with." Bane offered getting off the bed while she hugged herself, shivering. He came back with a towel and wrapped her up in it.

"W-where am I?"

"Eden." Bane told her vaguely, drying her off completely as she sat in a dress made of vegetation. She looked down, noticing she was wearing a dress that looked like something straight out of a wedding catalog, in a dark forest green color. Flowers were tucked into the skirts and bodice, but they had fallen out.

"And…who are you again?" She asked, looking at Bane,

"Bane." Bane responded, helping her to her feet and across the petals of the rose, vines coming out of the water and making a bridge for her across the surface of the pool. She tied up her hair in a messy bun on her head, vines coming down and wrapping themselves around her bun of dark red tresses.

"I-I need to get out of here!" She said, picking up the skirts of her dress and tried to leave, Bane picking her up and groaning. "Aaah!" She yelled, as he set her away from the door. She moved to the left and he mimicked her, before she fakes to the right, and went underneath him and towards the door. Bane bent down to grab her, before somersaulted forward after losing his balance, and into the pool as she ran out the doorway she had pushed open.

Bane surfaced and roared, pulling himself out and stomping after her, grabbing his hat and trench coat on the way out. Lillian and ran up the stairs, barefoot, and followed the path he had taken her down. She ran until her lungs felt like they were about to burst, and her feet felt like they were bleeding, until she tripped and fell down. Bane roared once more and lifted her up into the air, "Stop!"

"Baaaack." Bane groaned and turned around,

"No, stop it! I don't want to go back! Put me down!" Lillian begged, but he ignored her, taking her back down to Eden. "I'll scream if you don't put me down!" She threatened, but t fell on deaf ears as Bane continued descending the staircase to the hidden garden. When she opened her mouth to scream, she shuddered instead.

Bane's hand was on her thigh- slowly moving back and forth. The thought of being rapes crossed her mind. There hadn't even been enough light to see hat he looked like fully, but she knew he was big. Even this simple action, gave of a threatening and scary message of 'cooperate or else'. "I-I won't try to run away anymore. Please put me down…I'm not good with heights." Bane listened, stopping, and setting her down. "Th…Thank you."

They stood awkwardly in front of the doors to Eden. Lillian finally looked down at her dress, a ruined mess of what it once was. Mud and unknown germs, crusted on the tattered bottom of the hems, and her feet were caked as well. "…This was so pretty…I'm sorry I ruined it." Bane looked at her feet, before picking her up bridal-style, and going back up the staircase. "W-Where are you taking me now?"

"The store." Bane said simply, and she reached up and bashfully pulled the veil that came with the dress, over her face. When he said 'store' she assumed he'd take her to some type of clothing store. Instead, he took her to a lingerie store. Bane set her down, proud of himself for being of use, before gently pushing her inside the store. "Here." He said, and she blushed,

"This- this is a lingerie store!" She exclaimed, the sales clerks in the store looking over and staring at her, before attacking her. They dragged her away and into the dressing rooms, as Bane sat on the floor. Eventually, a new dress was found for her, a long with some other things. Bane paid them- and accidentally broke some things- so he paid for that too. "You didn't have to do that, Bane." She said uneasily.

It was strange- she had only met him that day, and although he was scary, he was…nice. She felt like she'd known him for a while, but she needed to leave and get back home. Bane was a head of her, carrying all of the bags, after taking them from her. He glanced back, "Ivy…" He growled, and she stopped.

He thought her name was Ivy? "I-I told you my name, already." She murmured to him, but it was too low for him to hear.

He was nice, but he was like all the other men she had met! Every time she got kidnapped, they forgot her name, called her something else, or tried to rape her. When /bane looked back at her, she was completely gone. He looked around frantically, a sticky note on his back held 3 words;

'You're an asshole.'

~Next Day~

In a one bedroom apartment in the slums of Gotham City, dwelled Lillian, sleep in her bedroom, in her large, king-size bed. Dark red curtains were pulled over two, close together, tall windows in the bedroom while the bed was against the far walls. On the wall to the right of the door to the bedroom, was a dresser with a tall mirror on it. Lillian sat up, topless and bottomless, mussing her sex-hair from the night before even more, before looking at the place next to her.

No one was there. Lillian noticed coral red letters on the glass of the mirror.

'I'm leaving you, Lillian. Love, Ramona. P.S. I'm taking Jericho.'

The note read in the coral red lipstick, hearts everywhere around it. Lillian groaned and fell back onto the bed on her back. Stupid bitch. Lillian looked at her left arm. There was a price tag, dangling loosely from it. The price said 15 dollars, and on the back was the letter 'R'. Stupid BITCH! Lillian got up angrily, pulling the sheets around her and tying them around her, before storming out of her room- and came to a complete stop.

Bane was in her kitchen, in a little apron. Now that she could see him in the light, he wasn't that bad. He wore a wrestling mask and a thick, black collar of spikes. A black tang top barely held in his muscular chest, and black cargo pants were held up with an equally black belt and combat boots. He wore fingerless black biker's gloves that showed the back of his palms in a tight rectangle and went half-way up his lower arm. In the back of his head, a long, green tube exited and went to his left glove, vanishing from sight. Last but not least, there was a metal chest strap, with a button in the middle of the strap on his chest, and a strange black symbol on the button. Bane looked over at her, holding a skillet and a spatula from her kitchen.

"I…made breakfast." He said quietly, and Lillian blinked, before yelling,

"How did you get into my house!"

"Some girl left- let me in." Bane said simply, "I followed you here…"

"Can't you just leave me alone!" She demanded angrily, and Bane flinched. "You keep calling me IVY! My name is Lillian! Just- just go away." Lillian growled. Every time she saw him, he looked like a damn puppy- with a long, bushy wolf's tail, and little wolf ears on top of his sumo mask. Bane walked over to her, looming over Lillian as he looked down at her.

"Make me leave, Lily." Bane taunted, and she quivered. He was so much bigger than her. Lillian looked down, "I made you breakfast." He repeated, walking back to the kitchen, as she went to the bedroom and shut the door behind her, locking it. "Lily?" He back rested against the door.

"I'm not hungry." She said, dropping the blanket, and pulling on some underwear and a shirt and shorts.

"Are you mad?" Bane asked from the other side of the door, "Is it because I followed you home? Or I called you Ivy? I didn't mean to call you Ivy…"

"Then why did you?" Lillian asked,

"She looked a lot like you." Bane said quietly, "Will you…come and eat the breakfast I made?" Lillian hesitated, before opening the door and standing there, Bane on the other side of the threshold. "Let's try this again. My name is Bane."

"I'm Lillian." She said, sitting down at the table in her small kitchen that was barely big enough for him. "I've never had someone personally cook me breakfast before." She said, and Bane chuckled, sliding a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her.

"I came to ask something of you, Lily." Bane said honestly, as she nibbled on her food. "But I'll tell you a little bit about why I'm asking you what I came to ask." She nodded, "A few years ago, my master, Poison Ivy, vanished from Gotham City. I'm sorry for bothering you, but she held such a resemblance to you. The Garden of Eden that I'm currently taking care of while she's gone is dying. It needs a- medium, so to speak- to thrive. Now, what I want to ask you is if you could be the medium, since Poison Ivy looked more like you, I don't think the Garden will notice the difference."

"…So…you want me to be her replacement?" Lillian asked, and Bane nodded. "And…the garden will get better if I become the replacement?"

"It will grow even more beautiful." Bane said, "Will you help me, Lillian?" She blushed, looking down.

"...I don't like it here…so I guess I can try to help, but how will I become this medium you're talking about?" Lillian asked quietly, Bane pulling out a small vial of dark red liquid from a pocket in his cargo pants, dangling it in front of her eyes.

"With this. Her blood. I expect it to be a little painful. If you don't want to help, that's fine. I'll leave." He said, Lillian thinking about it.

"I…I'd like some time…to think this over. Please?" She asked him, and Bane gently set the vial down on the table between them,

"You have a day. You know where to find me." Bane told her, leaving the apartment and Lillian to cover her face with her hands, as he shut the door.

~O~ Garden of Eden ~O~

A large Venus fly trap of monstrous proportions, let out a breath of sulfur, slumping to near-death, panting heavily. Bane looked at it, giving it more plant-food-enhanced water. There was a quiet sound of a footstep, and Bane whipped around, Lillian jolting. "Lily." He said, and she smiled softly, "What brings you here so late?" Her smile dropped a little, and she looked at him.

"The- um- process…does it hurt?" She asked, and Bane shrugged, "Will you…help me through it?" She questioned him shakily, "I…I don't think I can do it alone." Bane walked over and stopped in front of her,

"Yes." He told her, and she smiled, pulling out the vial and opening it, before gulping it down. She stood there,

"I don't feel any-" The vial shattered to the floor and she fall forward, Bane catching her. Her skin was burning, even without touching her, he could feel it. She panted, and he lifted her up, the plants twitching around her and reaching out for her.

Bane walked down through the deeper parts of the Garden-converted catacombs, to the bathroom, and laid her down in a large tub of ice he'd set out earlier, just in case. The vines around him pulled her clothes off, and hung them close. Bane kept his eyes low, mentally censoring her as he slipped her into the tub of ice, and pulled up a stool. Lillian's hair floated on the water, covering mostly everything, as she went to sleep quietly.

"I mistook you for Ivy, Lily." Bane told her, and Lillian shivered from the cold of the bath, and in a moment of consciousness, she looked at him.

"I hope…we find her…so that you won't have to deal with me for long." Lillian told him, and Bane looked at her.

"When you get better, I'll find a better place for you to live." Bane promised, taking her hand and putting it to his face, as she gave him a sideways glance. He put her hand to his left cheek, lowering his head slightly, "You'll be a good mother, to the plants of the world…" He said, saying something else, and looking at her for her response, as she slowly fainted. She couldn't hear him, or feel him. She was hot and cold at the same time, but this was part of the process, right?

Then…why did her chest hurt so badly?